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  1. I said "young women," not "little girls." (And no, I've never been a young woman, before you ask.)And I can enjoy Jane Austen novels, too. It really isn't difficult. If you really don't like women, then, yeah, it would be difficult to accept something aimed at them. If you have a very narrow conception of what you can enjoy based on whether you've got a dick or not, then it's gonna be hard to accept. Me, I just want an interesting story with stuff that's new to me. And I happen to LIKE women.
  2. Maybe they do, I don't know.The fact that a few times a year they would have "Oshare ["stylish"] Macross" temporary shops open up in several major department stores (and the merchandise on sale was usually decidedly feminine) or that most of the events were held in areas where young women usually shop should tell you a lot, though.
  3. I mentioned the events. Those cost money to get in, and had plenty of merchandise. There's a street in Ikebukuro with several anime shops catering primarily to female fans, and Frontier stuff was always there. I know plenty of cosplayers who bought Sheryl and Ranka outfits.I'm not sure why you're doubting any of this...
  4. Yeah... That's pretty much it. They used up their supply of reaction weapons and couldn't make more. The fact that humans had them AND had the ability to repair things made them fascinating to the Zentradi.
  5. Most events I went to seemed about half and half, although some, like the life-size Valk in Ikebukuro DEFINITELY had more women. And more women I met liked Frontier than men. And I'm not talking about at geek gatherings, either, just normal hang-outs.It's all circumstantial, I know, but I went to nearly every Macross event that was held during the four years I was in Tokyo, so I think I have a pretty good idea.
  6. No, they're aiming the show first and foremost at young women. It's been this way for quite a while now.
  7. IIRC, she's listed in other works... In fact, she must be, because I got Macross Graffiti about ten years ago or so, but I knew about Miku in the '80s. She was probably mentioned in Macross Guide Book (which I no longer have).
  8. I think if cash were the ONLY motivation, they would've just made more Frontier. It would've been a safer bet.
  9. No, we're not sure of that at all.And anyway, even if he hasn't, he's not the only person working on the plot.
  10. Well... That sequence in Graffiti was pretty much invalidated by later events in the series. Note that there, they even changed to a new calendar, and the caption for that pic places it in "Year 0003 of the New Era."Plus, the way Misa meets Riber and the way her mother dies are vastly different than in "White Reminiscences."
  11. Well... That's the trick, isn't it? You need to write dialogue in a way that it moves the action forward AND shows the characters for who they are AND doesn't slow down the plot too much.
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