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  1. It's been a few years since I have attended one of these gatherings. I look forward to checking it out.
  2. Look forward to hopefully attending. It has been a while.
  3. Clarification question. Was everything sold or just the Valkyrie? If this was sold split, I would be interested in the strike armor.
  4. Does anyone know if there is a soundtrack to the new Yamato animated movie?
  5. I'll have to get back to you on this and look at my schedule. I would like to attend and see everyone.
  6. I'm in Sacramento, but I can possibly come down to the Bay Area. In terms of times, sometime in August or September would be fine.
  7. PM sent about getting one x-large shirt.
  8. Great layout. I would also concur with EXO that the bottom line is probably not necessary as well.
  9. KiriK, thanks for organizing this. Per your instructions, I have sent an e-mail.
  10. I stand corrected. Paramount is already moving forward with a sequel. 'Star Trek" sequel on track
  11. I just saw it and it was great. I saw it on IMAX and it looked fantastic along with being well worth the extra few bucks. If Paramount is anything like Fox in regard to Wolverine, I am sure there will be an announcement of a sequel.
  12. There is still Battlestar Galactica: The Plan which will be released later this year. Battlestar: The Plan Secrets Teased!
  13. My thanks to the folks who started and contribute to this thread. I plan to go tomorrow Saturday for the first time. With the information provided in this thread, I hope to make some smart purchases.
  14. Depending on who draws Snake-Eyes, the symbol is both on his uniform and on his forearm as it is on Storm Shadow.
  15. So what are people's thoughts about Snake-Eyes? Larry Hama sends AICN - SNAKE-EYES from G.I.JOE!!! Now with a shot from USA TODAY!!!
  16. Interesting to see how in "Downloaded" that Caprica Six has her own mental version of Baltar. It will be interesting to see how these two will play out in the two part season finale.
  17. To each his own. While my group does media events like conventions and publicity event, I like to focus on service events like children's hospital visits and community fundraisers.
  18. And if you're really adventureous, you will may dress up and do some actual theatrical dueling for the public. These are friends and members of mine for a Star Wars costume club entertaining crowds at the California State Fair 2005.
  19. Next season in part, will involve a serious Legion of Doom. In other words, if a large group of heroes can unite to try to do good, why can't the villians follow a similar pattern to do evil. COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED
  20. Saw that Anime Expo 2005. Very surprised, but I am curious to how more finalized versions of this particular MPC will turn out.
  21. Two friends of mine participated in a media event put on by entertainment store Stage Nine in Old Sacramento, California. Stage Nine had Kevin Conroy, the well-known Batman Animated voice actor, and a tour suit for Batman Begins. Along with posing pictures with children and adults, both friends helped to judge a children's costume contest. Here are a few images until I have a chance to post more. MC introduces Kevin and the Batman Begins costumer. My friend, dressed as a Jim Lee Hush style caped crusader, and his wife, the current style Catwoman, pose with a City of Sacramento police officer who handles one of their older show cars. A picture with Kevin Conroy Our dark knight and femme fatale pose with child costume contestants. After the event, the Warner Bros' costumer wanted to grab some pictures of himself on the riverboat, the Spirit of Sacramento, with the Sacramento River bridge behind him.
  22. We wear these outfits at media and service events. So for us, it's like folks in service branches who see each other in their uniforms all the time. Which is funny since police officers and fire fighters like to take pictures with us. For Halloween, all of us usually come up with something else either original or from another subject. Like at a Halloween party last year, I dressed up as a Crazy 88. However, a bunch of us went in our armor costumes to a big Halloween party put on by a local radio. We were quite popular with guys and gals.
  23. So aside from the costuming, I am sure you must all wonder how is this prop event is related? Well aside from organizing our appearance in costume, Darren planned the construction of a star destroyer set that hangs above the main concession stand in the lobby of the Modesto Brenden Theater. Here are some samples images of what went into the construction. Construction of the walls in Turlock on Saturday, April 16 On Sunday, April 17, Darren and crew put up these set walls over at the Brenden Theater. A garrison workshop at one of my Sacramento member's house to work on mannequins and cardboard mouse droids on Saturday, April 30.
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