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  1. wOW I did not know they made a vert for the s15, your right it would be uncommon to see one like that. And I think your right we should maybe wait for the rest of the series to see some great sexy scenes, that or I can talk to some of my friends who are pro artist's and see what they can render for me , but it might be better to wait for the rest of the series. I will start working on the SMS logo and other concept art designs. And a UPDATE on the skyline, I found a great r32 gts white for 7200$, I just got to wait for this business deal to go through and I got the the cash, if the deal goes better then what I expected I will get a r32 GTR, hopefully. As for the legal stuff I might have to keep it in my garage until I get everything sorted out with paperwork. Oh get this a friend of mine told me of a loop hole for imported canadian cars in the states, lol he told me to get me a fake canadian drivers i.d, and if I get pulled over or anything like that I should show it to a cop and say im here from canada as tourist ROFL, WHAT DO YOU THINK
  2. THERE WAS ONE SEEN THAT I PURELY LOVE, it is when she is singing the second song in the concert, she was floating in a trance and her hair was blue. god........................
  3. Was looking for macross hentai, and stumbled upon this site, ROFL
  4. As much as how everybody is kinda bashing and complaining about he characters on the flaws of the special. I might say something there was anything I would complain about it would not be the male characters who I find are great in every way.But for the girls being not so much cute as I wanted them to be, but still my heart pours for them, Hell if I saw them in real life I would be on them faster then white on rice. They are great but they could have done better, I can say the same for Myung in mac +, and Mylene in mac 7. Who knows maybe shoji has low standards or something. I can not stress the importance of cute and fine girls in a anime, it helps the anime, for example -ah my goddess I hate the story but I watch it only because I like the girls,same for neon genesis evangelion, that anime is a nightmare for me but I watch it because I like auska, nothing else. Just my two cents
  5. Ranka lee, or sheryl, I can not decide. any ideas anyone, I though about belldandy, my heart said yes but my head said no and I must full fill my obligation to macross f
  6. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE IN MY MIND the s15's look sick and the rx-7 too bad I cant say the same for the skylines.
  7. If your looking for a s15 you might be able to smuggle one from canada, you might save some money then importing it, but it would be illegal in the states unless you make a loop hole and say its a kit car, thats what I am planning to do with my r32. And I used to work for a branch for Rb motoring and those guys were shady they would just buy skyline from motor ex and charge double the price, there prices where just bs. I am still figure'ing out what which macross frontier girl to put on the car, Rank or Sheryl maybe both. Al try to get more pics of other anime cars for a better perspective.
  8. If I recall I played a gamed called ace combat with the throttle and stick expansion. thats close enough.
  9. Alto does seem to be more human to me, unlike those gundam characters who have those unnatural emotional drama problems(my moms dead, My lover is dead,etc) -losers, god I hate them. But back to Alto, I think he has a piece of us in him, I mean He wants to be a valk pilot, and he is a under dog. I am not sure about you guys but 90% of the members here want to be a valk pilot, and I am pretty sure were all underdogs I know I am (Sigh)
  10. No way man, no way man, I dont want to see the enemy treated so human and then everyone pity's them after some love song encounter, after what they did to guillam I wont forgive them.
  11. WOW that puts things in a better perspective, and I was right mikihail is the new max based upon the color of his valk helmet. And what in Benders name is Brera Sterne, looks like something out of final fantasy. thanks Kresphy
  12. whoooo hold on graham, we still got to april untill we see something new, you dont want to find yourself getting bored of it so quickly, I am trying compensate by rationing how much I watch and I am going to start working on some amv's tomorrow -trying to keep things alive.
  13. sorry to say man buts it really 26minutes long, such a shame. I also have great reason to believe that Mikhail Brown, and Luca Angelloni are part of SMS just like the OG skull sq. meaning mikhail is suppose to be like max (>??????) and Luca as kazaki, all I am going to say is I hope they die a vivid and intense death WHY YOU SAY BECAUSE I DONT WANT MY MAN OZAMA TO DIE, NO WAY IS HE GONNA DIE, NOPE I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY, OZAMA WILL MOST LIKELY BAG THE SHERYL LOOK ALIKE
  14. Tell me about a GTR was the OG PLAN, but I saw the prices and I know there a couple grand more but I am pinching dimes and cents, if I get a little bit more money I will go after the gtr no dout. here are the prices for the GTR are over 12k and a gts-t are usually under 7k. note these are canadian prices, you dont even want to know what californian seller's want.
  15. very true NUNS OR SMS I can not decide. I dont know how they make it, but I belive they its called body wraps and they do all colors. Oh link heres the pics
  16. SUGOI......SUGOI .....thats a great start, you guys are the best, man such great effort and work I wish I can repay the favor, but I would like to use the NUNS logo, but check out the pics of the tuner acura, I think we make something completely better then that, but thats cool with what he did. PROPS TO LINK
  17. man my birthday is on the 31st and I WANT SHERYL nothing else well maybe a real life vf-25
  18. ah come on that armor was so bad ass, It was like shoji was reading my mind when he made it. How could you guys not like it, I have a feeling that ozama will need it to tackle that red bug, I also nick named it the sumo armor.
  19. Well I would import it, but its a big heart head ache for me, even though my friends tell me just wait when you move to japan in a couple of years and go all out and buy a r34 since the price that I am buying the r32 is the same. I guess when I move I will import one but for now I got some friends on the canadian skyline forums who are selling them pretty cheap and are willing to me over the border to avoid taxes and all the other BS. I lookd up the prices for a gtr and there just a little bit more so it might be a possible. Of course this car will only be a project car and possibly a track car but I dont have any plans of haveing it as a daily driver. But thanks for the heads up
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