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Jokemachine decals


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Can someone please give any info on Rhoby, I would like to get in contact and see some of his work on the Joke Machines, I'm interested in buying some. Thanks!

For the record his username is Rohby not Rhoby. PM him and I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out.

Sounds like he is still making them. Hmmm....I think the last one I saw was the one he gave away on MW con 3.

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Yeah, Rhoby is still making them. I'm looking forward to making some custom valkyries using Rob's awesome recast JM's, and Mervin's armor.

I hope to have a DYRL squadron, Max VF-1S, Hikaru VF-1S, Roy VF-1S, Hayao VF-1A, VF-1J Enigma Strike using the gray JM from the MW Convention, a VE-1 and a VT-1.

It should definitely be pretty sweet.

By the way, what's the status on the decals?

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How much is a set going for ?

Yeah, add some VE and VT stickers too.  ... I'll provide the VE and VT armor parts (soon)  ;)

vf-1d head will be a nice addtiton....

The 1D head should be an easy custom :D I'll add that to my to-do list :lol:

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Need capital?

We trust you my friend, so no need to worry, just give us the damn decals already. :p

Just set up a decal preorder list, and put me down first on the list. :ph34r:

Include just enough people to give you the amount of money you need to start production, and once you have a sufficient amount of decals printed, start selling them to whomever wants them.

All we need is a timeframe as to how long you will need before the printed decals will be ready, how much you want from the people on the preorder list, and where to send it. Paypal address perhaps?

I'm ready to go, as I'm sure other JM lovers are. ;) By the way, I prefer waterslide decals if possible, or really thin stickers like Takatoys makes.


Christopher B))

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I'm willing to put in a pre-order to front you some paypal cash for the job. I'd like to see what they are going to look like and what's included though first. Would be awsome if you can include stickers for the elint and ostrich. As well as the strike stickers. I've got about 6 joke machines (5 of them are Rohbys) in dire need of stickers. Also could you do a additional double of the one fast pack since in rohby's kit we get 3 fast packs (2 super and 1 strike.)?

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I'm also willing to put some money down, but like Jwinges, I'd like to see what's included and how it looks. I have some JM custom projects I want to use them on, namely :

- Super/Strike( Roy, Hikaru, Max, Millia, Kakizaki)

- Ostrich

- Elint

- 1D


- Low viz

- Blue roses

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i have naked JM's , alot of people have naked JM's,

roughly how many sheckles is needed to fund this project, even on a limited scale...??

I am SURE we could raise this amount .....right guys?????uhh..... guys????

Some people are advocates for whales, some for the rainforest...

well i will not be able to die untill the JM's are covered...

"LOVE me them JM"s" the original super possable......... :D

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There's definitely a huge demand. Everytime someone posts something about a joke machine this thread gets kicked up again. I'm willing to put some money down for mine. Both Takatoys and solescud are reputable so I'm in for 6-8 sheets. Any chance of ostrich and elint stickers too? I really would be interested in these.

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Me too. I've been dying to see someone come through with these. I'd be willing to contribute some money to this very worthwhile cause. Just so long as I'm in the forefront of the line for a few sets. :)

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He's got one-----from' for sale' section..////// :):D

Humble recomendation/request.--Solscud on your sheet you have multiple wing decals for the right wing, i think,and one for the left, maybe we could get one more lefty. Since you do have multiple tail wings and armor skulls, otherwise we would have to decal one wing, and paint the other if we tried to make two JM's out of one sheet... I love JM's and all of the JM' work you, Rhoby, KidK., and now Jung, have done ...just want this project to be a hit....MW exclusive!!JM Hisotry

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