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Animepunch.com down


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Did they just decide not to renew the .com domain? I'm seeing one of those "cyber squatter" generic search pages now resident at animepunch.com.

I suppose it could be a DNS hijack. Or perhaps a lapsed registration that someone gobbled up? :(

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I noticed that some of the links are still .com

For a minute there I thought it was the Library that was re directing the page some censor thingy. Good to know its not just me.

Edit: I tried .net/forums when I log on I get the .com cyber squatter page


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Please be aware that if the DNS for .com is hijacked, and you input your credentials to log in at the .net forum. . . . but a non-relative link shunts you back to .com, your credentials could be intercepted by the .com "squatter/hijacker."

Of course, I could be wrong and this may not be a DNS hijack situation or anything nefarious. And, if your animepunch username and password aren't the same as your credentials for any other site, then damage would be negligable/minimal. But, why not wait a little bit until we know more. ;)

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Via some nslookups and some whoising, here's what it looks like to me. But I could be interpreting things wrong!

It looks like the domain name for the .com domain lapsed. And someone grabbed it:

Registrar: ENOM, INC.


Registrar: ENOM, INC.

Updated Date: 27-mar-2007

Creation Date: 26-mar-2004

Expiration Date: 26-mar-2008

So, judging by the expiration date (a year from yesterday), someone probably (re)registered ANIMEPUNCH.COM yesterday.

.Net is still the same as it ever was.


Registrar: TUCOWS INC.

Whois Server: whois.opensrs.net

Referral URL: http://domainhelp.tucows.com



Status: clientTransferProhibited

Status: clientUpdateProhibited

Updated Date: 28-mar-2007

Creation Date: 18-may-2004

Expiration Date: 18-may-2007

So, unless this was intentional on the part of the AP guys, or it's actually them just using a new registrar that accidentally messed up their DNS, it looks like someone swooped in and took .COM away from them. :(

Again, could be wrong.


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As posted by SR on AnimePunch (I can access it from work, but not home):

registerfly failed to "Auto" renew the Domain, we renewed the .com domain yesterday, i think it takes time for the .com to re-propagate through the internet...
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As posted by SR on AnimePunch (I can access it from work, but not home):

Okey doke. This is when I'm glad that I pepper my posts with "could be wrong, though." ;)

Odd that the "cyper squatter"-type placeholder page is there though.

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Yeah, Son Riku says it's a problem with Yahoo search bots. I'm able to get on today and yesterday evening wasn't bad. I suspect the holiday weekend here in Canada may have had something to do with it. Internet was noticibly slow for the past three days.

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