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  1. I think this is pretty freaking cool, actually. I guess it's like the VF-0 is the the VF-1. Nice drawing skills too.
  2. Yes, there are two ships shown there that are original. The Calliara (ARMD-style version of the Oberth) and a UN Spacy Gunboat. They were created to fill up the lack of capital ships in original macross-era (2009/10). The gunboat was a second version on just a filler ship - I made it to look more DYRL, drawing inspiration from the Macross 7 Stealth Frigates. The Calliara was my own design, done in lineart form originally with Studio Kappa, with a fair bit of input from Nanashi, the Macross purist Nazi, lol. It was meant to be what the new ARMD carriers were to the old ones for the Oberth. It also carries drones. I drew inspiration from both ships from scenes in Flashback 2012 where the Megaroad is seen with a lot of smaller ships. These are those ships, imagined into proper designs. As for your heavy U.N. Cruiser, please feel free to ignore the criticism if you wish, and do not take it as an attack on your obviously excellent modelling skills; a nice design, but is it Macross? It resembles the early prototype designs seen in the This is Animation Macross lineart books. This ship (to me) appears too blocky to be a U.N. cruiser. The ship should either have a TV look (more curves) or a DYRL look (more angular, yes with the blockiness, but with a more tapered look). You should model the engines and weapons off existing ships. The biggest problem in my opinion is the bridge - it does not look Macross at all. Try taking a look at the DYRL ARMD bridges for inspiration, or the SDF-1 Macross itself.
  3. I would just like to say that it looks incredible, finally seeing so many years of hard work come to fruition, even if it's in another mod. Shadow, I do hope you figure out the textures on my Macross. There are quite a lot of them, and I do not envy you if you have to retexture the whole ship, and the ARMDs. Still, looking incredible. I can't wait until you blow them away with what was probably the most complete section of the mod... I am not sure when it's coming, but to those not members of this mod or the DYRL mod... I'll give you a hint... instead of green, you'll be seeing shades of purple... And a fleet of the strongest women...
  4. This is how it is, at least for my part. We got to a stage where we had just about all the modelling done, a good deal of the texturing, but almost nothing on the Homeworld II side of things. I do not have the time to stuff around with this sort of stuff anymore, and will not have the time in the forseeable future. Rather to say, my heart isn't in macross the way it used to be. Don't get me wrong, I love frontier and all the new stuff, but it's not inspiring me the way it used to. Personally, I've not been in touch with anyone in the team for probably close to a year. I'd be happy to hand over the gauntlet to anyone who has the blood or energy to give it a go. Much of it is model conversion, which means there has to be someone familiar with Maya. That person is not, and never has been me; I'm a 3ds Max man, and even that I haven't seriously touched in a long, long time. I would love to see the mod finished, but it will not be me doing it. If anyone else in the team is doing stuff, feel free to comment on the current state of things. Personally, I will give the models I made to more or less any Macross (i.e. NOT Robotech) mod effort there is, so long as a suitable way of transfer is organised. No email.
  5. That would be an Australian ex-patriot living in Sweden. Well, not really ex-patriot, but I moved there. My wife is Swedish, and there's no substitute. I'm not sure that the windscreen isn't a windscreen on the actual ship. It's a bit hard to tell, although scale-wise, the shuttle is large enough to fit several Regults in it, but they aren't big by Zjentohlauedy standards, at least not in storage. It could well be. As for whether or not this is plagarism, I think it's actually hard to tell. The rendition is pretty good quality.
  6. Hello people, I was just watching the first Macross Frontier episode, and coincidentally perusing a comic soon after, it was Aliens Vs. Predator Vs. Terminator issue #1. I was astounded to find a predator flying around in a Zjentohlauedy shuttle... In the words of Rove McManus; What the...
  7. That looks freaking awesome! Keep em coming... don't suppose you've got a low poly render (2-3000 polys) of the ship? It would be sweet for the mod.
  8. The modelling is almost complete, but we lack the manpower to handle the HW2 side of things. Do you people think you'd like to see what we've done in-game in order to attract much needed new blood into the mod?
  9. Modelling - 90+% Texturing - 75% Model Conversion to Homeworld 2 - 65% Animation - 0% Balancing - 5% Effects - 25% These are rough guess-timates. A lot of the hard work is done - the modelling that is. The rest of it can be done with less required skill, but nevertheless, we lack the manpower and know-how. As it stands, the mod is playable but unbalanced. There is no SDF-1 in-game, as we're waiting on proper textures for the ARMD-01 model, and there are no transforming valks. There are problems with the Meltohlaunndy and Zjentohlauedy flagships, as they work like homeworld 2 motherships and are too slow; we may have to make them a different class of ship and disinclude motherships, making custom multiplayer maps. There is no such thing as single player mode, although you can play through some missions with macross units instead of homeworld ones but this has not been tested. Overall, maybe 50% done, and pretty stagnant. I've been saying for years maybe we should just release a version as is, and that may attract some new blood. Maybe I'll make a poll and we'll see.
