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  1. Nope. My name is Greg. I read these forums and decided to finally register to complain about my Yamato 1/48. I could complain about the "Masterpiece" Collection from Toynami but I digress.
  2. .. is that I bought 7 1/60 Yamato VFs. Then later to find out that that Toynami made the MC VFs. And those arent that great. So I buy 2 Ricks, 2 Bens, 2 Maxs, 1 Roy and 1 Miriya. I decided to stop buying two of everything after Ben except for Max due to QC problems. I got the fast packs for miriya, 2 max, and 1 Rick. Those aint bad. Then find out the 1/48s by Yamato comes out... I wish I found out sooner before I bought the 1/60s except for the TRU one. I mean I love the 1/48 b/c of the detail and such... I think it is a conspiracy to rob me of my money. Anyways, I liuke the low vis... I want another one. DRYL ones are fine but I am glad I did not buy the 1/60 Milla and Max VF-1J ones yet when I saw the 1/48s. If what i am reading on this board is correct, I cannot wait to get two of Max VF-1J. I hope they will super VF-1Js as well.
  3. Howdy, Yes I am newbie on this board. Don't get too excited. Well, I bought the Roy's VF-1S from Yamato and I got some problems with it. After much research, I know that the skull on the right tail is crooked and the canopy refuses to stay up. Anybody have the problem with the front landing gear white piece that suppose to go to the catapult? Mine is completely loose and I can pull it off and back on. Now my low vis is just absolutely perfect but trying to find another one is absolutely impossible to find esp on ebay. Anything I can do to fix the darn thing? -G
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