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  1. Hi all, Lots of resin and plastic models for sale. I need to clear out some of my stash, so I'll entertain non low-ball offers on the higher priced resin items. I haven't posted here in ages, but I'm on the straight shooter list and one of the first members of MacrossWorld from the late 90's before it became what it is now. For the quickest response, please contact me at hobbyaction@hotmail.com with any questions and/or your zip code for a shipping quote. Buyer pays exact shipping (I don't pad the shipping price) from Boston. Pickup is available if you're local. Paypal preferred, money
  2. Metal Box is developing a new adition to their Macross SD collection: The Reguld! I don't know you guys, but I been waiting for this for a looong time. More info in their webpage: http://www.metal-box.jp/mb/?id=1286
  3. looking for several of these: yellow submarine Defender and Phalanx (will also take Tomahawk and Spartan if in a set) yellow submarine Valkyries with Launch Arm from VF-X, in particular VF-11, 19, 22, but i'll take any other valks too originals preferred, but i'll take recasts if i'm desperate also looking for trading figures/gashapon, in particular these from Kaiyodo's K&M Macross in particular i want several of the Regults, but will also take complete sets. looking for a Glaug too, which i think is a Bandai gashapon. i also could still use a few VF-1 with fast packs from Ha
  4. Hello, Here is a review of the superb ES-11D "Cat's Eye", (too) shortly appearing in the 10th episode ('Blind Game") of the original Macross serie. So far as I know, the kit has been originally casted by John Moscato, and now reboxed by Neptune Models. The box : What we can found in the box : The assembly guide, composed by a dozen of sheets in colour : The totallity of the pieces : The fuselage, about 25 cm long. The fittings seem very good : The cockpit, good level of detail : Clear parts : Details : Folding wings options
  5. Wow, two completed builds on the same page! Guess a heavily cut work schedule was good for something! Here's the latest addition to my collection. A 1/72 scale VT-1 Super Ostrich resin kit from Yellow Submarine & Club M. Yes, it's a bit dated compared to the Hasegawa's, but it's still fun to give these old kits a little love. Besides, I can always use more practice with resin. The Minmei figure did not come with the kit, it's one from Studio Starforge. As usual, more can be seen here.
  6. Some pics of non-Macross related figures I took at Wonderfest today. In particular, I thought the Megahouse Dragon Crown figures looked amazing. And the Megadrive Megatron is, of course, a must-buy ;-) (EDIT: The uploader seems to have thrown the order of the pics into a bit of a mess, sorry!)
  7. Hey guys: In case you're not already aware, there is a great hobby and collectibles show happening at the Crowne Plaza Fairfield Hotel in New Jersey in September called the "Jerseyfest Model Kit & Statue Fair". If you're a hobbyist, it will be worth attending regardless of what type or scale kits you collect and build. Many people from all over the nation and even abroad are attending the weekend long event. Besides the show having many top vendors (some with quite unique and rare models) and artists with great kits and hobby supplies for sale and display, it also has legendary movie m
  8. 1/72 scale Queadluun Rau on Yahoo Japan auctions. Starts at ¥9000.
  9. 1/100 scale VF-1D. 1/100 scale Zentradi figure. they're also doing a 1/100 scale VF-4, Hikaru's Skull Squadron version, but no pictures yet. Oh, and here's the N-Jer (DYRL version) they did a while back. Someone was asking about buying one.
  10. If anyone has a Yellow Submarine 1/144 scale Digital Mission VF-X kit they don't want, let's talk. (these are the ones that come with the launch bay) I already have the VF-1X. The VF-4 kit was my first ever resin build, but I gave it to a friend before I moved to Japan (the Art Director of Robotech:Battlecry)
  11. Browsing through Yahoo Japan auctions, and I came across a Meltrandi ship, put out by a company called "Flat Factory". Looks like it was available for sale at the recent Treasure Festa. Pictures to be found here. Here's the auction, for the next 2 days at least.
  12. What all is included in this kit? Of course it comes with the VF-11, but are the Super Packs, and booster included as well? They're on the instruction sheet in the Legacy Models sections, but the sheet scan doesn't have the parts inventory page. Anyone have one of these, and can tell me for sure what all is in the box? Thanks!
  13. 1/72 scale VF-11 Thunderbolt Super Battroid, from Hobby Base Retppu Built by me. but I will admit I didn't do all that good of a job. Just coming off a several year absence from building, probably shouldn't have tackled a resin kit at that time. However, it is a resin kit, so it should clean up pretty well for those who want the challenge of refurbishing, or display it as is if you're brave enough! (note the lovely lazy knees) $45 takes it, including shipping from Japan. (hey, it is a resin kit after all!)
  14. For Sale is an unbuilt 1/35 scale HAW-206 Scorpion Tank resin kit from the Ghost in the Shell: STand Alone Complex Series. Model is approx 5" when built. Still in it's original box. 90 (OBO) + shipping from Los Angeles, USA. SOLD I also have Captain' Tachikoma kit. Pics available if requested...
  15. This is the v1 by Mike. He's working on a v2 if you wanna wait on that one instead. He's got a thread goin here: http://www.macrosswo...hl=monster&st=0 It's a beautiful kit and I hate to let it go but I really need the money. I'll save you the sob story on why I'm selling but I really am sad to let these kits go. Anyway, it's unstarted and includes the decals. I'm asking $450 shipped in the US. Extra cost for international. *6/28 - $400 shipped... Putting this on ebay on the 1st. *********************************************************************** I also have the following kits:
  16. I'm back to customizing some valks after a long hiatus. I was wondering if anyone was still making custom parts for the chunky 1/55 valks. Rob Beer's stuff is what I've been wanting. Is he still in action or anyone else? PM me if necessary with any information or if you have anything along with what you want for them. It doesn't matter if it's broken or has bubbles. I have some jetfires with armor so I really don't need any of that, mostly other head casts and other armor sets. Thanks guys.
  17. These were statues that were custom painted for Kirik. They were sculpted by Philip Sustachek. Not exactly WIp but pics taken at different times.
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