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  1. ehhe thanks for the good news guys =) i guess ill go try to make some more sometime hopefully they will turn out just as great any themes or ideas you guys want? ill try to put them into the next wallpaper hopefully when school starts they will look twcie as good
  2. hey i just saw you guys were taking preorders for the YF-19FP just owdneirng when ill be actually getting this baby? or aobut when?
  3. hey hey im hearing alot about this "future floor" floor finish thingie? just wodneirng if i can get this in canada? ive never seen or heard of it before? sorry for the newb q
  4. oopsie sorry guys i kinda gave you my almost finished piece of art work eh ehehhe a very small addition of white trail marks @ the wings i was gonna do very feint ones for the tail fins too but it looked a lil clustered after anways here it is very small difference http://members.shaw.ca/iiymij/jpeg/skyisla...and800x6002.jpg also took out the lil ball on the top left corner im hoping to get better skills and perhpas one day be a web designer and such much apreciated if your spreading my work / name around thanks ya 'all
  5. hi hi i have very lil / limited talent in wall papers but id really be happy to hear your comments and such i made this one 800.600 hope you odnt mind... http://members.shaw.ca/iiymij/jpeg/skyisland2.jpg y does it have a vf-2ss and macross plus lyrics? i dunno... i love the 2ss next to the 19 but this song is my fav amoung all others in macross (jap version as well) well tell me wthca think it would flatter me if yuou told me you acutally use this as your wallpapper =))
  6. WM's works rock i was acutlaly gonna do another 19 because of him now im lost without the thread!!! wahteva shall i do?!?! but yea im not as good as him but ill embarass myself when i post up hte pix you'll see but if you guys wanna see my 1 st ill post up the links....
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