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  1. +1 for Chowser for the great trade !!
  2. Hi, Anyone willing to part with their unbuilt 1/72 Hasegawa YF-19 please let me know. thanks, Mervin
  3. Hello, Anyone selling a pair of 1/48 VF hands? Please PM me. thanks! copyright Macrossworld Mervin
  4. Received my 1/48 GBP from Valkyrie Exchange. Thanks!
  5. btw, nice Ostrich. Here's mine ...
  6. hey Solscud, The radome is attached to the backpack ... another ...
  7. Thanks guys. Yup, I'll try and finish it. Half of the parts have gone missing so I need to recast some of them to complete it. Hey Solscud, you can easily make a seeker out of my strike armor. It's modular in a way Can you post pics of your Ostrich armor?
  8. This the seeker I never got to finish ... maybe one day I used mostly Hasegawa VE-1 parts.
  9. Looks great! Did you paint the white parts as well?
  10. Looking good! What paint did you use?
  11. I have Shadow of the Colossus. What do you have for trade?
  12. I have one if you're interested. It's in excellent condition.
  13. Mervin

    Jm Gbp Custom

    I'm making a custom GBP armor for my JM, what do you think? If you look hard enough the JM is in there somewhere Lots of work is still ahead, I plan on sanding the edges to make it look less blocky. I will work on adding hinges to the hatches.
  14. Hi, I have the plastic tray and the box for a Super 1J Hikaru. Since you want the tray, I'll give you the box as well. How's $10 + shipping sound? Probably shipping is around $8. Let me know if you're interested.
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