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  1. It's ok. I will use the store credit for their other items in store. After done, will never come back again after I ask them to delete my personal data.
  2. Can u still get paypal refund after they have issued store credit? My super parts preorder is already beyond 180 days.
  3. I got a reply from NY last Friday. They are waiting to receive the supers stock soon and will start shipping after receiving them.
  4. Mykombini preorder for 1D available now. Hope this PO is confirmed.
  5. Okiniland has shipped my Vf-1S order.
  6. I ordered from them yesterday for my 2nd set coz cheaper than local reseller in my country. No shipping notice yet. Probably will get it sooner from my local reseller for the 1st set.
  7. Yup. Its up for sale again. Just pre-ordered mine already.
  8. Ok, just finished playing the Macross games today.. There are 2 different gameplay. One is the Promethius and the other is Armd-01. They're both in different plot, the promethius follows hikaru's macross story while armd follows the dyrl story... Just love the battle between Miria and the valk that I'm piloting. I still can't get over of all the action.. Love the part where I pilot the GBP-1S and kicks the zentraedi ass.. Still have to unlock another 5 hidden planes in the games.... Robotech looks bad compared to this awesome game..
  9. No word on it yet, but if they can put a legioss, it's gonna make Bandai jealous and create their own Mospeada game to compete...
  10. Since when the invid has become soft The script has to be revamped.. too lame... Invid: Give up now , and I may spare your life... Scott: I give up, so plss spare my life Invid: Wrong answer, you're dead meat now...Hahaha ...
  11. Thanks for the tip jwinges, I'm always stuck at that level.. I thought you have to destroy all the pods and it will ends the levels... I will try again later...
  12. Thanks for the BT files guys, Can't wait to view it once I finish downloading in about 13 hours...
  13. I saw the post last month and can't wait to know the exact release date for the VF-1J..Anyone knows when??
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