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  1. Glad you liked it, I enjoyed just as much as macross plus, I still say fokker look great....he still looks like the same sempai , You should like DYRL, but I have seen that movie since I was 4 0r 5 so I am a little tired of it, but its a legendary anime that I still respect.
  2. thanks man and who can forget that song from the 5th element
  3. I figured since macross is inspired by the theme of music. So why not just share our favorite music, music videos, and amv, who knows we might find our selfs actually liking something. Well I guess I am first, heres my list. mac plus - sky fits heaven rahxephon -euphoria macross zero - aqurion hikaru utada - simple and clean riseing sun remix hikaru utada - mflow remix distance (I love the girls in the short hair, droool.) 5cm per sec amv let me know what you guys think more to come of course
  4. nope not that one, it was cartoonisih, and it had to be one of the mods.
  5. tell me about it, the girls look like there in there imid 20's but there actually 15, or 17, I just turned 20 and that just makes me feel so damn old.
  6. I there was one detail I thought about, I was wondering why she whore her school uniform even when she was a pilot, was it because of a visual description to show she still had her innocence.
  7. I remember stumble'ing upon mac world when I was a kid, and at the title page there was guy who had a early photoshop version of him on his wedding day with minmay as his wife, my first thought was "ok.......freaky, not coming here again", I still dont know who that was?????
  8. ok, I watch'd after watching 5cm per sec, I got to admit Makoto Shinkai is a pretty good story writer. The ova was pretty damn good, except for the mecha designs, prob the worst mechas I have seen to date, but that really did not matter. I kinda start to think if makoto had a a painful love relationship. Anyways as I watching this I keep asking myself would I ever wait that long for your soul mate, thats more than 16 years, I would be in my mid 30's or even early 40's. Anyways does the girl get back to ship, was there ever any hope of being reunited, and what did they mean by if I could give one thought? please leave your feed back.......well I am off to watching The Place Promised in Our Early Days, thanks wolfx
  9. ah man my friend, prepare yourself for some bad news,you wont see it till april, give me a pm around that time and al send you a link to the torrent. As for me I am going to put myself into a induced coma until that time, hopefully I will wake up at exactly at that time with no brain damage and not finding myself waking up 20 years from now.lol That shows you how I hate waiting.
  10. ok, i saw the last episode months and months ago, AND YES I LIKE THE SERIES, but I do admit Rie did need a little bit more emotion, But saying that I loved the characters design, the female general was crisp new idea. But I do have some questions, does rie survive, and did he become a jam. I dont care what you guys say I liked this series, its a sword of a different color.
  11. Man are you crazy how could you like the scene when gilliam died man, I thought he was a great character and asset, his tattoo on his face was a pretty cool character design. what a waste of a good character.
  12. man just give me a reasonable mecha - one that is good with hand to hand combat, and I can take care of this gloverfield monster with no damage to the citizens (well maybe a little, I might step on someone, or accident'ly blow up a building lol). I am thinking of either a EVA or becomeing ULTRAMAN. Man I cant decide, I would say a valk or a destroid but I dont think they are of the right caliber. But becomeing Ultraman would be sweet, I always wanted to do that thing with the laser arm thingymigjig.
  13. Al try to find you something, I am pretty sure I have seen something exactly like that. lol
  14. got bored here at work and watchd it, it was ok, the name describes it. thanks wolfx I want to encourage more threads like these, you know where we find great anime and wen try to share it.
  15. I check'd out paprika and I might watch it because I am curious, but for mind game I might have to drop acid to understand that one. I am pretty sure they are all good, but maybe mind game was not designed for my flavor, but what I am starting to realize is maybe all or 75% of the anime's out there are based on a physiological level of understanding for the viewers, it could be love, fantasy, or anything -the point is what some of them do is to go into our minds and help us explore what we want to understand and are curious about. let me put in simple terms, you dont watch macross because you know whats going to happen, or you know what your going to feel, you watch it because it flexes your curios feelings and emotions to action and drama . just my two cents
  16. damn I am going through my old paper work, documents, and journals and trying to find something great. I promise I will post something worth looking at, I just need to find some inspiration.
  17. I am really loving this thread , al prob have to start a thread for great artistic anime that we can actually relate ourselves too, al do some hunting this weekend. And I am so happy that I am able to share this anime with you guys instead of having it keept to myself and on the vast corners of my hard drive.
  18. I saw the trailer and it has all the qualitys of a good a anime but I think the story is a little to out there, this is only me for the record, but I cant find myself relating to this environment or setting.This is only me and my opinion by the way, but I did get a taste for the girl who leapt time, I am currently downloading it.
  19. God I wish I could fuse Makoto Shinkai with shoji kawamori, then we would be getting some real anime. Back on topic, I still dont understand why the male main character never kept in contact with either of the girls, the surfer girl was really cute and nice and yet he did not care about her in any way even when she was crying he did not comfort her ....well that would have been kind of hard with the rocket launching off, but still he should have comforted her.
  20. clap.......clap......clap.....So exo you finally caught on to my master plan. hey what happend to the cosplay link of those cute girls
  21. did anyone notice the scene where there pulling away the sick lady with the guys in bio suits, and if you look closely its like something is about to burst out of her chest or something.
  22. wooooooooo......ok....can someone explain to me what am I looking at, christ those nasty images will hunt my mind for the rest of my life.
  23. ok....ok.... I know it might be a bad idea to revive this thread, but has there been any news on when they will release it on torrents, also are there any pics of the new evas the links I clicked on are not working.
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