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  1. While that's a lovely dream, we all have our own lives and very little time, and in addition there's one major reason why there's no western macross games: Copyright issues. There's a lot of vagueness over who owns what rights in the US and outside of japan. They've never to my knowledge been publically affirmed, so we don't really know. As such, no serious company is going to consider a mod that has been made illegally in the first place, though having said that it would be a dream come true if all of that actually did happen. ...but it just won't.
  2. As the 'japs' call him? Might want to watch derogatory comments like that. You are likely to cause offense. Note that Southern Cross/Mospeada (The two other 'generations' of robotech) have absolutely nothing at all to do with Macross. Macross Dynamite 7 is an OVA sequel to the 50 episode TV series Macross 7. Macross 7 is set 7 years after Macross Plus, see below. There is also Macross II, a 6-part OAV that was made in 1990 as a sequel to Macross: Do You Remember Love?, the 1984 Macross movie adaptation, which is well worth seeing. The macross movie is a retelling of the story in a two and a half hour period (and has some major plot changes and a major redesign of the Macross (what you would call SDF-1, which is actually its designation, as in CVS-12, not its name). Then there is of course Macross Plus, a 4-part OAV/Movie set in 2040, 30 years after the end of Macross TV series. It is definately worth checking out. There is also a music video half an hour long called Flashback 2012, which shows Minmei, Hikaru and Misa leaving Earth on the SDF-2 Megaroad for the centre of the galaxy. Megaroad is not a warship, it is a colonization vessel (and fleet). That's a very basic overview. If you want details, go to Macross Compendium.
  3. Okay, new screenshots? Here's some in-game pics of the Melts and one of the Zents From left to right, the first two are angled shots of the Meltohlauendy flagship and gunboat. The third shot also has the new Meltohlauendy resource collector (Molag, I believe), the fourth is another shot of the capital ships, and the fifth is a squad of regults before the shadow of a Nepetit Vergnitzs Zjentohlauedy Flagship. The animations for the valk are far from finished though. Sorry.
  4. If you've contributed to the mod by offering a 3d model, or drawing up specific 2d designs for the mod, you are considered a dev. Boxer has made many wonderful and creative designs for unseen macross ships, and is definately someone I'd regard a part of the team. In all likeliness, you're going to know if you're a dev or not. Contribution is the key. That is to say, tangible contribution. Nanashi is also in if he contacts you Alfie. He has provided scans and source material for the mod since the begining.
  5. Ah, is that true? Ah, crap, we could have gotten things done heaps earlier. My advice? You want to get me the motivation to finish the Macross, get me the mod and what you have so far. It would help to actually get in there and see the mod as it is. This usually provides me with the right degree of encouragement... but the macross is a HUGE project... And I have little time these days between writing a book and my various other projects.
  6. The problem is getting all of us together to put our heads together. Lestat and the Major both tend to disappear for long periods of time. I'm always in the background, but can't usually reach people to get whatever done. One of the things that would really help would be if somebody could host a CVS server for us. Then stuff could really start getting done, and in a much faster, smoother way. 352772[/snapback] Forgive my ignorance, but what's a cvs server? P.S. on a totally unrelated note, does anyone know how long the Higaran Battlecruiser is in meters? I can't seem to find that bit of info anywhere. 352895[/snapback] CVS stands for "Concurrent Versions System". It basically acts as a big archive that can be accessed by all developers; you update your files every so often (usually every day or every few days), and it archives the old ones. You can then do an update to get all of the updated stuff everybody else is working on. It's really kinda hard to explain. Basically, a CVS would provide a means for all of us to not only transfer data, but also make sure everything is up-to-date and that nobody is building off old stuff. (all without people actually contacting each other about each update, which as we know can often be difficult) 353356[/snapback] Speak to nanashi. He has offered to host material. In the very least, he's able to provide hosting on an ftp. (ONLY for the team though) And as to me dissapearing, I've always been reachable on MSN Messenger. Indeed, I'm on every single day for at least 10 hours... I don't visit macrossworld all that often anymore, and you must remember I live at +1 GMT, so it could be that I'm sleeping when you're mostly using the internet. The Major is the real concern. His dissapearances include long periods of being completely out of communication. He hasn't answered a private message that I sent to him months and months ago. Unfortunately, he's the one with the most progress on the mod. He's got probably 80% of the completed material, if not more. Most of us just model and texture...
