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  1. I've played for about 7 hours now and I have some serious issues with the game. First of all, the extremely low flight ceiling. For a game about planes and flying it keep you way too close to the ground. Try to fly up so you can do a strafing attack on the enemies from above and you can't. I'm guessing this was to avoid slowdown since flying higher would have put more stuff on screen, plus you would have seen all the empty space outside of the playable area. Slowdown. Its everywhere. Start letting off barrages of missiles and the game turns into a slideshow. Its been so long since I played a game with this much slowdown its ridiculous. Freezing. The game freezes for half a second for no reason at all at random intervals. I'll just be flying around and the game freezes. Unresponsive controls. I've lost count of how many times I've needed to quickly change from fighter to battroid to follow an enemy and the transformation doesn't work. Some of this is by design, like when your character is reloading you can't tranform, but sometimes it just doesn't work like the game doesn't register the button press. Happen if there is slowdown or if you try to transform too soon after letting go of the trigger. My biggest complaint however is that the game doesn't need the fighter for anything other than to go from point A to point B. Once you're there you might as well just switch to Valkyrie since that is the best mode to get off all your missiles and just keep hitting the enemies nonstop. Not allowing custom music in a Macross game was also a weird decision. The game music, outside of the singing pieces is pretty weak and I would much rather be allowed to have actual Macross music playing in the background. Some of you are taking it way too easy on the game's problems. I'm sure some of you are Macross fans first and videogame fans second but this game is average at best. Remove the Macross name from it and it would be a generic game that would sell very poorly. I hope the game picks up but right now it looks like the problems will persist and I can't see the game suddenly becoming much better.
  2. A big thanks. This makes things way easier when navigating menus. I just have one request, would it be possible to have an image of the icon that we get next to the items? This would make it easier to quickly identify them when we are comparing the game item to the item on your list.
  3. macross_fan99

    Macross 30

    I've never bought from Amiami before but their price is too good compared to play asia. Even if the shipping is slightly more it will still come out cheaper.
  4. macross_fan99

