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  1. That's funny, because I randomly caught that while flipping through the channel, funny how my eyes just knew. That show is prettyhilarious.
  2. Right...spending majority of my life & college education studying English literature would probably do to that to me. Thanks captain obvious. Any ways, even if the whole kabuki theme was used for Altos character arc, I still say it was tacky. The context it was used in was a joke. I found it out of place for him to be prancing as a fairy maid on stage. It ruined the tone for me. Maybe it would have worked out better in any other modern anime, but not so well on a genre/series that is derived off war and metaphors from WWII.
  3. Being that this is my first post in god knows how long. I'll make my contribution. I finally saw the first & second movie, and I will admit it was better then the episodes. The only good scene, and I mean the ONLY good scene, was Isamu's cameo. But seriously, I felt the whole movie/episode series was a bit tacky and predictable to DYRL. Call me old school, but I expected a more serous tone, and a fresh plot, and story line. The kid in me cried asking "WTF have you done to my childhood, where the f@#$ are the VF-4's that were promised to me in Flashabck". I think Shoji slacked off on this series, that or he was taking some really good booger sugar during the production. Call me weird or strange but I think Altos whole boy gone homo with the Kabuki actor/actress bit was a little awkward...maybe its just me. I seriously thought that Shoji was going to continue on where he left off with Macross flash back, it was perfect material to start off the ideal "Frontier" series, that vintage style was too perfect, I cant see why they couldn't use that? I got the whole "make peace with nature metaphor", but when haven't I heard that in the series, Shoji needs to step up his game. ~2 cents Oh snap its my 420'th post, you know what that means.....
  4. I cant believe this thread is still up, funny thing is that I plan on getting my tat redone this month.
  5. god, you figured with modern day technology, there would be a site already streaming.
  6. EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR.....I was talking to a customer at work all day about his lancer and his orders on the phone while I was blogging lol
  7. true..........buts its (not high jacking this thread) Macross in the distant future not dyrl in the 80's. If anything he could have used the new mitsubushi EVO X. lol.....I dont make such a deal or even complain in any of the macross series but macross has seriously influenced my hobby for cars in fact I choosed my last 2 cars (NISSAN 240SX) basicly becuase they remind me of a valk......white and black...hint ...hint...mac +.
  8. Being a big macross fan and a serous car enthusiast. I hate shoji for picking that lancer, I mean of all the cars he could have chose.........a Mazda FD rx-7 or a skyline to have same rising sun history but a lancer
  9. BRO I NEVER POST ON THIS FORUM, AND I AM IMPRESSED, try using pics from the yf-19 for the cockpit and go for the full cockpit/canopy background display that it uses (ep. 3 before the hijack). keep it up
  10. I like macross alot, matter of fact, I have been a fan since I say dyrl, before the berlin wall ever went down, and I even got a tattoo (which I have appointment in a month and a half to get it redone and to add some stuff. BUT I find it very weird and creepy when I see people forcing them selves to look like a fictional character that he/she does not look nothing like. Ex. star trek nerds, NARUTO, ROBOTECH (yes I said it), and so many animes and sci fi shows. Macross is different then all these new animes and fads I see kids doing now a days. I like Macross Plus, will you see me coloring my skin grey or silver, dieing my hair green, and throwing on a orange jump suit and white gloves.........NO...I wont ........unless I was smoking some really good stuff lol (kidding). Macross has some class except macross 7 . Macross is more mature and requires taste its not like all these animes I see teenagers and nerdy kids watching. Its hot when I see busty jap girls dressing up as sheryl . But lets be honest say one day your walking down Little Tokyo with some friends from work and you see some overweight young ADULTS jumping around in orange jump suits with make up as whiskers, and paper like knifes, like they took some serous drugs that my neighbor did during his tour in VEITNAM. It kills the imagination for me when I see some one dressing up as my all time favorite character that he just slaughtered the image of. Lets preserve macross and not hour it out. -Just my two cents
  11. Its NOT OVER, I refuse to accept its over...oh man what will I do.......in the mean time I am going to rewatch each and every episode with my friend and his special recipe brownies which for some reason makes macross f really really entertaining(regardless how many times I watch it), and for some reason I get even more hungrier, this I dont know why?
  12. not a bad idea red wolf, the idea of a fighter being TOO GOOD sounds so awesome yet ominous. freakin sweet!
  13. MAX.... MAX.....come on Isamu or Guld are well over qualified for the job, give Isamu the vf-25 and Guld the vf-27 and you got something going on.
  14. dude, regardless if it shows or it doesnt, it deserves its own thread. And my hopes went up, seeing that they actually reused the vf-171 -just my two cents
  15. I guess untill we see otherwise, but I keep imagining to myself alto screwing up his last vf-25 and SMS pulling off a dust cover off the prototype hidden all the way in some storage compartment. BUT the vf-25 does symbolize the anniversary and the series.
  16. TRUE, very true...but the idea of going through all that effort of making the design of one, and not even showing it (never has macross displayed up a valk design in a series and never used it) if alto is willing to pilot the new vf-171 then why not this one. For all you know they might do what they did in mac 0 and just upgrade or something like that, that fits the plot.
  17. The reason I think he might use it is from past sequences: Hikaru using the red vf-1s during the last battle sequence of DYRL ( it was only used once)
  18. The thing is that they talk about it for a couple seconds.
  19. Ok, I know this might have been questioned in the technology thread, but CHRIST its a new valk! A while back I remember watching ep.15 of frontier and had taken great note of the conversation grace had with "THESE VOICES", I saw the YF-24 outlines and it being the prototype for the vf-25, now this valk looks like a hybrid between the yf-21 and the yf-19, or the vf-11. I figured something like this was already talked about or received its proper attention And I am bouncing off the walls seeing that Mac + is still being processed and remembered by its designs. My question is WELL WE SEE IT IN ACTION IN THE LAST 2 EPISODES.
  21. OK...OK...PEOPLE before I go on stating my opinions and such my question is HOW MUCH MORE EPISODES DO WE HAVE LEFT, is it 3 or does anyone one know, I hate to say it but I have that feeling that it might, the drama is through the roof and this is why I am seeing it happen.
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