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  1. Anybody know of a master translation list for the Mecha and Songstress support options? Or an ordered one?
  2. Two more screens. First the Fighter Stats and second the Walkure Stats (anybody know why you have 3 lineup options and how to change them during battle?) Thanks. Fighter stats screen
  3. I'm just wishing for the Armored odder/rarer 1/55's, and joke machines. The Joke machines were suitable for children and had great playability at a reasonable price. I'd love to see every fighter made into a joke machine. Would be nice if they could make the durability of a 1/55 Chunky Monkey into the frontier and delta series fighters.
  4. Found this menu translation http://www.play-asia.com/macross-delta-scramble-menu-translations/5f/748n5?ref=twitter
  5. Anyone figure out how to adjust the y axis for both camera and flight controls?
  6. jwinges

    Macross 30

    Damn it mom. Why did you give me this game for xmas and choosing SAL rather than EMS. My games been stuck at Tokyo International for over a week. Going to have to send mom to a home for this one. jk. So jealous of those who already have theirs in hand.
  7. jwinges

    Macross 30

    Which DYRL PS1 game was it and how'd you get it (which movie). So want those old games playable on PS3.
  8. The PS4 so far is a huge disappointment. 1. Sorry...I don't want to stream games....here let me pay extra and use up my monthly 200gb of bandwidth through my service provider. I'm already using double what I'm supposed to. 2. Sony doesn't realize that the most boring thing in the world is watching someone else play a game. No I don't want to see your streamed videos of your play. Social aspects be damned. 3. I don't want a slimmed down counsel prone to overheating. Give me big with extra cooling capacity. Would love it if it were the size of my Denon Receivers. 4. No imcluded motion controlled gaming....not that I use it much myself but its great for the kiddies. grrrrr
  9. they definitely did an outstanding job with the character designs. Watched the first 7 episodes last night. Probably will watch another 4-5 tonight. The mecha are different but cool. Kind of remind me of full metal panic mecha or maybe armored core. You can definitely see some macross inflences in the show.
  10. Just started watching Muv-Luv Total eclipse on crunchyroll. Are there any more Muv-Luv anime? The wife and I are liking the series. Porsche made an suv. So do Mercedes, and I want to say Lamborghini has one in development. http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/thinking-tech/lamborghini-suv-supercar-may-be-a-game-changer/11306
  11. Not necessarily saying arcadia should. I'm simply saying that macross needs an infusion and those companies that have chosen to make toys have unfortunately let most people who want the toys behind. I highly doubt that re-releasing Joke machines wouldn't be profitable for bandai or matchbox. Simply because they are a cool toy. If you have an anime that kids will watch it makes it even better since now the social aspect comes in. Back in the 80's in my school (rural Minnesota) almost every boy watched Robotech...and almost all of them wanted to be one of the characters. Its popularity was about equal to transformers in my school. GI Joe probably had it beat simply because there were more toys.
  12. Thankfully I have a frugal Neuroscientist hottie wife who doesn't spend much money on clothes and shoes. Macross 7 was a fair attempt at getting a younger fan base. I didn't mind the story as ADHD as it was. What they would have to look at is what's going to hook kids today: -Young Pilots who are better than adults...empowered kids. -cool music (like frontier) -love interests (kids are into this now believe it or not) -Transformable mecha I imagine a simple show similar to that rescue heroes. Brilliant kid are formed into a team piloting transformable mecha to help save earth from disasters caused by anything from zentradi to natural disasters. Cause the adults are off fighting the bigger battles against protodevlin, zentran fleet....whatever. Another possibility is a program set in a pilot academy for 10 year olds. Their adventures through flight training, maintenance, and massive tournament piloting transformable mecha. Could even do it similar to busou shinki or Angelic Layer where kids have little mini transformable mecha they control and fight in a tournament against kids from all over the world. Winner get their own Fanjet. While shows like this are probably lame to us as adults I could see kids wanting to experience such a thing and collect the small scale toys that would go with them. What we out to do is have a contest to see who in 200 words or less could create the best original macross series pitch. who knows...maybe the his holiness decides to make it or use some of it.
  13. Windmill Gundam....Closes all arguments about G-Gundam true awfulness.