    Macross 30

    I'm very excited for this game, but I'm a bit worried about the gameplay since I have a feeling that it will play like the psp games. Everyone here seems to love them but I find the controls to be poor, especially when compared to the Macross game by Sega for the ps2. That game made me feel like I was actually in control of a Macross plane in a middle of a heated battle. The psp games always feel like chore to properly control. The camera angles are not too great either. Regardless of this I will still get it since its Macross, despite what I think will be a very high price like all Japanese ps3 games. Anyone know if its up for pre-order anywhere yet?
  5. Sorry to break it to you, but the real ending is going to be sold separately as DLC.
  6. How long ago did this happen? I had this happen to me in the past with a snes controller twice and both times the controller stopped working for a few days but eventually it worked again. Try giving the controller a few days to lose the static charge then try using it.
  7. SC5 was most definitely rushed. Namco told the team they had 1 year to make the game. I haven't played it but the series has steadily been getting worse since the first game so its no surprise most people are not too happy with this game.
  8. King of Fighters and Rayman actually use very different styles of art though. Rayman is just animation that plays when you press a button, that is why it looks very smooth. KOF is sprites. Basically what they did before 3d where each character is drawn one dot at a time. Its much more time consuming to do sprites, especially in HD and that is why each character in KOF takes 1.5 years to complete. They also have a hard time finding people to do it since sprite design is a lost art because no one uses it anymore. They do look great though. I'm a sucker for 2d art in games and I would like to see more since we finally have consoles that can really make some nice stuff. I would love a new Megaman X game done with 2d HD graphics.
  9. You get rage quitters in just about every game. Heck, just the other day I was playing the King of fighters 13 demo which has online and someone rage quit. Its a freaking demo and yet for some reason these people care about winning or losing.
  10. Van Damme is the reason I'm so hyped for this movie. I was a huge fan of his movies back in the day. I thought the first movie has its problems but I loved some of the writing, especially between Stallone and Li. There were some nice nods to the 80s movies in there that was great too. Like at the beginning when they put on their night vision goggles and it looks like the predator vision. I agree with whoever said that Statham had too much screen time though. They should focus more on the 80s guys and downplay the others.
  11. I was going to say the same. It was the same in Europe in the past. It is strange now, but the whole point is that Kabuki is staying traditional.
  12. I'm near the end of Uncharted 3 and this game is easily game of the year. They have created some truly amazing moments in the game. If you're interested at all then I highly recommend picking it up.
  13. Here's a crazy idea. What if Bandai wanted to release Macross Frontier outside of Japan under a name other than Macross? Call the show "Frontier", remove the opening scene where they show the original characters and edit out the few second here and there where they say "macross". Yeah they would lose the name recognition but couldn't this technically work? There are too many similarities to too many other shows for HG to do anything legally about it.
  14. The 3ds version is coming out about 2 weeks after the console versions so the reviews will be delayed as well. Do you have no current console? Because the game is fantastic, but I can't see it having the same impact on a small screen.
  15. I just finished watching it and I don't really know what to make of it yet. My first impression is that I'm disappointed like I was with the first movie. Its good that they changed things up but having the story condensed into two movies really makes all the faults shine through. My biggest disappointment was the ending to the movie. The final episode of the series was perfect for me but the movie just lacked that special something and I think its just because the music wasn't as good. I'll give them credit on the concert scenes though, they were amazing and had me wanting more. It was also nice that they toned Sheryl down. In the first movie it felt like they were flaunting her too much by having her shove ass at the screen and other things like that. I think I'll be sticking to the series form now on. Maybe I can give a better description of why it disappointed me once I've had time to take it all in. Isamu showing up was awesome though and the highlight of the movie for me. I was lying down and I literally sat up with a smile on my face when I saw him.
  16. He's dead, Jim. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.
  17. So despite all their talk about how music was no longer important and that is why they were moving away from it, here we have them using music in their new supposed production. Obviously they didn't have more music in the show after Macross simply because the other shows they used didn't have it, but its interesting to see them trying to use a robot that can sing. Anyone else getting a bit of a Macross Plus vibe from that?
  18. Has anyone here seen the Asterix or Lucky Luke movies that were made in France? As a fan of those I found the movies to be very enjoyable. I'm surprised a French company didn't try to get a Tintin movie made. They have shown they can make a movie that is true to the source material and that fans enjoy. Hopefully Tintin can be as good.
  19. Were there subs made for any sort of cam version for this movie? There was a subbed version for the first movie pretty quickly since all they had to do was transfer the subs over from the cam version to the HD version. I'm just wondering if the same will happen here.
  20. From what I understand there is only one way to copy save protected files. You need to have ps+ and upload them to the cloud storage so you can then ownload them onto your own ps3 or you need to do a direct ps3 transfer, but I think that copies everything and you would lose whatever is on your own ps3. In other words, copy protected saves suck.
  21. Ethernet cable has no signal loss up to about 100'. Even then the it would be so small that it wouldn't matter. If you have a smaller ethernet cable around the house try moving the ps3 closer to your router and connect it that way. Check that your speeds will improve before you actually spend the money on the cable. It should not be taking that long to download something off psn. What are your internet speeds? What does your computer get?
  22. So is this going to be a sequel to shadow chronicles or is it just going to be happening at the same time as shadow chronicles? And how are they going to use the old animation, that stuff has not aged well at all.
  23. That would be a very generic story. I don't think they could sue HG based on what the story used to be. They'll never get anywhere until they do this though since they are so bogged down by the current story. A fresh start would allow them to at least put out a more coherent story. The long time fans would still watch a reboot and it would at least bring in new fans. The problem for them is actually getting someone to fund the project. How do you convince a sponsor that your mildly successful 80's show can compete against the other 80's revivals shows that were much more successful even all those years ago.
  24. I thought the anime of Valkyria chronicles looked worse than the game. The game graphics were really well done. One of my favourite ps3 games.
  25. I don't like FPS's or racers either but there are still great games out there. The uncharted games, Batman, Yakuza 3 and 4, The ICO/SOTC collection. And if you just want to run around and blow stuff up you need to play Just cause 2. And don't forget that psn has a lot of good games too. Most of the games you names received poor reviews for good reason. Personally I always try to play games that try new things, it keeps things from getting boring.
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