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  1. Watching that video makes me even more furious I couldn't get a farging pre-order for this figure!!!!!
  2. http://www.gokin.it/2018/07/24/scan-riviste-bandai-dx-vf-1j-hikaru-hichijo-super-dimensional-fortress-macross-1-48-scale/
  3. It says these will be 29cm tall so just under a 12".
  4. There is already a thread for this please delete this one.
  5. http://www.gokin.it/2018/06/14/news-e-anteprime-kids-logic-1-8-mechanical-bust-series-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross/ Please delete or move if this is in the wrong section.
  6. This toy LOOKS nice but if you have any experience with anything from Evolution Toys, you will know this is just par for the course with them. They make stuff that looks nice but the actual design and engineering is stone aged compared to a company like Bandai. On the positive side at least they didn't use magnets for the joints lol.
  7. I might have to grab this I have a soft spot for Macross Plus, I'm guessing prices will be around 22,000-24,500YEN.
  8. Cool, guess I was right about the stand holding extra parts.
  9. The YF-21 stand is a little more hour-shaped while this looks more like a Bandai SOC stand. Still I am a little surprised at the price so hopefully it does include that stand to justify it a bit. http://anymoon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/160-Yamato-VF-22S-8.jpg
  10. It's listed as 16,800YEN so about $170US.
  11. Looks like Arcadia is re-issuing the VF-1S again. I'm not sure if it will come with that new stand or not, but it looks like the arm on the stand can be flipped down to sit flush which will most likely be so you can use it as a base instead of a stand. Not sure if the top pieces on either side of the arm is removable but it would be smart if it did and you had containers to hold missiles or extra hands. http://blog.yahoo.com/cybergundam/articles/1272852/index
  12. Got my not-Shockwave and it's a really nice piece, I also posted a pic of the iGear Coneheads with MP Soundwave just to show how good they go with him.
  13. This thing looks pretty cool but how does it relate to the YF-29? Personally to me it doesn't look as "advance" but is that because the YF-29 was specialized to fight Vajra while this is a more general purpose fighter like the VF-25? Also with the missile bank in-between the legs in fighter mode does that mean there will be no underwing missiles in fighter mode? I wonder if that was the intent, to keep the appearance as sleek and minimal as possible with less accessories to be made for the inevitable DX toy while the a Fast/Strike/Super packs being Tamashii exclusives and also adding all the ordinance. Sorry for the stupid questions.
  14. Sure it's pretty basic but here's some pics of it. Plus as you can see with the lights off in a pitch black room it puts off a lot of light. Also I can move around the lights on the cardboard a-frames to where it's needed. So I get the uplighting from the box and the side lighting where I need it. I plan on making one out of plexi since right now it's pretty small maybe 10" x 10" so it limits what I can shoot pictures of. Oh and I don't use a flash and have the macro setting on when taking pics, it works for me and I always like the "nighttime spotlight" look in pictures. Here's another quick pic, I mostly takes pics of stuff like SOC's since they tend to be more vertical while stuff like jets tend to be horizontal with not as much surface area for the lights to hit. Soory for posting a OT pic of Pegas and Tekkaman
  15. Homemade lightbox, used an old cologne box and bought some LED light strips from the dollar store. Got three in the box then made four a-frames out of cardboard and put a light strip on each one. Not counting the cost of the cologne the whole thing cost less then $10
  16. Kinda OT but I just received my Evolution Daiku Mary. It's all vinyl and plastic but it is in-scale with the SOC line. The thing is massive and looks sweet when displayed with SOC figures. But at 80cm's long it's hard finding space for it, plus you have to buy the Evolution Gaiking if you want to display Daiku with a head. It was a little overpriced for what it is ($280inc/shipping) but I just love it.
  17. Paint it whatever you want, it's your toy. Who cares about "real" aircraft paint schemes or design, if any of us had "real" lives we wouldn't be so focused on a Japanese cartoon and all the toys it inspires
  18. I agree, It's not so much that Bandai can't make a Valk like Yamato since it would be incredibly easy to just reverse engineer a Yamato Valk, it's that they have different priorities, budgets, sales expectations, company policies, etc. Bandai may be huge and a giant compared to Yamato, but it doesn't mean they have unlimited development budgets or that Macross is such a important money maker for them to make it a huge priority. I agree that right now as a collector Yamato is still tops with their attention to detail and willingness to use less than ideal solutions to keep it line art accurate, but Bandai is closing the gap and with it's considerable rescources and talent it's conceivable that they could not only catch up to Yamato but surpass them too. But that would wholly depend if they continue making 1/60 Macross stuff and if sales are high enough to convince them to keep putting the effort in and keep improving.
  19. Wow when I first posted the link to Toy-wave the price was $195 but now it's $230, yeesh.
  20. Toy-wave has pre-orders up. It looks like the online Hong Kong stores are now getting their turn now. Hopefully that lessons the panic around here.....probably not lol.
  21. I'm pretty sure Bandai produces just as much if not MORE units than Yamato. The simple fact is right now Frontier is just more popular then Macross 7, it's the latest and greatest Macross series and certainly the most popular in awhile so wouldn't it just makes sense that it's merchandise is more popular than a series over 15 years old? Could it be that Bandai isn't making less but the fan base for these figures is just growing, perhaps after a hit tv series, two movies, and being inundated with all kinds of swag that people are finding it hard to get these because Frontier is a worldwide hit and just not a nostalgia feeder like 7? Maybe fans are finding out that honestly since the VF-27 each release has gotten better and that these Valks are honestly pretty damn good toys so they want one? Or maybe the simple fact that the MSRP YEN price on Frontier Valks have been considerably cheaper then recent Yamato offerings? Naw must be Bandai is only making like five and saving four for the their buddies and letting everyone around the world fight over one. Honestly don't sweat it if you don't get your pre-order in now Bandai will usually have either another re-run or re-stock you just need to keep an eye out and be fast because not only you want one but a fan in Hungary wants one not to mention a fan in Puerto Rico, a fan in London, a fan in Italy, a fan in Canada....
  22. Honestly those look like pre-production test shots too me, also when I meant these where already in production I meant that the tooling is probably done with packaging design already ready, it wouldn't take long for the factory to actually start pumping these things out.
  23. Wow Bandai just can't win, they get lambasted for creating half-assed Valks or they get blasted for not building enough lol. I can understand the anger in not getting your pre-order in but to be fair Bandai just has a rough guess of how much to produce, these figures have probably been already assembled or pretty close to it that Bandai is probably already on the next production run of another toy. Who knew the YF-29 would be such a hit let alone the version 2 VF-25's especially after getting critisized, and rightly so, for the version 1's? Bandai has and will create another production run of a figure if the demand is there or they have some stored in the wharehouse but changing a production line is like stopping a train with a rubberband it's a slow process and there has to be enough demand to justify it. With that said I can see Bandai making a certain amount just below expected demand just to keep interest high and also cutting losses of un-sold product .
  24. chen

    YF-19 leg cracking

    That's just what you get when you use subpar plastic, parts will dry out and the tension from being assembled will cause cracks. The theory of playing with your toys to keep this from happening is somewhat correct, it will keep parts from shrinking and staying "static" in a certain position (like keeping a certain toy in a single mode or pose for awhile and the first time you change it a arm or leg snaps off) but it also causes wear and at the end of a day parts that are made from low quality plastic or are overstressed from either too much weight or aren't strong enough will break down no matter what you do.
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