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  1. Some screenshots have been released. http://the-magicbox.com/1004/game100408b2.shtml Graphics look great, as you would expect on a current gen system.
  2. According to some other message boards it seems there will only be 3 mechs from each series. A low number but the producers are saying that modeling them takes a long time and they want to focus on graphics and gameplay. My guess is that this series is far from over and they will just add onto this game in the next installment.
  3. The latest Famitsu has some scans on the game and you can clearly see the VF-25. Since the ps3 is region free it should make it easy to import. I just hope they at least make the menus English though, the other games were a bit confusing. http://www.allgamesbeta.info/2010/04/anoth...-episode-r.html
  4. So the law suits were about Tatsunoko trying to get more control over Macross? They are the ones that started the law suits in an attempt to gain IP rights as well as Merchandising rights?
  5. If everything was all written out in the original contract then why did they need to go court again? Was BW trying to reclaim their merchandising rights after having given them to Tatsunoko? All this started after HG stopped Yamato's Us branch from selling Macross toys correct? Did BW think they could sell Macross toys alongside the Robotech toys and it turned out they couldn't? There is also the speculation that HG can never use the original Macross designs in anything but merchandising, but is this a condition that was imposed from the beginning or is this what the recent lawsuits clarified?
  6. From what I understand BW was given control of the IP which seems to mean the character and mech designs from the Original Macross series. How would their having control of the characters and mech designs affect the contracts?
  7. I have a question regarding this whole copyright mess between BW and Tatsunoko. Assuming Tatsunoko had signed an agreement with HG to pass on all Macross rights to HG including the IP rights, what would happen to that contract once the Japanese courts rules that BW were the true holders of the IP. Would the ruling be retroactive to cancel out anything contradicting in the original contract? Would a Japanese ruling have any effect on a Contract written in America for an American company?
  8. That makes no sense. The runaround is proof that they don't have as much authority as they would like everyone to believe, otherwise they would just put this topic to rest by saying "we can use any and all designs and characters for anything"
  9. RT is up on Youtube and Hulu for free (legaly) so I don't think they care at this point. Has anyone seen this video? The question about copyright comes up and they mention how they have merchandising rights but ignore the real question of whether or not they can produce future series with the original characters. The best part is that everyone cheers since they don't realize they've been given the runaround.
  10. Hebime, do you have any plans to edit the cards so that they have English text on them? It would definitely make it easier if we could print them out and have the text right on them. And have you heard of a program called GCCG? Its a small program that lets you play certain card games for free online against other players. I currently use it to play the Lord of the rings ccg that came out years ago. It might be worth a shot contacting the creators and seeing if they would be interested in adding Macross as one of the card games. The only things is you would need the cards to be translated. Here is the website for the program. GCCG They might not be interested since the game is not very popular outside Japan, but you never know.
  11. I was going to post almost the exact same thing as you. I also had the leg break. Anyone know of the best way to fix this? Sending it back is no longer an option for me.
  12. Have you tried www.deviantart.com Lots of fanart on there, you might find something to your tastes. You probably won't find any original art that will meet your expectations. Animation from that period tends too look very cartoonish compared to today's stuff.
  13. I've never seen an episode of Robotech in my life, but I've read through this thread since it seemed interesting. As a neutral viewer who has only watched the original Macross the solution seems pretty simple. What HG should do is wait for the re-imagined movie to be released, then release a new cartoon that follows from there. Like many people have said on here they most likely won't be able to use anything from the original Macross series, but new fans won't care anyways since they won't know the source material. This will also allow them to make new toy lines off of the new mecha. At the same time they should label the original show dvds and toys as "Robotech Classic" or something like that to distinguish it from the new series. They could then release a few macross toys and the odd movie once in a while to cater to the original fans and at the same time have the new toy line and a new show for the new fans. Because as it stands now all they have is a 25 year old show. With no new fans coming in (let's face it, the show has not aged well at all and kids want flashy new stuff) how long can they last? Eventually all the fans will either move on or die off. So all they're doing is thinking of the present not the future. This would probably not be what the original fans would want but it seems like the most likely option. In a perfect world they would give BW the rights to the macross brand outside of Japan in exchange for the ability to use a few key elements from the original story, then start the whole series from scratch and overtime change the series to be completely original. This way both Robotech and Macross could co-exist. Obviously there are a few problems with this, like the difference that you would then have in toy quality between yamato/bandai and toynami, but eventually they would be selling completely different products anyways. Either way I couldn't care less since I'm Macross fan and can get my toys and series through the internet, but as a neutral it seems stupid that this company is just sitting on their product instead of developing it for the future to ensure they will survive.
