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  1. For anyone who secures a pre order for multiples and doesn't need them please let me know. I'm down, unless I can secure payment through a vendor. thanks. Best of luck!
  2. Yeah, I lucked out on Buyee/Yahoo auctions with that one. I would buy a PF VF1D in a heartbeat though.
  3. Yeah, I'm gonna have to slow down if wanna an Ivanov, DX Max, Elint, and PF 0A along with a couple of stands and HMR 1D's.
  4. Yeah, I ordered mine last Wednesday and I got it on Saturday.
  5. Woot, More Macross! Playing catch-up is hard work.
  6. We'll see, I just placed one on pre-order from BBTS.
  7. Does anyone know where I could find a nice and highly detailed Mark II Viper that pairs well with HMR or Yamato 1:60 scale?
  8. Yeah, I found what i'm guessing to be ChaoticYeti's video. it looks like they are in the inner thigh covering a screw. I will wait until i'm bored later on and mess with it. His video gave me a little more courage to try more force than what I was using.
  9. So I manhandled the VF0A for awhile.... The good news is nothing exploded on me. I could rotate both joints but the left was much stiffer than the right. The right would almost rotate freely, the left required a little force. However, I could not get the right side to extend while exerting some force. Certainly more force than I used on the left, which extended easily. I eventually gave up and put it back to fighter and it went into it's new home on display. I did not get as far as checking the heat shield to see if the pins were flush. On a side note this little piece was in the bottom of the plastic tray... I have no idea where it goes. It looks like a cover where a screw might be. any ideas?
  10. Oh well... for the time being it will be staying in fighter mode safely in its box. I'll just flip the lid and admire it every now and then.
  11. So the VF0A was not a glitch in HLJ's system. Either HLJ was holding out on us for a couple of years or Arcadia did a limited reissue of the the VF0A... What's funny is it's no longer up on their site... They were sold as quick as they came in. What do I need to do to ensure I don't snap a hip off? A picture because this thing is so purdy.
  12. I'm looking for 1 pair for my DYRL Max VF1A... Willing to spend upto $130 shipped. Please let me know. Many thanks!
  13. Hell, 99% of the money I spend is when I'm drunk... Just ask my Mustang. I just want a 0A, I'm not buying to resell. <edit>Wifey will get over it.............................................................................................................................. at some point.
  14. If Arcadia comes out with another VF19KAI... it must come with a little protodevlin names Sivl!
  15. Well against my better judgment and multiple hours of consideration with Miller Lite, I just placed an order for the Shin VF-0A. I had the original Yamato release with the Ghost and it had it's fair share of problems. I hope those have been addressed. ER mer gherd, My wife is gonna kill me, I"ve boought to much sh*t already.
  16. Just had a super easy transaction with Corrinald. The Max 1A was exactly as described also it was well packed in double bubble wrap in a sturdy box that ensured no slipping around during shipping. Not only was the VF well packed but I got it in record time. Thank you!
  17. VF-0A Shin showing as available from HLJ... https://hlj.com/1-60-scale-vf-0a-phoenix-shin-kudo-ver-transformable-aca82120... <edit>Sorry, didn't see the post above.
  18. scand

    Hi-Metal R

    It won't let me pre-order, it's saying it will not ship to my address. I made sure I chose the one Sold by Amazon... Weird as I have both the Arcadia Elint and Hi-metal VF1D on pre-order from Amazon.
  19. I have had a successful transactions from both blueprinT and sumyumgoy. Thanks guys!
  20. Do we know what month the 0D is coming? I can only make out 2019 on the display card.
  21. That was the 30th Anniversary Skystriker. I went nuts collecting G.I. Joe for a couple of years when the 25th Anniversary figures rolled out.... That's the only thing I have left. Save for about 20 figures I wanted to keep. Thanks! It's big, I don't think it's to scale. All of the Macross stuff is new as of the last 6 months... The Monster was my latest haul. Come summer, with the new stuff that's coming out I'll throw some pics over there. Thanks, your GBP is going to give me the motivation to put the other Detolf together Thank you.
  22. New Detolf and Billy. I've got one more Detolf I need to fill up.
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