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  1. macross zero-13x dryl-20x macross plus + movie -50x(still counting) mac II - 40x mac F - 20x (still counting) I love mac plus
  2. sweet,I just visted mac world from my new job for the first time. Screw petty office work for familly, I get paid decently now. who knew a java house would be so much fun and rewarding.
  3. well I bet you guys are wondering, what has been going on with the project. I came at a cross roads and I am that time where you got to plan your future. I said to myself you can have this car with the anime decals, and be stuck at community college, or save the money, finish community college, and possibly study over seas. I hate to say it but I am going for the prudent choice. I will do the car project, but not for a WHILE and if I do it it wont be a high class car, I see so much potential in 2nd gen rx-7. wish me luck and sorry for leaving you guys on the dark
  4. you never know what day it is. (thought I would bring it up)
  5. I know exactly what you mean wolfx, I been to europe and saw the the most exotic sunsets, clouds, and beaches and all I had to say was "is that all you got god". After I saw the comparison pics, I just wanted to send this guy pics of my life and see what he can do, lol.
  6. I first saw that scene and I thought ''god thats what heaven looks like '' That scene is just a dream or a fantasy of truth.
  7. great and would you be nice enough to direct me that way.
  8. Ok people has there been any updates on torrents or anything like that there has to be something. some one........................
  9. dude I got a vibe from GHOST KILLER that he is after to get me.
  10. sorry man about the caps, as for going out and watching the movie I simply cant, I dont want it where it was like war of the worlds and I was standing up yelling "where the hell are the mechas to fight the aliens, I demand a mecha". And when tom does end up killing the alien, it was by shear luck by sticking a frag up the aliens buthole. I am sorry I guess I was never one of those guys that could watch a monster just tear mankind apart, and see no retaliation with some kind of eye candy too. al watch cloverfeild when it comes out to dvd or when I can download it
  12. I have been fooled by the net, this makes me sick, PEOPLE MUST BE WARNED ABOUT NOT EVERYTHING ON THE NET IS TRUE
  13. OK, I saw this happen on the skyline r32 car forums I was looking at how people were able to pretty much mingle and share pretty what ever was on there minds that was car related (in our case macross)I found that to be pretty great and smart. And another thing would it be cool if we had threads on out side stuff like on a -lounge, -check this out, -sos (help me out kind of thing), -etc. I remember I posted I needed help on coming up with a strategy with a girl, I kind of did it since I saw TRAIN MAN in my jap 101 class a while back, sigh the thing I do. any ways please takes this in consideration. thank you
  14. ok, unlike you guys im too cheap to see the movie, so I went to see the spoilers on the net, and found a link for you guys, BUT REMEMBER I CAN ONLY SHOW YOU THE DOOR, YOU CAN ONLY OPEN IT, and dont go to the mods and say "deadghost ruined a movie for me, banned him", YOU DO THAT AL RIP YOUR SAC Anyways click at your own risk. clover field spoier -DO NOT DRINK SLUSHO, JUST TRUST ME
  15. I got one, what if I woke up a 1000yrs from now, and there was nothing but girls on the planet, no make that fine ass girls (mainly japanese ). For some odd reason they have been able to reproduce on there own, with out man there has been no wars, and no crime. Ever since you have awaken you have been treated pretty great, the girls are all over you since they never seen a man (regardless if you are a nerd), but the plot thickens, after a couple of days of bliss you ask your self what happen'ed to the rest of the men, were they no longer able to be part of the reproduce evolution process, or were they killed off??? And its a matter of time before the rest of the females decide if you are a threat, a pet, OR IF CAN SOME HOW EXPLAIN THEM THE STORY OF DYRL AND BECOME A PEACEFULL PARTNER. --what would you guys do, me well you guys know what I would do also I had a semi lesbo teacher in middle school tell me about this old school movie, does any body know what is it called.
  16. I have seen a lot anime, old and new but here is the current, ok I read every body post just to see whats good to see and download. but heres whats on my OWN LIST. JUBI CHAN 1 &2, pure girl katana kicking @ss anime with the best jap comedy I have yet to come over. 5 out 5 stars paprika, just got it because every body said it was good, frankly im a little scared to watch it. macross Frontier, F@c( yhea, if you dont watch this you better kill your self. 5 out 5 stars. my z hime my otome, I watch it to pass time, and when I got nothing else better to do.2.5 out 5 stars ah my godess, if your love sick, then watch this, 5 0ut 5. THE GIRL WHO LEAP THROUGH TIME, NICE AND CUTE, WATCH IT, 5 0UT 5 STARS. 5 CM PER 1 SEC, WATCH IT, JUST WATCH IT, NO MECHA, NO ACTION, JUST REAL LIFE, 5 OUT 5 STARS. Voices of a distant star, great story, mecha art sucks, but watch it you will not waste your time trust me on this one. 5 out 5 stars. Peach Girl super pop love hurricane, unless you got nothing nothing else to do and have unlimited rentals go ahead rent this one but be warned that this one is a chick anime with worthless drama that will get you glued, no comment on how many stars. more to come, must sleep and watch more anime.
  17. LOL MAN, THATS A GOOD ONE. (snaps finger) I got it, we make up a gundam 00 thread who ever really enters its and blogs in it, will be thrown in a bag, thrown on a truck, sent to a eastern euro concentration camp to a sentence of life of force labor of disrespecting macross. lol
  18. sorry I watch'd too many veitnam movie parody's, pay close attention to how I used the word MAN, any ways look out for the red colored enemy's, there the ones (in sneaky voice)
  19. OH GOD, how will I look at the cosplay girls, wait google wait but man-faye will appear.
  20. I'm tell'in you man their all gundam fans just waiting for us to turn on each other, there here to feed the fire. Dont you find it weird that they came out of no where after mac F, I say there here to avenge there competition with us. I SAY WE KILL THEM ALL, WE KILL BEFORE THEY KILL US.
  21. I was looking at this figure until l look'd above and to the side and saw the busty girls with the caption 18+ and I was tempted and I clicked on it, and I was blown away, but before I could go any further I had a co-worker who would always sneak up on me and see what I would be doing just to screw around with me, so I quickly booked marked it and closed the page and before I knew it, my coworker was behind my back asking "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, I WANT TO SEE!!!" LOL
  22. AH yes homer simpson and peter grifen my alphea and omega, they are the same people on the same line of the spectrum. oh this is me with my brother dean Ishimaru when it comes to money ishamaru owes deadghost money
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