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  1. Heres a big one the bridge bunnys or the school girls look like there 23 but there really 17 . This also applys to all animes.
  2. I find it very funny that when the special was released everybody liked it in every way, and no one complained about it the first couple of days, but since time has passed I guess we have gotten to the point where we are dissecting it, maybe we are doing this because we are bored or we......I dont know, I just cant get my finger on it, possibly we feel we can do a better job ourselv's but could we, I believe I had the services at my disposal I could, but I can be dead wrong. But heres something, maybe we continue to watch macross F because it is close to our fantasy, remember the word close, if it was exactly what we dreamed about then we would not complain, no matter how good of a anime we watch we will always criticize it.
  3. ok I cant find any torrents on this reboot, only trailers of the first ep. Can some explain whats happening, why is it being redone, I thought that company that created it where bankrupt or something like like that. And whats the new story. OH and I almost forgot WILL THEY SHOW ASKUA.
  4. Well heres a little something for you guys, a little amv I found, dont ask just watch it, its pretty damn good. I am thinking about makeing a mac F amv with that song. 5cm per sec amv -utada hikaru
  5. Graham I retract my theory about the spoiler, I want that manga, also how does gilliam die.
  6. ANYONE one else, come one people share what you have been never been able to show.
  7. I didnt say I was going to go that far ,but that would be allright too anyways she is a major anime fan herself, and she has a thing for school love aime that is about comeing of age. I mean if I showed her macross, or any other anime similar to that caliber she would look at me all weird and prob leave me.
  8. As for me I need to actually think this one out, even though I am a writer I should know of something, but I will post something real good and sweet mark my words
  9. Say for some odd reason you recently had a grant to makeand give birth to your very own anime, you do the story, designs, character work, everything while you had animators at your disposal. What anime would you develop, would you base it on your life, or a weird fantasy that you always wanted, what category would you place it in. What would be the conflict if you even wanted one. How would it start and how would it end. Put as much or as little information as you want. Heck if you have a script post it. Oh and NO sick and twisted fantasy's with school girls being tortured or anything like that
  10. oh my god you dont know what your missing out on, I am so happy that I am helping someone out, your greatly welcome my friend, oh and what animes do you recommend of his work. I am so going to share these animes with a girl I have been eyeing for a while, hopefully she hasnt seen it, so WHEN i SHOW THIS MOVIE, SHES GOING TO GET TEARY, EMOTIONAL, AND LOVE SICK, THAT SHE WILL NEED ME BY HER SIDE,and you can guess what will happen next . Man I am so smart. I suggest you guys use this tactic too But back on topic that pic is truely something
  11. ah yes my favorite scene, its like they took it out of my head or my dreams, I wish they did a similar scene in mac F.
  12. sorry about that. I am not familiar with that saying, can you please explain it to me
  13. I just saw this story of life, and my god my eyes were so moist, I mean it was so real and touching at the same time, I cant remember seeing something filled with such human art and life. please post what you think of this vivid anime, AND CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE ENDING TO ME.
  14. good point emajnthis, but I got to let this be known, I am working on a business deal IF it goes ok I will get the gts IF it goes great I will get the gtr, IF it goes sour then I am screw'd, and I hate to do this option but I might have to ask my dad to help me out, and if he does he might not approve of and I might end up with slapstick 240sx,miata, toyota, or a mazda rx-7 fc. And I might have to wait on his discretion. Just remember this all based on IF'S. Wish me the best of luck
  15. Hold on Graham, we got to ask our selves do we want to spoil the series for ourselves, the way I see it is like time travel, we will see it but will not understand it and plus we wont be able to read it. BUT I AM A LOYAL MACROS FAN, and I want to HAVE THE MANGA, so I DEMAND THAT SOME ONE GET THE SCENES OF THE MANGA as a collection and history item.
  16. welcome aboard man, its always nice to see a Roy fan out there, you remind me of my younger self, I am now finding myself as a OZMA fan but I need more insight on him. If you take note he might be a drinker too since there was a bar behind him, so he might be a rugged drinker. Its good that there still keeping the Roy image alive through mac F, but I swear if Ozma dies I will take the next plane to japan and beat the CRAP out of shoji. Oh and you got to watch macross zero if your a Roy Fan
  17. actually I have been eyeing the gts (it is a rwd variant of the skyline) it is also cheaper, and I love everything about that bodykit but I guess each to his own. Thanks for looking
  18. Not a bad theory, I did look at her birth marks and they do like some islands. Its a very good theory. like you said we might have to wait and see
  19. oh and comparing sheryl to all the girls I have dated I would consider her a angle -personality wise
  20. ah come on VFTF1 she is hot, cute, and sings what more do you want. She is like any other good looking girl who has a unmoveing side as what I would call it, at least shoji was being realistic this time. Man if I was a SMS member I wouldnt mind risking my life to save her
  21. heres a link to the Gts that I am eyeing r32gts white
  22. lol dont worry about it man, I was only joking. And a good note on the ghosts being creamed, I mean you saw what they are capable of in mac+, and then they send a squadron of them and they get creamed like CF's, thats like "what the hell". hummmmm.........Maybe I should change my name to Komi Ghost
  23. I just cant wait for the beach scene, since they have a pill ship with a beach, man I will get to see Ranka and sheryl in there in bikinis spashing each other, oh and you cant forget about catherine. man I cant wait
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