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  1. You hit the nail on the the head. lol
  2. lol... eugh... robotech... Oh well, good luck with it anyway.
  3. I would just like to defend nanashi in saying, over the four or so years I have known him, he has always come through with obscure information when I requested it, including images, which Egan Loo has never provided. I have sent emails to Egan Loo a number of times in the past, usually they are completely ignored. Nanashi has always made the time and effort to finding the information. You are privileged to get to see his information and images, which no one else has. He should be respected, not insulted.
  4. * No two ARMDs are alike. * The DYRL ARMDs were designed to be unique, but in the footage, they are both in the style of ARMD-01. * Chronologically, ARMD-09 and 10 became the new ARMDs attatched to the remodelled SDF-1. Therefore, the DYRL carriers are actually 09 and 10, but renamed to 01 and 02, which were originally meant to join up with the macross. * Nanashi is very picky about his sources. He's obsessed with accuracy. He spends hundreds of dollars on a professional translator to get his information. He now works for Northrop Grumman shipyards. He knows his crap. I've known him for four years now, and he's very specific about not making stuff up. That's why Studio Kappa doesn't have many designs at the moment. He uses offical and semi-official sources. All must be japanese in origin, but he also uses Chiba's material and the MAT valkyrie manuals. * The ARMDs on the Megaroad can presumably detatch. VF-4s are shown from a distance exiting the ARMDS on a Megaroad in a cut scene in Macross M3. Actually, I believe it's in the intro. * Windjammer/nanashi has not released any information the Megaroad. The ARMD entries he has made are by Chiba. That is his source. It is only semi-official, however, chiba, who was a one-time member of Studio Nue is a good enough source for me. * I'd forgotten about the rising Megaroad. Yes, that shot is what convinced me of it's size. It's massive. My theory is that there are also some full size zjentohlauedy living aboard.
  5. I always liked the SDDD, though, I always felt it was slightly underarmed as far as beam weaponary goes. It's a very large ship for comparatively small armament. Also, I think the size of its retro-thrusters are unusual. Of course, this design was the inspiration for Studio Kappa's Calliara-SDDD, to which I added some DYRL flavour. It's too bad this ship didn't see more air time. I'm interested in the more obscure macross mecha. Nanashi, don't forget to update you main link page.
  6. Ok, to answer some questions. The footage from Flashback is inconsistant. In some frames, the Neo-Nupetiet-Vergnitzs Bis is shown in front and in some frames behind the Megaroad. The main reason for me to say it's that large, is firstly, that it is drawn in the schematics next to the bis. I would assume it was to scale, it would make sense. Secondly, this image: Shows a massive city. Those lines are either highways or monorails of some kind. Those aren't really skyscrapers, they are more like arcologies! This ship is massive. It WAS constructed on the moon, and probably flown to earth for the ceremony. On earth it is in a dry berth, not water, though I imagine it's quite capable of floating. The top ships on the back probably fill the daedelus role of the ship. I'd imagine they all can detatch. The schematics show pretty well the engine block for the neo daedelus craft and the twin engines of the ARMD craft. Yes it's a large ARMD craft, but you're forgetting some things. There is 80,000 civilians onboard in teh city, however, that's just as of 2012. With the breeding practices after SWI (Basically, citizens are encouraged to breed like rabbits), expansion would be expected to occur expedentially. The city is much larger than need be. It is also large enough to possibly house some full size zjentohlauedy. The ARMDs not only need to carry mecha, which includes only several hundred VF4s, but probably twice as many VF-1s, and auxillery craft - SFs, QFs, shuttles, etc. It IS an ARMD. It is shown to be that way in Macross M3.
  7. Looks excellent. Can you post another updated shot?
  8. I consider myself somewhat a connoisseur of the Megaroad. I've had many discussions with Nanashi over its size, and its capabilities. There are not only two armd-class vessels attatched to it, but also two other fleet ships. I shall demonstrate in the following image what I think... btw, Steelfalcon is severely inaccurate. All the statistics there are made up. However, the approximate length may be accurate. That is an extremely large city in its hull, and I believe the neo-nupetiet-vergnitzs-bis in the images is to approximate scale.
  9. Talk to nanashi. If it's available information, he has it.
  10. This sort of heavy armament would seem to logically deployed only in a 0-G environment. Weight would interfere little in 0-G, only affecting the speed in which the fighter can accellerate. It will likely make little affect on the way it operates in space. As long as the weight is evenly distributed, it probably won't make an ounce of difference, certainly not to the point of impracticality.
  11. Looking sweet now... damn I love your low poly valk... I love it so much... It's perfect...
  12. That looks awesome, great to see you finishing it. Keep up the work.
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