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  1. It's a little bit more than that (and one change kind of infuriates me), as I've said several times on the blog (including in today's posts!). SATAN'S DOLLS and BROKEN HEART: https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/the-great-macross-rewatch-32-satans-dolls/ https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/07/the-great-macross-rewatch-33-broken-heart/
  2. I said "young women." Roy Focker took that to mean "little girls." What are you on about?
  3. Well, it's all opinion, anyway, so YMMV... I thought the building designs on Al Shahal were really cool. I loved seeing the Regults in action. I've been listening to "Ikenai Borderline" pretty much nonstop for the past few days. The boomerang drones were awesome. Mikumo's song attack at the Q-Rau was badass. The dogfight at the end was great. I like Freyja. The "magical girl" transformations made me laugh. The opening with the suicide bomber was shocking. Having Guld as the narrator and the Delta captain was a nice throwback.Should I go on...?
  4. It didn't sound familiar to me (although, unlike some dialects, I could definitely hear the difference), but on the podcast, they seemed to think it was some kind of Kyushu accent... maybe.
  5. Yes, you're the only one. No one else in this thread has said anything remotely negative at all.And OF COURSE Satelight likes money. People generally like to get paid.
  6. Yes, it was. Completely done by good ol' Star Pro. Pay the wonky designs no mind.Unless you're Toynami, and want to make a "YF-1R," because everyone LOVES toys based on animation mistakes!
  7. I've heard it's wholesome, well-written family entertainment. It doesn't appeal to me, but I don't see much that's creepy about it.(What some audience members DO with it is another story, but I feel the same way about, say Simpsons porn.)
  8. I've never seen My Little Pony, but I have to ask... Is there something wrong with grown men watching it? Because that's the tone I get from your posts about Delta: that if men like it, there's something wrong with them, or they aren't "grown-up" enough, or SOMETHING. now maybe I'm mistaken about that, but that's the vibe your posts give off.
  9. It can't be... he shows up in Macross Classic ~ Inside Story, which is set during the "lost two years," and he loses his leg there. So he would've been out of Skull by the time the post-war episodes start. And speaking of those post-war episodes... Here are episodes 29 and 30! We're nearing the end! https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/the-great-macross-rewatch-30-lonely-song/ https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/the-great-macross-rewatch-31-viva-maria/
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