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  1. is the VF-0D only a web exclusive? will they have a regular release?
  2. I think I got tracking this afternoon... so all good.
  3. Is HLJ still having issues processing shipping orders in Private wharehouse? This will be my first Ivanov... Looking forward to it.
  4. I've been looking for a reason to cancel the PO on Ivanov... Looks like I've found one.
  5. Pre-order up at HLJ for $344.73. This is going to be a pretty bird, I hope I have some space for it. https://hlj.com/1-60-scale-macross-zero-sv-51-gamma-d-d-ivanov-use-final-battle-ver-aca82147
  6. Amazon really needs to rethink their whole shrink wrap deal and nothing else.
  7. Super parts for Kakizaki went on this evening!
  8. Anyone know where to find the 35th anniversary valk at a decent price ($150-170ish)?
  9. Go back and look at the pictures of it.... it will make you feel better :) Atleast, it did for me.
  10. HLJ only started taking PPC about a month or two ago. I'm not sure on NY.
  11. Yeah, they'll work, I think the 19's are flush with the face of the wing. I didn't try a double setup though. Without Super packs the nukes look kinda silly too
  12. They are not the same style hardpoints, the DX VF1 uses YamArcadia style hardpoints. You can make them work though. This is not the best pic but you can get an idea of how they connect.
  13. This one does certainly have more quality. I could easily see it having an MSRP of $220-$240. On the HMR's though the need to go down 20-25% for me to start see real value in them. I do agree, the basic accessories should be included (straps, pod and 4 standard missile clusters).
  14. Well at least you get free economy shipping!
  15. I think I would prefer to go to the dentist and get my teeth drilled on before I ever do this again.
  16. It's been a complete sh!t-show. You haven't missed anything. Sorry, looks like you were trying to get it from Bandaionline... yep it's gone there now too. Edit again... now it's showing as in-stock.
  17. I've been up since 2:30 trying to secure this. Bandaionline is what it has to be I guess. I'm not going to work empty handed.
  18. Well do I commit to a cup of coffee... or do I drag my ass back to bed?
  19. 31,980 now...
  20. Yeah, this is pretty shitty.
  21. one was 45,000Y a minute ago... looks like he changed his price.
  22. Did anyone get one? No luck at all on HLJ, CDJ, or AA.
  23. Amiami is taking its sweet time to search...
  24. I ordered an Arcadia SDF from Nin-Nin and got it in about 3 weeks. I didn't have a problem with him but there are whole subs on reddit devoted to people that felt he scammed them... When doing the searches for the product pages... what key-words are you guys using "Bandai DX Max" is what I'm trying. Once the product page goes live it should be there right? I highly doubt Ima gonna make it another 4 hours.
  25. I was able to place a pre-order on the Hikaru DX about 7:30 AM EST the following morning. I don't believe you have to have a prime account. I don't have one, and I have several existing pre-orders on Amazon.co.jp.
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