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  1. Looking sweet. How's the poly count coming along?
  2. all images are static except for the explosion and sheild ones, those are animated(i think using a sprite method) and as stated on the site pure black(0,0,0,) is translated as transparent 388394[/snapback] Then it would be really easy to either create them from eithe 3d renderings, or screen captures even.
  3. It would not be difficult to render the icons from existing models, although it all depends really on whether or not the images are static or animated.
  4. I thought chthonic was working on the VF-X-4, or at least the textures... though he did send it and the VF-4 to tweak, but I haven't had time with the Macross, and now the ARMD definately needs doing.
  5. You can probably use any of the models in the DYRL TC for HW2, if you contact the rest of the team. I can at least vouch for the SDF-1, but it's the DYRL version. Let me know if it's useful.
  6. Now that I'm not as lazy... heres a shot of the completed SDF-1. Chthonic is tweaking it a little with his new texturing skills, and surprisingly, I'm happy for him to have a crack at it.
  7. "Maggot missile" is name that Peter Walker of the Robotech Technical Files made up. They are "close-in-use super-small-type high maneuver missile launchers x 4 (126 missiles)" The Nameless Advisor www.macrossmecha.info 386924[/snapback] Well, SkyDancer, there's your technical info. As for blaming Australia. I am Australian, and grew up with robocrap. DYRL is what converted me, and hence, that's how the mod was born in the first place. The internet was useful for learning about the original series, and <cough> I have seen the series on bittorrent before <cough>. Glad to hear we've got someone new on the team with the right kind of priorities. Looking forward to seeing what else you might come up with.
  8. Are you bloody kidding me! that’s one of the best intros for a macross game that I have ever seen the models look wicked. Do you still have the Nousjadeul-ger model you could definitely use that in the game after a bit of poly reduction. I’m loving this mod already and I haven’t even played it yet! 386737[/snapback] SKyDancer, the model looks sweet. You definately have another two or even three hundred polys to spare to put some more detail into that backpack. Well done. Go ahead and make some basic textures, or even if you could just UVWUnwrap it that would be good. Then Chthonic or I can work on the texture and get it on par with the rest of the mod, that is, if that won't offend you. I'll upgrade your account on the mod forums. We can definately use someone like you who knows how to poly budget.
  9. Well... actually, the DYRL ARMDs are actually a lot larger than they are often shown by scale too... I guess it's just one of those things with animation. The VF-1 doesn't actually have the same dimensions in battroid and fighter mode as it should in the actual animation. It's hard to scale things accurately in a drawing.
  10. Looking good, and yes, make it double layered. We want to animate it to open up if possible. You could even model in the doors properly if you have the polys to spare.
  11. The nousjadel-ger (Zentradi power suit) looks rediculously big... Also, you have a few southern cross ships missing
  12. It sounds like you may well be able to aid us on both counts. I'll have to discuss it with the rest of the team, but right now we're hungering to sink our teeth into some fresh blood. It should help to reinvigorate the mod and get things back into production. There's plenty of Zjentohlauedy and Meltohlauendy stuff to be modelled, including the Queadluun Rau. Polycounts we're looking fro for mecha of that size are about 1000 polys. Capital ships from between 2000 to 5000 depending on size.
  13. Just dropping a line to everyone: The SDF-1 Macross is finally finished, the texturing complete. I'd like to thank the acadamy... no seriously, it's literally been years, but it's done. However, the new ARMD models are not, so that's what I'll have to get onto next. This means that for now, the SDF-1 Can only be added in cruiser mode. Still, it's better than nothing. No screenshots - you'd probably nto be able to tell the difference anyway, it's all work around the bridge and tweaking and stuff. My fellow mod members, I've linked to the max file on the mod's private forums.
  14. Wow, that is only 1644? Cool We'd be looking at about a 3000 odd poly limit though for the homeworld mod... oh, ok... 4000 maybe...