  10. I like the scale improvements on it, but I have to admit, it doesn't have the same feel as the former trench. I don't have the sources with me, but there's an old NEC PC game which shows a computerised version of that trench from a certain angle. I've see the lineart before too, but unfortunately my macross books are back in Australia (but not for long!). You've probably got it anyway... Goddamn, this is so awesome. Keep it up. Never once think that people are not interested - sometimes your work just causes us all to be stunned into silence!
  11. I think honestly, were Kawamori to see this, he would wet <i>himself</i> and want one. If you could get Egan Loo's attention here, you may just well get a private message requesting an order on behalf of a certain proud japanese mecha designer... ...think what it would mean to him to see it actually flying like that? I know I'd be proud as hell.
  12. The Macross and Daedelus II are completed, but we have no VF-1J and the VF-4 is (to my knowledge) untextured. I'm about to head over to Australia, so I will be away three weeks. If anyone else is lurking, feel free to step in. The news about the tool is good, but I'm not sure how much it helps. It may make things easier to convert for us though, who knows. We still need help on the HW2 side of things, and that's still the main problem. Still, this makes things easier.
  13. Post over on the HW2 mod thread. We've got low poly VF models in the 1200-1800 range. Not sure where they are at the moment, but give a post.
  14. That is soo sweet. Very glad you're still working on this model Chrono.
  15. The mod is at a virtual standstill as far as I know. The problem is not that we do not have the models but that we do not have the crew (or enough crew with enough time) with the right skills and knowledge to put them into HW2. Most of the models were made in MAX or other 3d programmes, but they need to be converted first to maya and then exported into HW2. We haven't even begun to animate, and I'm not sure how easy that is to do either. Personally, the HW2 side of stuff/maya is beyond my current skillset, and I don't see it going to change anytime soon. It sucks. But until there are more crew working on the HW2 side of things, I don't see the mod going anywhere soon - despite the models being more or less done. Perhaps we ought to release what we have so far. Who knows, maybe someone playing the mod will get enthused and join the team working on that side of things. The replenishment vessel is an official design for the DYRL game designed by Studio Nue (probably Kawamori). We try to use official macross designs where possible, but due to the nature of the way HW2 plays, we had to take a few liberties with resource collectors and the like, and filling out the Meltohlauendy army units.
  16. Cool, but I think the picket's off scale. Should be 250 metres. That looks more like 500.
  17. There are more ships to extrapolate from in that shot.
  18. Hehehe... I bet it's the only one you've ever seen. lol There's more work to be done fine tuning it, but we're happy with out new guy Marcelo. Keep it up mate. I've ordered a new stick of RAM. Once that's in, I ought to be back into the modelling again properly, though I've got a lot of projects going at the moment. Next up will be the Meltohlauendy picket. I don't suppose any of you mod guys have been talking to Cmdr lately?
  19. My God, this is a serious skeleton in the closet. THAT WAS YOU???? I remember it from way back in the day. Dude, I thought you just denied you were ever like that! What a surprise. EDIT: Wait, mistaken identity. This guy is not Nanashi of www.macrossmecha.info. This is another Nanashi.
  20. The mod is still active, though not as much as it has been earlier in the year. I've had heaps of computer problems and RL issues. However there has been some progress on the HW2 side of things - which was what was really holding us back, as it was mostly Chthonic, Skydancer & I doing modelling that represented most of the recent work. Now we've got a new member working on the mod in the modelling department, and I'm getting back into modelling myself - my next project being the Meltohlauendy Picket. I'm not the right person to update on the actual progress of the mod itself, as I'm in the modelling/texturing department. Cmdr Fokker is working on that (to my knowledge; it's been a while).
  21. No, it's just that I'm not an expert on the homeworld side of things, I'm a modeller and an artist. I don't know what is capable of being achieved at the moment. We shall see. We will be trying to make things as close to macross as possible. I believe there will not be upgrading constantly for fighters. Different versions with different armaments will be available. We will probably use some sort of research system. We will be trying our best to make the motherships act like battleships, otherwise there's talk of not using motherships if possible, and making each side use a carrier/flagship (a totally new class perhaps) as to avoid the bulkiness of mothership units and their inadequacy in combat (won't fire main guns, etc) As for balancing and costs and such, I'm not the one to talk to.
  22. I know the post is a little old, but do you would not mind if I made a few sketches of the Megaroad? Possibly place it in future patches (If your not going to include it in mod)? I really want to help with this mod, it looks good, and besides I have nothing to do since its summer. 418521[/snapback] Go ahead, let's see what you got. The megaroad is a batty to create. I had to stop modelling it because I got too big a headache, but you're welcome to try.
  23. Looks fricken awesome! Keep it up. Can't wait to see your DYRL versions!
  24. Let me know when it's time. Oh, and Jay-Lew, I'd love to see you tackle the DYRL Macross too! Your models kick arse.
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