  7. There are no demos, no betas. I don't even have the mod, I've just submitted models. We really need to get Major Focker back around so that we can get all the stuff he's got and evaluate where we are up to with the mod. I really hope he checks here soon. I've not been able to reach him by MSN, and he didn't answer to a private message a while back.
  8. Um... yes it has... Flashback 2012. And if you mean the original design for the SDF-2, the designs have been seen in the past. No news on the mod, sorry. RL. Again.
  9. ...um.... ...why is this here? It has absolutely nothing to do with macross fan works.
  10. If I have it my way, both And for the scale, I've studied the footage, but am unconvinced. I do believe that the line art, showing a Nupetiet-Vergnitzs is to scale, which places the Megaroad at around 5200 metres, as suggested. (the nup is 4000m) The footage backs this up in some places (such as when the megaroad is seen to rise from BEHIND the macross).
  11. Well, as I'm (to my knowledge) the only person (perhaps in existance) to actually attempt to model the megaroad, I've studdied all the source material there is and am still undecided on many points (such as the scale of the ship). I am however convinced, that these are individual ships, four of them. Two are ARMD varients, and the other two, appear to be redesigns/relizations of the Daedelus. I imagine they may well be designed around the successful concept of space war I of using a directional barrier (a technology we've also seen in later macross series) to breach the hull of a ship, and then destroy it from the inside (via destroids). It certainly makes sense, and was in the period preceeding the decline of the destroid...
  12. Oh, and here's a little tidbit. A study on the carriers/ships on the Megaroad, that you may or may not have noticed, with the ship elements seperated by gradient from the central hull. Original scan curtesy Nanashi. Original designs by Miyatake.
  13. I meant to imply by this that we will probably release the macross as is without the ARMD carriers and ergo, without the animations. However, the final product should be able to transform. At least that's our intent. Thanks for the offer Boxer. I'm sure in the future your amazing talents will be called upon. However, for now, as I have stated, we need to take an evaluation of what progress has been made. Communication will be the key. So we're waiting primarily to get back in contact with the Major first...
  14. While we appreciate the offer, we've got the scans covered by Nanashi. Thanks anyway. It's good just to have the community support, even if it's just to be told that we're doing a good job.
  15. What needs to happen right now, is for the team to get their collective work together in one place so that we can assess what we have already, and what needs doing, so that a fresh line of tasks can be delegated out. Right now, we have no centralisation, and very poor communication. At the moment, no one seems to have been able to get in touch with the Major, who I believe is the guy who has the most of the mod together on his PC... Alot of progress has been made behind the scenes, and in the past, we've talked about making a release. Our conditions were, that there be two models in place: 1. The VF-1A Valkyrie. and 2. The SDF-1 Macross. The valk is modelled, and as you've seen, so are its various fast packs. The Macross is what's holding us up, and it will take some time to finish. After that, the ARMDs have to be textured (we can just use two ARMD-01 models on the MAcross for now - after all, that's how Miyatake drew them in his most recent sketches), but it's possible (and will mean a sooner release) to just add in the macross minus the ARMDs as soon as it's done, and get out our first beta release. Such dedicated fans deserve some recognition. No promises or dates though...
  16. Ok, just to show this isn't a one off screenie, here's today's progress. I've cleaned up the texture on the middle of the main gun booms, which I think you'll all agree look alot less cartoonish. I've also fixed the rear of the shoulders, which you can't see here, and began work on the breast textures, which are prooving to be highly detailed (which you will only see in Storm Attacker Mode). Anyway, without further adeu, today's progress.
  17. Progress at last. On the SDF-Macross. These images show off the newer textures. Been working on the main weapons booms today and central hull. I've been working directly off Kazutaka Miyatake's Desgin Works, curtesy of Nanashi. Hope this spurs this thread to like some.
  18. I promise, there is news coming soon. Nanashi and I are attempting to get in touch with everyone to make a repository of work so far, and I'm working again on the Macross model - which is, at best, tedius. Hopefully we'll have some positive news soon.
  19. Seriously, what the hell has happened to the moderators?
  20. I was cruising through the trailers over on quicktime.com, when I loaded up this one: Stealth Trailer I found not only the 'stealth' fighters to look inspired by macross, but also the concept is a total rip of Macross Plus: New AI fighter is being tested to phase out pilots, something goes wrong, it gains sentience, and decides to wreak havoc... Sounds familliar right? The fighters also appear to have macross-style heatshields... Check it out. btw, not sure if this has already been posted. If not, my bad.
  21. Awesome. This stuff is great. There are too few people doing what you are. Love your turret animations... Gnerl is pretty spiff too.
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