  15. hehe, I know, you get sore fingers just selecting/deselecting the polys you want to lay out. Tho the uv mapper in Maya is much easier to use than any of the others I've tried. You might want to try using that instead. 378401[/snapback] Hmm... you may have a point. Last time I tried maya, it was the interface that bothered me though...
  16. Hehe...what we need is just a guy who lays out the uvwunraps for us... lol... all my time I waste on that frustrating stuff... Goddamn, if anyone knew the actual time involved in the macross model... I must have spent a good 60 hours working on it so far. That should give some of you anxious fans some idea of the amount of effort that goes into the most detailed of our models. Normally, we use 1-2000 polygon models for most ships, but the Macross is (or will be with the ARMDs) up in the range of 10,000 polygons. That's a lot of faces to texture.
  17. I used 3d studio max 6, and paint shop pro 7.04 for the modelling and texture making. Attached is my original sketches for the craft. Thought it might interest some people.
  18. Phalanx, the design was inspired by the F-22 mostly, not Macross at all. I thought a plane with a variable wing that switched between forward and backward swept would be cool. As for copyrights, I created it, I therefore own the copyrights to the design under modern copyright laws. These days you don't need to file a copyright registration when you create something, the copyright comes instantly. The same goes for other works of art, writing, just about anything. Of course, registering it helps prove it's yours... As for Phyrox's comments, that's fine if you don't like it, I do, and I was mostly looking to please myself. lol. I must confess, I've only a passing interest in aerodynamics and such, The plane is designed to be presented at different technology levels. So in one version, the engines are powerful enough to power the scramjets by themselves, and in another, they require a rocket booster which detaches later - basically the idea is to get the craft very quickly into combat, and then retrieve conventionally. Another version will have the rockets internally. It is meant to be flown with a neural cap that provides a mind/machine interface, including links to undercarriage cameras. I was going to also work on a design revision (really an offshoot), that has a much larger single scramjet on the undercarriage between the two engines, although that does not leave much room for internal weapons payloads...
  19. The upper 'engines' are not the main engines. They're scramjets, hypersonic engines that only operate at extremely high speeds. The fighter needs a booster to use them in the first place. Thanks for the tip on the centre of gravity too. I see you're point, and I'll ponder it, though I'm not keen for the retexturing that would require... Cockpit's a little easier to change...
  20. I'll take that into consideration and I think work on the cockpit a little. You've got a valid point there.
  21. Yeah, just a cheap pdf product detailing the craft for play in any d20 Modern or d20 Future (both available from Wizards of the Coast) campaign. Basically, it will read like a car brochure, with all the weapons options, etc. Some of the features as is, includes passive stealth, a variable wing design including forward and back swept wing positions and stowable forward canards. Also has four internal weapons bays, overhull scramjet system (uses an external booster jet to reach hypersonic speeds first to get the scramjet going) and variable thrust. Options will enable a vernier thruster pack, additional fuel tanks, active stealth and a rear-facing turret.
  22. This is not at all macross, but it's kind of related, following in the tradition of the hory froating head himself - aircraft design. I designed the base craft on paper first, then modelled/base textured it. It will be used in a d20 modern product in the future.
  23. Uh, why not use it to do a barrier system? Macross definitely has a direct counterpart to the Homeworld-series' Defense Frigate. But that's discussion for later (or, more appropriately, for the mod forums themselves.) I find that comment offensive. It's not a question of skill, it's a question of having the time. (My work relates to realtime graphics development, including modeling & texturing with Maya and Photoshop. This is also what delays me further from working on MDRYL:SWO - I have Maya and everything set up with all configs I need for work, whereas HW2-minded work needs other configs and conventions.) 371759[/snapback] I agree CMDR- I find that offensive- I use MAX to make my models- I don't have some of the skills that others may have but I keep punching away at it. So don't try to belittle anyone who you think is not up to your skill level or above. 372625[/snapback] You're misreading Chthonic, I'm speaking about Maya, not Max. And besides, Cmdr has gained additional skills since the last time we talked that I didn't know about. I have already appologised to him in private. Please don't take offence.
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