  14. No need to take this in a nasty way. I've said my piece for what it is and don't feel it necessary to argue since the others make valid points as well. Nice discussion guys. Hopefully its food for thought. I think we're all in agreement though that we'd like to see more macross stuff made and new series and games. Its discussions like these that may spark an interest for a certain company to broaden its horizons. Thanks.
  15. Most of us saw robotech when we were under 10. Hell the best most played with toy I had as a kid was probably my Joke machine VF1. That's what I'm talking about a cheap ($6) transformable toy. Yeah it wouldn't be $6 but probably $20-30 but its doable. Is it anime correct hell no...but to be honest I think it was more fun than the 1/55 takatoku I had and I played the hell out of that too. yes there were changes to robotech to make it more kid friendly. But I can't believe that if a creative, action filled story were presented to kids that they wouldn't watch or want the toys. The impact of Gundam AGE is yet to be really seen but take, gundam wing, and that god awful G-gundam. It introduced kids to gundam which revitalized Zeta, 0079 which paved the way for newer shows like 00. To be honest, I've always felt that Yamato has just been content with their niche market and fails to have the vision to put a good effort into a lower priced toy. Which is fine...but as a customer that turns me off which is why i haven't purchased a Yamato in 5 years. Swore them off because they just were a disappointment. Like someone mentioned above...at one point I realized i spent about 7k or so in a year on toys and decided to quit cold turkey. While I still get toys, now since my daughter was born I think about what she might like to Play with when she gets older. Things like figmas. I've also started picking up old joke machines for when I introduce her to Macross.
  16. I see my statements have touched a nerve. 1. i'm not saying that Yamato intentionally did anything wrong or produce a poor product...well except the loose original 1/60s 2. I'm not personally attacking anyone on this forum for spending their hard earned cash. We each spend what we want to spend on what we want. For one it might be macross for another it might be something else. Me I spend a lot now on making custom motorcycles. 3. When I refer to elitist, I'm referring to catering to a certain elite socioeconomic class...which Yamato has clearly done. They have chosen which class to cater to while marginalizing other classes. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/elitism this is no different than high end car companies like Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. not saying its wrong...only saying it limits your marketplace and those who will follow your product and the anime franchise 4. Yamato has yet to make a decent transformable lower end product. The GNU hardly count as a comparable toy. What kid wants a posable statue in the macross line....they want triple transformation. 5. Bandai, showed promise with their handling of Frontier and with their resources could obviously make cheap kits that can transform. You might have to build it yourself but they could do it. Further they have been brilliant in their recreation of lines that now span, what...34 years? 6. I admit Yamatos products are amazingly detailed, but frankly as a parent its not what I'm looking for in a toy. I have my collection of probably 40 or so valks that will someday get displayed properly but do I hand these to my 3 year old kid? Not likely, not even at 10. I would and I'm sure many others would much rather see the return of a sturdier toy even if it sacrificed some detail just so I can enjoy macross with my kid. I'm sure I'm not alone in this sentiment. I'm also not saying that Yamato or bandai or whoever should abandon their high end lines....they are nice and provide for a niche clientele. I'm basically asking....make something cool, small and new for kids. 7. Not saying that Yamato stood in the way of bandai or anyone else trying to pick up the liscense to make toys. 8. Personally, I'm just kinda tired of Yamatos same old thing. Release something that 90% of fans can't afford or won't purchase, then make a dozen or so repaints some in rediculously obnoxious paint schemes just to milk the elite collectors machine. 9. Also as far as my use of Elite and collectors. I admire your support of the franchise. I admire that you have great jobs and can afford these items. That you often post pics of them to share with others. I have no issues with this...why would I. While I used to collect to that degree, now I place my money elsewhere. Maybe I'll return to collecting to that degree again someday but right now I'd rather be in the wind on two wheels, or playing with my kid and a kids toy, than staring at a statue. Please don't take offense to that...its all one's priorities. 10. I've been on this forum since probably around 1999-2000. Your a great group of people and I'm not trying to personally attack you. Its through your efforts that my favorite anime can continue thanks to your interest and support. I guess I'm just hoping that macross as a franchise can see the need for broadening its horizons and attempting to get a younger market involved. As someone pointed out earlier they've started this with Frontier. I hope it continues. Sometimes as a franchise you need to make a kids show to draw in a younger crowed to revitalize sales of the old shows.
