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  1. Watching that video makes me even more furious I couldn't get a farging pre-order for this figure!!!!!
  2. http://www.gokin.it/2018/07/24/scan-riviste-bandai-dx-vf-1j-hikaru-hichijo-super-dimensional-fortress-macross-1-48-scale/
  3. It says these will be 29cm tall so just under a 12".
  4. There is already a thread for this please delete this one.
  5. http://www.gokin.it/2018/06/14/news-e-anteprime-kids-logic-1-8-mechanical-bust-series-the-super-dimension-fortress-macross/ Please delete or move if this is in the wrong section.
  6. This toy LOOKS nice but if you have any experience with anything from Evolution Toys, you will know this is just par for the course with them. They make stuff that looks nice but the actual design and engineering is stone aged compared to a company like Bandai. On the positive side at least they didn't use magnets for the joints lol.
  7. I might have to grab this I have a soft spot for Macross Plus, I'm guessing prices will be around 22,000-24,500YEN.
  8. Cool, guess I was right about the stand holding extra parts.
  9. The YF-21 stand is a little more hour-shaped while this looks more like a Bandai SOC stand. Still I am a little surprised at the price so hopefully it does include that stand to justify it a bit. http://anymoon.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/160-Yamato-VF-22S-8.jpg
  10. It's listed as 16,800YEN so about $170US.
  11. Looks like Arcadia is re-issuing the VF-1S again. I'm not sure if it will come with that new stand or not, but it looks like the arm on the stand can be flipped down to sit flush which will most likely be so you can use it as a base instead of a stand. Not sure if the top pieces on either side of the arm is removable but it would be smart if it did and you had containers to hold missiles or extra hands. http://blog.yahoo.com/cybergundam/articles/1272852/index
  12. Got my not-Shockwave and it's a really nice piece, I also posted a pic of the iGear Coneheads with MP Soundwave just to show how good they go with him.
  13. This thing looks pretty cool but how does it relate to the YF-29? Personally to me it doesn't look as "advance" but is that because the YF-29 was specialized to fight Vajra while this is a more general purpose fighter like the VF-25? Also with the missile bank in-between the legs in fighter mode does that mean there will be no underwing missiles in fighter mode? I wonder if that was the intent, to keep the appearance as sleek and minimal as possible with less accessories to be made for the inevitable DX toy while the a Fast/Strike/Super packs being Tamashii exclusives and also adding all the ordinance. Sorry for the stupid questions.
  14. Sure it's pretty basic but here's some pics of it. Plus as you can see with the lights off in a pitch black room it puts off a lot of light. Also I can move around the lights on the cardboard a-frames to where it's needed. So I get the uplighting from the box and the side lighting where I need it. I plan on making one out of plexi since right now it's pretty small maybe 10" x 10" so it limits what I can shoot pictures of. Oh and I don't use a flash and have the macro setting on when taking pics, it works for me and I always like the "nighttime spotlight" look in pictures. Here's another quick pic, I mostly takes pics of stuff like SOC's since they tend to be more vertical while stuff like jets tend to be horizontal with not as much surface area for the lights to hit. Soory for posting a OT pic of Pegas and Tekkaman
  15. Homemade lightbox, used an old cologne box and bought some LED light strips from the dollar store. Got three in the box then made four a-frames out of cardboard and put a light strip on each one. Not counting the cost of the cologne the whole thing cost less then $10
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