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  1. at first I didnt know what a man-faye was (of course it was from cow boy bepop), so I image searched it and well I kinda threw up a little in my mouth and broke out in laughter. but back to the topic I want some hot cosplay girls, AND NO HOME MADE ONE'S OF YOUR WHITE GIRLFRIENDS leave it to the experts.
  2. that defeats the point, and plus I think that would cause some serous brain and health damage.
  3. ok, I know exo is going to get mad and say "hey there is already thread on this other forum" but this is mac world we got to represent, you know its our turf. Any ways everybody find your favorite cosplay girl and post a pic of her AND MAKE SURE SHE LOOKS GOOD, CAUSE IM GOING TO BE THE JUDE .
  4. It would be so funny, if I wake up in a 1000yrs and people of the future have learned about me, and have waited for me, and when I woke up I would be praised as their god, ALL PRAISE AND HAIL DEADGHOST.
  5. only 20 minutes before I get off of work just to go home to do nothing, god I really should really consider that cryo sleep????
  6. just had to post this just watch it for kicks and giggles
  7. Gentelmen I think I know what the future might be, it will be exactly the same as the day it is today, but there was this unusual feeling that we were controlled by machines.
  8. Man, people are actually willing to sleep for a thousand years , moving on, I would do it for 100-500 years give me a couple of months and experts to talk to, if I had to take anything with me it would be my complete mac and anime collectibles, my cigarette's, my beer, and my newly upcoming yamo vf-25, oh and a gun if things go wrong heheheh. BUT HERES THE BIG QUESTION, what would you do if you woke up, what if anime was just a trend and was given up on
  9. special forces baby, you get to kick back, drink, have all the girls, fly the best and finest valks, look good doing it, and save all your asses. SMS
  10. I dont man, I kinda dout there would be big human like alien chics with green hair, I on the other hand see them with elf ears.
  12. I was watching futurama, and I wondered I would prob be in cryosleep for about 150-200 hundred years, not to out there yet pretty out there for things to change . And it would be great for time to take its toll for the un gov. to take place, for cutting edge mechas to happen, and dont forget about space traveL OH and I bet japanese girls would look like how they would look like in animes - colored haired, look younger then there age, and they also have big @#@ . oh an cool talking robots that talk smak and smoke cigars, but that DONT DO NAUGHTY STUFF CAUGH MIRIYIA CAUGH. lol Also please least why you choose the time length, what you would do when you wake up from your cryo sleep, and what would you take with you.
  13. oh man I love this thread, I work for my family at the company plaza office, the pay is not even worth mentioning, but usually when I am done doing my schedule work for the tenants, I usually have the rest of the work day to do unexpected work, but I just pop out my laptop and get involved in threads. Its funny when my coworkers ask me what am I doing, I yell back and say "I AM CHECKING MY MAIL, NOTHING ELSE", then they "you been checking your mail for the last 4 hours, if your going to be looking at robot porn there is a time and place for that''. thank you miriya lol
  14. wait how is Ozma equiped with a reaction weapon???? And why just blow the red one when you can blow ALL OF THEM, and I do remember seeing more than one red bug I think
  15. I keep hearing about this numa song in so many different languages, what is so special about it, I demand to know.
  16. (quote from neo) "wooooooooooooooo..........", Im a little speechless, I was watching this at work and people were walking by seeing me looking at robots making love, and I could have sworn one of them said I had a robot fetish. I was telling them its not what you think!!!!!!1
  17. ah come on guys we got to keep this thread alive, does anyone know of any good japanese artist.
  18. ah...... yhea what he said, ah listen I have a friend who's a psychologist who deals with evil criminals, perhaps I could give you his card.
  19. I still dont get how the newly operated Ghost's were just taken down like fly's, I mean you guys saw what they did to the yf-21, damn you shoji . But I was so happy to see the new vf-25, and after seeing that bit in manga with the knife action , all I have to say is to give it to that red bug real goooood.
  20. hey I did not say I did not appreciate it, or it had poor quality, all I am saying is that I have seen it more than a 150 hundred times, heck it was the first time I ever saw a naked girl, my first idol was my sempai Roy fokker, without DYRL I would be a scary and different person with no soul in my life. I like no I love the movie it is one of the OG animes. Now with macross plus, macross zero, and macross F I try to limit myself to how many times I watch it, to keep my......whats the word....attention -would be close to that word. Same can be said for a song, you dont listen to every single sec of your life or else you will get bored, better yet the same could be said for a girl, your not going to spend all your time with her, maybe for the first couple of months, but then your going to want to have some time apart so you can appreciate her. Same with DYRL
  21. I dont know, I allways found the way people look'd is by there avatar, and plus I am deadghost I cant just post a pic of me it would destroy my name and theme, for all you know I dont exist and I am a figment of you imagination.
  22. when I think of the vf-25 I think its a first you know why, because all the valks shoji created were based on real life aircraft(yf-19 -su47,or yf-21-f-21), and I thought because of that he was allways held back, but now with the righteous and paramount arrival of the vf-25(my new love, throwing away yf-19 ,and yf-21 in the trash) I feel things are going to be better and superb, lets hope shojie will continue on this path.
  23. ok. can anyone advise on any good anime's with the same theme or substance.
  24. just saw the girl who leap through time, and I got to admit I kinda like it, it was wholesome and cute. And I will admit I was glued to the screen, so yes it was a good anime. If I ever had that power, god knows what I would.......evil lagh
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