  17. When every release is $150+ it is elitist. At least with Bandai you could buy a 1/55 for around $75, which is still very expensive for a kid. Things become elitist when you marginalize a large percentage of the population interested in the series. Yamato has exceeded in that. They've made it so only the super rich can afford to buy their line. They would have been far better served selling well made transformable TOYS for $30-40 to cater to kids than catering to the elite. They would easily sell 10 reasonably priced toys for every one of their Elitist statues. Look at Gundam...they diversified with lines like the HG models and HCM toys. Yeah they aren't going to really increase much in value but they are a TOY than can actually be played with. Can actually be afforded by families for their kids. At $10-15 per they have nearly as much detail as a Yamato. This is why I think bandai could do wonders with the product line, IF THEY WANTED TO. As far as durability I gave my nephews each a 1/55 and a 1/65 when they were 4 years old. That was 5 years ago and they still haven't broken them and play with them all the time. Do that with any Yamato product. I'd love to buy my 3 year old daughter macross stuff...but the reality is that I can't see spending that kind of cash on her for Yamato's crap. And I use crap from a TOY perspective. They aren't a toy...they are a pose-able statue or diorama. Yamato's are beautiful pieces of work but they are buy no means a suitable toy for a child. I wouldn't even give one to a 12-14 year old. As far as personally being able to afford Yamatos...Yeah I have a decent collection, no where the size as some members here but even with my wife and I, both holding doctorates and good jobs there is no way we'd spend the money to get the entire line, or even 1/4 of the line that Yamato is making. Its just plain stupid the money they are asking for them.
  18. Will we ever see a rerelease of the 1/55 elint, ostrich, and GBP? Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. Personally I'm kind of glad for any change at Yamato. To me they have taken Macross in an undesirable direction. First the original 1/60 that were loose as can be. Than they massively inflated the prices with the 1/48 and new 1/60s to the point that no kid from a blue collar family could ever hope to get one for a birthday or xmas. While their detail is amazing, they've made Macross into an elitist collectors line. I'd rather see bandai get the entire license back and return to making durable well designed toys that kids can actually play with and families can afford.
  20. Register as both Japan and USA if you can.
  21. who needs it to happen in the US. I'm perfectly content ordering one from HLJ or some other place in japan. It just needs to be made.
  22. Not sure if anyone else has posted this (apologize if they have). Anyway this group got an official response from lego and are about halfway to 10,000 supporters to get lego to make an official attempt at making the VF-1 a reality. http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/638#FeedbackTab Give them your support if you haven't already.
  23. jwinges

    Macross 30

    Ordered from AmiAmi. Going to be a long wait till Late February for this to come out.
  24. jwinges

    Macross 30

    I just wish they would give us a great rich game for PS3 with a great online 12v12 battle option. Kinda like Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation on PS3 for free now.
  25. Sorry guys. With a kid and working on my doctorate I haven't had the time to read everything around here. Thanks Oihan. Also 1. Searching for subs isn't going to get them onto the BD 2. My Japanese friends moved back to Japan. Looking forward to visiting them when I can 3. I'll be restarting my learning of Japanese soon. Been busy finishing my doctorate. Now that its over and after I move for my new faculty position, I can start again. Also when you think about it....Macross is a very complex story. I'm sure most of you didn't understand it nearly as well when you were kids. Now that I have a 2 year old we'll be watching Macross regularly when she's older and subs are beneficial both for understanding and for helping kids learn to read fast. With the technology we have its rather pathetic and shortsighted of big K, that subs aren't included. If they were I'd purchase the new BD releases without them I see little benefit of doing so anymore. Even if I knew Japanese I would want the subs so I could show the movie to others.
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