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  1. You can try this address it's listed at the bottom after #1. fanfare@wizardent.com
  2. Wow, Yamato ranked right above the Wal-Mart Devastator exclusive. I think that sums this list up pretty well!
  3. If this is ever to be produced, which I'm pretty skeptical it will be, it will not have anything to do with the Macross Saga! IMO it'll be a continuation of the story instead of a re-telling. More likely 'New Generation' or a take on what is left of Earth after the invid leave, ala Shadow Chronicles. Maybe Admiral hunter after 25 long years on the SDF-3 will finally make it back to Earth. As long as the CG doesn't look like a bad video game from the mid 90's and masterbation is not discussed, I'll probably see it.
  4. scand

    Decal Question

    http://macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?show...7&hl=decals Check this link out. His decals are high quality and will last.
  5. scand

    Decal Question

    You could try to use a blow dryer on them to heat them up. They may stick better after that. I wouldn't put glue on them.
  6. I was expecting to see the opening song from EVA in the top ten. I was suprised to see it played after number 1. It didn't even make it into the top 100?! Macross held held up pretty well at 17! I'm a little disturbed my favorite anime song didn't make the list, Hoshi No Koe from Voices of a Distant Star! and All of the opening songs from FMA should have made the list. To bad none of them were present.
  7. People, are going to have different opinions on the value of there money and the value that they recieve from their purchases. Obviously, if you have a larger amount of disposable income the more likely you are going to be to drop 200+ on a "toy". This may or may not be a determining factor in the value you recieve from your purchase. For me, if I had several hundred extra dollars each month to spend on toys, I might not care so much as to the quality of the finished goods. $200.00+ is quite a large sum for me to justify on a "toy", Simply, because of the amount of disposable income I have. When I make that purchase it better achieve or surpass my expectations. If it doesn't I'm going to be dissapointed and leary of any future purchases from that manufacturer. I really don't think members are being nitpicky. For the amount of money thats being paid out certain things, Like arms and hips breaking right out of the box, should not be occuring.
  8. You may want to check up on you order with them. They have had some ordering problems recently. They lost my order for a vf-0 for 4 weeks before contacting me.
  9. How bout a warning next time!! Some people actually browse Macrosworld at work!
  10. You guys that are reporting no stress marks, have you done anything to circumvent the problem? I.e.. loosen the screws?
  11. Use bittorrent for zero, 7, DYRL, and flashback. The others are readily available from any dvd retailer.
  12. I wonder if HG would have a problem if someone was to license this in the US
  13. scand

    Graham's Sig

    .....and gets saturated with salt water!! Dante.. That's just wrong!
  14. Nice site! No Macross II? Even though it's not real Macross.
  15. Where did you find this at? There gone every where I look? Ok con exclusive. Duh!
  16. LOL, Is you avatar supposed to represent some one in paticular?!
  17. scand

    Buying a YF-19

    Buy it, She'll get over it. When she's giving you the cold shoulder atleast you'll have a nice new yammie to focus your attention on.
  18. scand

    Buying a YF-19

    Ok, Big Spender?? J/K but you laid it out there. The only safe bet is to get the 19/FP/Booster Combo. Your not going to be able to get the 19 for less than 170 anyway. The FP and booster is worth it. For US retailers check out tmpanime.com or bigbadtoystore.com
  19. scand

    Lead Paint?

    I guess I should stop putting my 1/60s in my mouth then! I thought Lead based paints were outlawed for the use in toys. No? By the way, for some reason this thread reminded me of Tommy Boy.
  20. Elint, Elint, I wanna super ostrich?? and VF-1D?? and...........................I want them for free.....Fat chance!
  21. Pure gHeyness! Who ever wrote the script needs be given a labatomy.
  22. If your still looking TMP has them for around 55$ shipped.
  23. Cool, With regards to his shipping table. Is speed post EMS and what is air parcel?
  24. Can anybody here vouch for this guy. Toy-wave, how much do you usually charge for shipping on VF/GHOST to US?
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