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  1. Sorry to break it to you, but DITF was written and released about 2-3 years AFTER DKR, so if anything the writers of that used the insinuation from DKR to help their story along...
  2. I'm just hoping that unlike Abrams Trek re-imagining where he left out "Old Kirk's" Video message to Pine-Kirk, we'll see a video where other reality old-white Luke tells young-black Luke that Vader is his father via a holomessage stored on other-reality R2. Best part about this reality? It really is James Earl Jones in the suit.
  3. It's going to be so awesome when Luke, Han, Chewie, Leia, and everybody else go through a wormhole in the Falcon and find their younger, hipper, alternate universe selves and Episodes 7-9 are just retconned repeats of Episodes 4-6 with MORE LENS FLARE.
  4. Any why is that? I have to believe that Takara and Hasbro have been keeping up with the trademarking for the name Ultra Magnus and his likeness... If I understand you correctly, this is like saying "Batman is 75 years old, so anybody should be able to make Batman toys/comics/movies", which is silly.
  5. I knew it was written by buffoons when I saw the poster where Mark Hamill gets top billing...
  6. Thanks for posting this, it was fascinating to read through that. The guys who drew and designed this stuff were artists and engineers to be admired. Dreamers.
  7. Same. I enjoy both. I work with some Block 30 F-16s with nothing extra added. Gorgeous jet. I partially love the Block 60 for the tech they put in it. Highly capable aircraft. Heck, I get to see F-4s come up off the deck with regularity and it's a thing of beauty. Thankfully for every bulked up F-16 50+ or 60 out there, somebody's flying a classic looking 30 or 40. Also a great looking jet...
  8. The F-16 Block 60 with the CFTs is a great looking plane.
  9. Saw it last night. Great movie. Laughed harder than I've laughed at any movie in recent memory. And OF COURSE "everything is awesome" is totally stuck in my head.
  10. So, what is this, the 10th or 15th retirement for the U-2?
  11. Finally Transformers fans everywhere can re-enact Spike's legendary "AWWW SHIIIIITTTTT" from TFTM in Masterpiece form.
  12. LOL The US uses NO 'stealthy mobile rollout vehicles' unless you count submarines as those. Russia does, but there've been no 'upgrades' or increase in stealthiness. They're train cars that park under mountains. Why not construct them 25 miles inland? Why is "on the wall" in any way, shape, or form practical?
  13. "decommissioned left and right" by whom? The US has gotten rid of about 100 missiles in the last 30 years. There are still 450 MMIIIs active 24/7. Why would you need to "perch" them like that? What possible tactical reason could there be for that?
  14. You mean like the missile fields in Montana and Wyoming and throughout thousands of square miles of Russia filled with active ICBMs running 24/7 to this day?
  15. DINOBOTS! DESTROY DEVASTATOR! That is the moment that I KNEW that Optimus Prime was SERIOUS this time. Also, Alitalia sucks so badly I would be hard pressed to buy Wheeljack, but he looks INCREDIBLE.
  16. One YF-23 is inside the NMotUSAF in Dayton, Ohio. Nice bird to see in person
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