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  1. Yeah, but dream on. To create something such as this you need to be in the right mood and have enough time to dedicate yourself to it. Just from working on the DYRL mod, I can appreciate the 'it's done when it's done' ETA.
  2. I don't work in maya. I work in 3dsmax. And those of us that do I believe are hardly up to the skill level required to aid you. Sorry.
  3. Nanashi was going to get on that, but he's been quiet lately.
  4. Actually, Ancient Angel did work on the original Macross DYRL HW mod with us. I cannot remember exactly from memory which models are his, but I think some of them were the Zjentohlauedy ships, possibly the gunboat. As to Evirus's question, I believe the Cmdr already answered by stating that the hyperspace graphics are hardcoded in HW2, so there is not much we can do about them.
  5. Ok, another day, yet another update. This time you'll hardly notice the details. Mostly tweaking, and some work on the bridge to make the model more accurate. I've also added back in the turrets to the right hand side of the model (left hand in the picture). All that's left is the rail cannons, and a few details on the bridge, and then we're pretty much set to put the macross (minus ARMDs) into the game. The next model I will texture will be the ARMDs, which will use Miyatake's skamatics for the base of the textures.
  6. It's a rework of the homeworld 2 logo. Yes, there was a silver version that was simpler for hw1.
  7. I guess templates...? I don't really know. I'm just modelling mostly on this one... Anyway, I've come up with a new logo. I think it's an awesome play on the original HW logo....
  8. i got a friend that can make geocities quality websites.... ill ask him when he logs into yahoo.... im not promising anything though 368097[/snapback] Gah... geocities... eek I'll do it if I have to...
  9. First time I've heard of it... so no... 367613[/snapback] I had a Rowboatheck conversion for FS, it was o.k but this new thing looks o.k Lets not try and steal this thread though... 367768[/snapback] Well, it is at least related. In general, we've been supportive of other mods, so long as they were strictly Macross related, and not Robotech.
  10. Ok, another day, another update... I've been working on the bridge section of the SDF-1 Macross at the moment. As you can see, the texture for the main hull underneath the bridge has had some work. I've put new textures and worked on detailing that part of the object. I've also reinstated the 2d bridge antanna array, as it's not going to be seen up close as to warrent such a high poly count, and this way we can get in more detail. Also added the small reserve engine block, and made the forward texture of the main gun unique for each side... more to come...
  11. Thanks. I hope you people like what I did with the engine glow. I figured it would use an array of rocket clusters, as it would provide more efficient thrust.
  12. ...speaking of my beautiful macross... I scaled the ARMDs just to test them out... ...oh, yeah, and here's the engine glow I designed...
  13. Cmdr's lurking and poping his head in every now and then. Major's pretty much AWOL. Nanashi (Windjammer) is playing a much more active role in the mod (he actually has HW2 now). Unfortunately, we never recieved anything from Rauk/Brice (surprise surprise), even though he said he'd do some models in exchange for the website work I did... Oh well, too bad. And to boot he was a Maya king.
  14. Oh come on. How about being happy that they are doing this at all 365408[/snapback] One Klump is a part of 'they'. Nice to see you're still lurking out there, John. Check out the team messageboards if you want back in on the modding, even if it's just to check out where we're at. I'll let you in to the dev section. No more progress on the macross (although the engines have been recessed into the hull, and some further tweaks. Now ready to start on the bridge section) as I'm moving the rest of this week to a new appartment.
  15. Yet another day of astonishing progress (I'm astonishing myself!)! As you can all see, I have finished the engine section, and also textured the buster cannon booms. The main body is also now complete. Now it's on to the bridge, and the small engine block underneath it, and then we'll add in the turrets and get her into the game! Screenie:
  16. Tack så mycket SDF-1! Yeah, I'm happy with how it is coming along. Still some more work to do (such as on the bridge textures which are still from the original model. After the Macross is complete, I'll start work on the ARMD-01 model perhaps.
  17. Okay, more progres.. been working on the legs... details... details... details...
  18. Sorry, SDF-1, yeah mistaken ID. As for the macross, it's the second, this is all the same model. Texturing it right though is a right bastard.
  19. Oh, I forgot about your enquiry about Macross series on the other thread on your "VF-S1" (which coincidentally, is actually a VF-1A by the head model, not a VF-1S if that is what you meant). This Macross is the redesign featured in the 1984 Macross Movie, "Macross: Ai:oboeteimasuka" (Do You Remember Love?). The Macross featured far greater detail and design evolution and also used the ARMD carriers (also redesigned) instead of the Daedelus and Prometheus.
  20. I can't give you any source material, but I can direct you to speaking to Nanashi (nanashinoinfogrp@hotmail.com) about getting some detailed transformation sequence shots so you get it done right.
  21. God, I must have dreamed about explaining this. The engines are not in their completed form. They will have geometry, I just have not yet added it. The textures are not quite finished on the underside (as you might notice). The main source I use is Miyatake's Design Works, especially the cover, the detail of the buster cannon mechanism and the schematics found in that book (and also partially in DYRL Gold Book). All were scanned courtesy of Nanashi and the NMMA of course. For some of the textures, I actually ripped them from said sources, particularly the rear of the breast engines, which were taken from the buster cannon detail. I used image skewing to get them to look normal again, and then overlayed my own detail lines, etc. The engine section is completely based on the old model's textures, double scale and overlayed with fresh detail lines. I still need to add in some highlights, as you might have noticed.
  22. I said I prefer D&D, but it's not adaptable to a PC game. Not really. Anyway, progress peeps! I spent six hours on the macross today! Yes, that's right, I actualy braved the model, and happened to get alot done. Here's some screenies:
  23. hehehe... I prefer D&D. But since no one is paying me to make this mod... it is what it is, at least, that's what I can say for my contribution.
  24. Yes, Macross the TV series. But we don't know what beyond that. HG has made claims before to Macross derivitives made long after their deal (technically, only Macross TV series and possibly DYRL were out when they acquired the rights, and it may have actually been before DYRL was released). It's still a gray area because the truth of the matter has not been publically resolved, at least not to the point that we're clear on things.
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