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  1. I am looking for the two new figures that look like this. My wife saw them just a few days ago and I would like to try to get them before Christmas if possible.
  2. I'm freeing up some time for this panel. I'm on staff so if I can give you a little help just give me a heads up. I may try to convince my girlfriend to bring her Basara outfit, we made it 2 days before Sakuracon and I think the guitar might need a bit of work.
  3. I'll be attending as staff. Not sure what I will be Cosplaying but my girlfriend dressed as Basara/Sheryl for Sakuracon. She may do something else Macross themed this time around and I may as well.
  4. I am getting back into playing this game again, I have not played since I ordered it back when it came out years ago. I downloaded the DYRL Voxp mod which is great but I was wondering if anyone knew how to adjust the resolution settings, I would really enjoy widescreen if possible.
  5. Wow! I just had to post on this topic, it made me really think back about a lot of fond memories. I would have to say I came to understand Macross in late 1997 because of Robotech on Toonami. I did know about Macross before that..I guess early 90's because of dyrl and I had some catalog that sold random anime, and there was some cool pictures all over it some of which were macross. I grew up more of a Transformers fan in the 80's and my brothers were big Robotech fans..I guess since they were older and the kissie stuff was more their speed. With their love of Robotech came a few random toys which I never touched mainly for fear of death. I did happen to come by some when I was interested in my transformers again around the early 90's which prompted me to watch Robotech.Being the only thing I could find was DYRL which I just thought was the super rad Robotech movie. Now back to 97 cartoon network aired Robotech I sit down all excited then I said..."wait what? These are not the same people from clash of the something or others!" So I got my little fingers to working on my parents computer with our super cool internet and found out that the movie I watched was called Macross and that Macross had some pretty wicked toys. So I began scouring for ways to get toys and one thing led to another and I found a catalog that had tiny pictures of Macross toys at my local Grocery store. I ordered a Myria Bandai Variable Model Kit and two action figures that seemed like they took forever to come in. I guess I was content with what I had and my knowledge that I might not ever get to see the Macross tv series dubbed, so I just went on my happy little way. A few years rolled by and high school came around and let me mention I grew up in a small town in Louisiana called Farmerville. Anyway I was a prob. 11th grade then and I see this guy in a shirt...that has the U.N. Spacey logo and something that says Macross Plus?!?!? This is a school with barely 500 people and how did I not spot this guy? He begins to rant and rave about Macross plus and how its in English and I need to see it and blah blah blah and thats when I became hooked on it for good. Things went downhill after that I found Ebay and then fan sites..and ...oh..how different my life would be with out this..this...addiction!
  6. Thanks for the info! I am going to order from here when they get more in, I cant wait!
  7. Wow the v1 is insanely crappy! Thanks for the help on that one!
  8. Dude you guys are awesome with the quick replies! I am looking around I think the 1/60 might be for me because I am wanting to start collecting the yamato valks. I also have a pretty decent collection of older bandai models etc. that I think they would go well with. What would be the best way to tell if it's a v2 from pictures or anything...or a good question to ask a seller? I will run out of steam on the questions soon I promise hehe. I want to shop around on pricing if I can help it just so I can get a Max soon for my next one...or maybe before the Roy, I guess whichever the best deal comes around.
  9. Ah those are some awesome tips thanks a ton! In your or anyone's opinion what would be the best variable Roy figure?
  10. Thats a pretty good point and since I am in Aviation and working on my flight instructor cert. I need to save all the money I can!
  11. Ah well thats good to know that they are pretty expensive to ship. I am in Louisiana so most things that I want do come at a pretty good price! I have some bandai model kits that I ordered a long time ago when I was in jr. high and those cost me a pretty penny back then. Thanks for the quick response!
  12. Hello all! I read most of the faqs and I also did some searches, but I figured I should just ask a question to save myself some time...eh I guess because I am to lazy to dig through a few pages of posts. I was looking at buying a Yamato valk and I would prefer a Roy with fast packs. I have no idea which one to get which issue or where to buy from. I really do not care if it's used as long as it's in good .So should I ask for a certain one in the wanted area, dig on ebay or look on some websites? I know most likely I will be hooked on buying them but I would very much like to start with my favorite characters valk! I guess I got the fever again since I decided to buy my Transformers Jetfire valk which I always always always wanted! Thanks for any info in advanced!
  13. Well with shipping I think it was 214, so if the same set went up on ebay it would probobly go for about 250 thats including shipping?
  14. After about two years of thinking about it I decided to join the club and buy a yamato vf-1s. Now I found a fokker vf-1s with the superstrike armor set for 200.00. Is that a good deal or is there a cheaper set I should look for? I also have a jetfire which I would like to clean up and repaint does anyone have any tips for that? It's pretty much a takatoku so I figured that would not be a out of place question to ask while I was at it.
  15. The GTO's not exactly expensive, either (starting at under $32,000). And muscle cars weren't exactly for the rich and famous to begin with. 392432[/snapback] oh no I know that, they were mainly grocery getters and such. What I meant by the poor mans muscle car was that it was easy to afford so more people had them thus making them more popular.
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