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  1. AMIAMI.com is tacking orders too: http://www.amiami.com/shop/?set=english&am.../e_display.html
  2. Wow! I love this "bleu" RD, best looking VF-25 battroid mode that i´ve ever seen Thanks for the pics ff95gj
  3. Last Over-Drive-Inc.com newsleter says: "We will still taking orders for the YF-25 Model kit that will be sold along with the Macross Frontier movie tickets. Please contact us if you have any intrest in purchasing it."
  4. Yes!!! And Sappuri DeathMask & Alcor Bud to January 2010
  5. VF-25y??? WTF I thought It was a new valkyrie. Otherwise, i like the new Deculture! VF´s boxarts
  6. Mmmm, all those Robot SVF are non-scale figures, about 13cm tall, vf-25 & Q-REA have similar height... Too little compared with 1/72 model kits. In addition, on TV show, macronized Kuran(without Q-Rea) has the same height as a VF-25 on battroid mode
  7. Nope, only hip swivel articulation & thigh articulation to achieve gerwalk mode. Its a plamo, we need to be careful with all joints, but stress marks are irremediable... I dont see any weak point on plain valks, considering that is a plamo. Problems cames posing valk on battroid mode with SuperPacks & ArmourPacks wing-boosters. The croth peg is the most delicated part of all. This peg supports the weight of upper half body (with wingboosters) when in the ground, and suports the weight of the legs when in an ActionBase: Peg fitted on SP battroid mode: VF-25s Broken peg due to SP weight (now its glued on fighter mode): Other weak point on SP are the wings hinges due to de wing boosters weight. Remove the wingboosters before handling. Now with ArmourPacks, Bandai includes a lot of attachments pieces that solve this problems, but those are used with their respective Armored ...
  8. Yes, and matte topcoat over plain valks do the rest Thanks!
  9. Are you talking about this picture? But, if they are 3ModeTransformation, where are Battroid & Gerwalk promo pics???
  10. Ozma & his car are handmade. 1/72 Preisler figurine & 1/72 Cararama car. I´ve the Clear Version and yes, inner frame is semigloss chrome plastic. I´ve used it on Armored Ozma but my mobile phone pics don´t shows better quality. HQ pics soon...
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