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  1. Are U Mexico City?!?!?!?!?! My!, u must be very poluted then Originally from Mazatlan, but living in Guadalajara, both in Mexico.
  2. What is that "Northern Cross" you mention? I've seen it mentioned around the forums a couple of times, but am still in the dark on its nature.
  3. Guys!!! Will u cut the "bomba" thing short? I'm starting to feel compelled to watch M7, but my guts tell me not to.
  4. 42" LCD for me, thank you very much Anyway.... it's really weird that this threat has moved so slow. Guess we can thank the lack of raws for that, but... still.... WEIRD. It would seem that after 3 cliffhanger episodes in a row, this one turned out to be soooooo slow and boring in comparison? No surprises? No WTF-1? No alien-baby Ranka? No terminatrix/Major Kusanagi/Grace? No Booby spilling the love beans to Ozma? Just hope there's a decent RAW by the time I get home (Shinsen-Raws, I'm looking at you!)
  5. HOLY SH!T!!!!!! Now THAT'S HUGE!!!! No wonder they got an "ocean" and stuff... If previous city ships had a small city, Frontier's got a whole region, like say... most of the San Francisco Bay Area...
  6. Doom9's converter program is the one to convert from MKV (as others) to PS3-readable MP4, right? That's a good one, and fast! But if you're converting a soft-subbed file (like MKVs), you lose the subs, unless you use a hard-subbed file, which is usually non-HD. I want HD hardsubbed MF files!!!.... pretty pretty please? anyone?
  7. Wha... would they get Yoko Kanno? NO WAY that's gonna happen. As you put it.... "this is FOX, so..."
  8. I believe you're missing the aft portion of the Battle 25 (from where the first group of thin antennas-like thing protrude). Still, it IS tiny compared to the whole.
  9. I think I'll pick RB2, thou still waiting for any information about RB's peripherials changing (if it happens, anyway). I got both GH3 and RB. But as soon as I got RB, GH3 began gathering rust in the closet. The drums are the s#it for me, so GH3 stopped being of much interest. Now, with GHWT bringing a nice more-realistic-looking drum kit, I'm still thinking about it. The "create you own stuff" does nothing for me, me and my pals won't be uploading any crap we could come up with in the first place, but the sole experience of a better drum kit might just sell me into it. Guess I'll have to wait and see.
  10. ALL HAIL TO THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FIGHTER PLANE DESIGN AS OF TODAY! (just in case you've lived under a rock all of yer life, I'm talking about the YF-23) Regarding the delta/diamond/trapezoidal wing thing, I'll stick to whatever final word David has on this issue, and until he does, could you please stay on topic?
  11. Where did you get the idea of Wilder being a SW1 vet from? All I've heard/read is that he used to be a UNS pilot, nothing specific regarding SW1.
  12. Sheryl all the way. ... ...and if Alto rejects her, DAMN, I'll divorce and go for her!
  13. PICS PICS PICS!!!!! Hope RAW goes out by the time I get home after work
  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooo OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  15. I shiver at just the possibility of you being right.... But then again... what a de-naturalized mother would Grace be (without mentioning a BEEETCH) if she wanted to kill her own daughters. Thou we've seen worse, I guess. After all, Touma (X) killed his sister, and then Kamui killed his lover... I mean, his best friend Touma.
  16. That sounds wrong in SOOO many levels that I don't dare to count....
  17. Yup. Thanks for that. I don't care much for either Alto or Ranka, so I welcome putting Sheryl in the mix instead of yet another bishonen competitor.
  18. I'm thankful that Frontier got made and, as you, I'm an old guard fan which fell with the original (bastardized) series. I enjoy it and still got excited with every mecha-porn we get from it. But I can't deny I have several gripes against MF: - The overly childish depiction of some of the most recurrent characters (Ranka, Luca) - An absurdly feminine looking leading "male" character. Can't help but feel some contempt, instead of relate to him. - Way too much of a "teen" context, particularly because of the high school thing. Some will say Hikaru and Minmey were basically the same age as Alto and Ranka. True. But they were never depicted as the tipical high-school kid who all of a sudden becomes great. Hikaru, even being an ace stunt pilot, sucked big time as a fighter pilot for several episodes! Alto kicks ass basically from episode 1! Dunno... I'm enjoying the series, but not really IN LOVE with it. Maybe only with the homages XD
  19. If this was indeed an Aliens-saga anime hommage/remake/rip-off/whatever-u-wanna-call-it, I want a BIG FUGGING BODY COUNT!!! Where's the dead people, DAMN IT?!?!?!?!?!? We've only had one tiny squishy death.... (not counting vajras) ¬¬U
  20. Leon (jail is too good, and he seems to be a traitor (at least a spy) after all) Ozma (they gotta push Ranka to her limit) Brera (he must admit he's Ranka's brother before dying saving her... pushing Ranka OVER her limit) Grace (IF she's not dead yet, which she shouldn't, we still need to now what pushed her the way she chose) Alto (IF he picks Ranka over Sheryl.... in fact, I'd kill him myself ¬¬ ... and keep Sheryl!! )
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