  14. You guys should download the episodes done by gg+foganime The subtitles are well done and th episodes are HD. Be warned though, the files use a lot of resources and if you don't have a good computer the audio will go out sync with the video.
  15. yes, go to options. When you're in the button layout where you see the default d-pad buttons just press the analog and it will replace the d-pad movements with the analog. You have to do this to every direction.
  16. But if people don't spend, like many aren't doing now because they fear they might not have a job in the future, that means that the money you are making is not going back into the economy. If you don't spend the money then the stores don't make a profit, if they don't make a profit then they fire employees. If they fire employees then those employees can't buy things at other stores so those stores fire employees. Its a vicious cycle. Even in the best of times if we all just hoarded our money in a safe in our homes the economy would crumble because the cycle would be broken.
  17. Well, I just got into collecting the toys and I'm not worried about the economic conditions at all. Granted, I'm in Canada which hasn't been hit as hard as some other countries, but with the amount of work my company has it will be a while before I have to worry about money. If I were to lose my job I would obviously have to cut back on all expenses, but for now I might as well spend. Lets not forget that not spending money is part of what leads to a weaker economy.
  18. I've spent about an hour with the game myself and everything is great except the controls. Its annoying how if you're flying away from the enemy and transform into mech to shoot at them, once you transform into fighter again you keep flying in the direction you were going before. If you turn around to shoot the enemy then upon transformation back to fighter the plane should go in that direction. Anyone who played the ps2 game will know what I'm talking about. Everything else is great. The graphics look great for the psp, the music is of course awesome and its just fun playing in the macross universe. However, it looks like the ps2 will remain the king of macross games for now. I'll put some more time into it and see if my impressions change, but these are my first impressions.
  19. I found the image on another message board, but there was no info provided so I don't even know what convention the photo was taken at. I would hope it can lay down on all fours though, it doesn't look as menacing when its standing.
  20. You, sir, kick ass for finding this. Its going straight into the mp3 player. Many thanks.
  21. There is a Vajra model, so they could make some Zentraedi ones. Personally I don't really like the Zentraedi ships, but I could go for a Vajra.
  22. Have you seen the Macross game for the Playstation 2? It does a great job of making you feel like you're in those dogfights like Macross Zero has. If you search youtube for "macross ps2" you can find more videos. That is the game you should try to aim for, its the best Macross game out there. If you have any questions about it let me know, I've played through it numerous times and am familiar with the game.
  23. I guess I'll consider myself lucky that I only got into Macross with Macross Plus. By that time the internet was already around, although it was still small compared to today and things were hard to come by. I remember using my 14.4 baud modem to search for Macross Plus images and wallpapers. And at that speed, you have no idea it took to download the song Information High. I only saw the original Macross 2 years ago so there no problems there. As for Robotech, I had heard of it but never seen it. And after hearing it was a butchered version of Macross decided it wasn't worth it.
  24. Haha, that second last one with Michel had me laughing out loud.
  25. Very nice work, the model is looking great. As soon as I saw it I started singing the macross theme song in my head without even realizing it, it was like a reaction. Does the software you're using allow for animation? It would be very cool to be able to see the ship transforming, assuming you've gotten that far yet of course. Keep up the good work.
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