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  1. Buyee price on Missle Set = $110 shipped Buyee price on SSP Set = $150 shipped ( I should have combined shipping on the Buyee options but didn't). NY Price (Gouging PO) =$305 Hikaru is an anomaly that I wanted to complete, I won't care to much for the other releases.... yet!
  2. I'll be there for work in two weeks. Should I take some time to look or not bother?
  3. Time to have some fun with $550 worth of Valkyrie and Valkyrie accessories. Outside the stress of just getting a single fully loaded valk, I don't see how you guys ordering multiples hold it together. :/
  4. Yeah, kinda scary!
  5. I don't agree, Within the niche market these retailers and we choose to play we should demand common courtesy, respect, and prompt/accurate communication. In a situation where there product/service cannot be delivered upon as defined within their initial agreement. If products can't be delivered in a timely fashion, then that is where communication should take over. Communication is the reason I will not be providing a 10 month advance on an egregious amount of money for Nissan-Yappon ever again. They need to get there sh@t together.
  6. I Ordered overpriced SSPs from Buyee.com (Yahoo JP). They have already shipped and will hopefully be here early next week.
  7. LOL, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that does this!
  8. I've got a feeling it's because the file size is to large.
  9. Mine shipped this morning. Pre-ordered over 6 months ago. They do take their time, but as long as I get it I'll be happy.
  10. I was at 703XXXX as well, Mine went into preparing shipment this morning.
  11. I bet Fiona is not even a real person, probably some dude sitting in his mom's basement.
  12. I'm being lazy and not searching... but are there any videos that show how to replace the legs on the SV-51? Also, maybe any transformation videos as well?
  13. It's a '703XXX'
  14. Nippon-Yasan needs to get on the ball.
  15. I used Buyee/Yahoo auctions to get my Yamato VF1D and Yamato Kakizaki TV. Before shipping and fees I paid less than $200 for both. With shipping and fees I think that put them around the $230-40. Both were packed well, they were' complete, no decals were applied and the box showed minimal shelf wear. So I have had 2 really good experiences on Yahoo auctions using Buyee. Their services may have cost more, but relatively I got a better deal on those specific valks than anywhere else.
  16. Just an FYI, I sent an email into HLJ about the mis-matched feet on mine. They said they would be sending out replacement parts for affected customers starting the first of November.
  17. That's one of those cars you just put in a garage and go stair at once a day to get your money's worth.
  18. I bought A Losi DB a couple of years ago. After the lipo packs, charger, and rebuilding the thing 4 times over I realized Macross was probably the cheaper of the two hobbies. It seems for about every $100 you throw at an RC car you get 20 minutes of fun.
  19. scand


    @Alto-23Still available?
  20. @sqiddIt's a 2018 Mustang 5.0 , Premium, Performance Pack 1. I traded up from a 2014 premium Mustang 3.7 earlier this year. My 3.7 was FBO, tuned, with a full suspension... I kinda miss it, at least until,I feel the 460 hp gen 3 coyote motor pull me to almost 100 MPH before shifting out of second gear :D.
  21. ~ $500 US for this one. My most expensive yet... but gotta have this one. If there wasn't so much cool Macross stuff in the world I would already have a blower on my car
  22. I have new favorite Valkyrie. Anyone know how to get the tabs out to mount the boosters. It seems almost impossible with out damaging the plastic.
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