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Quirtra Queramitzuu: Kamikaze Space Cucumber

captain america

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I'm back online. Long story involving replacing old modem and Tigerdirect making my s*** list for the time being.

Derex, keep checking Starshipmodeler. A few will be available through them.

Cool8or, thanks and yes to post shading. I accidently caused some unwanted battle damage and I'm currently fixing it. That little sucker slipped right out of hand and hit the floor tail first. I should be finished with everything by Sunday.

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Nice work Marc! :) I think I'm going right for Bronze/Brown for mine, need to finish the last few details on another kit before I get serious about painting this though.

Looks like this is available for pre-order on Starshipmodeler. I'd like to have a second one, it's a great kit.

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keep checking Starshipmodeler. A few will be available through them.

I totally missed out. I checked ssm in the morning after work and it wasn't there so I went to bed. Got up and it's in the store and already sold out. Bummer, That will teach me to think I need sleep. :)

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Ok everyone, here is the price and ordering button you have been all waiting to see. Drum roll. The Quelamitz sales price is $110.00. Shipping in the US will be $20 and International shipping is $35. Don't forget to add the 3% paypal fee. Send your payment to Captain America. Most of you have his information, if not, pm Captain America.

For those that are wondering why I am posting the information is that I have commission the Captain to do this project plus a few more in the future. For those that will like to see the other ships, be patient.

After asking to Netptunesurvey, a new run need 25 buyers.

I am in for 2 models, Anyone is interested?

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