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  1. Hmmmm.... as per SONGSTRESS, definitely Minmay. There's basically no way any other songstress will surpass her in-universe. As for my favorite songstress music? It's a tie between Sharon Apple and Sheryl. Ranka's songs are way too childish for my taste.
  2. I think they're still keeping the Noh acts naming. Say "Q" out loud. See?
  3. Lineart? Illustrations? Youtube clips? (you know you can basically watch the whole series in there, don't you?) Summaries? Koji Kabuto > Basara ...ANYDAY!
  4. Be it as it may be, it's precisely that "kiddie face on robots poo poo rainbow anime" envelope that prevents me from watching M7 AND ENJOYING it, and it seems I'm not the only one. I'm not trying to convince any of you guys who did like it to turn your opinions, but as well, you gotta admit that the points expressed by those who don't are well sustained, be it for stylistic, story-telling or jerk-guitar-piloting-singer issues. Peace
  5. For whatever reasons, a guitar-hero flight control scheme is plain stupid. And one of the many many reasons why I won't watch M7 ever. Keith: yeah, I've watched other anime, also super robot anime (love Mazinger)... but.... honestly.... THIS.IS.MACROSS!!!! Not some generic super robot show. And Macross oughta have some decency. M7 totally lost it.
  6. OH MY EYES!!!!! Could you guys please stop quoting THAT?!?!?!?!?! >_< polidread: you made baby jesus cry!!
  7. I'd be down for that the very same moment it's announced. VF-X2 was actually really cool. Mac+ was ok, but not as fun as VF-X2.
  8. Actually, IIRC, more than one of us were wondering if Michael had survived the scape from Galia 4, when Sheryl took control of the VF. I guess that at that point the decision was made to not kill Michael... yet.
  9. DAMN!!! That looks awesome!!! GOW + Castlevania = WIN! O_O Is that really the MGS4 engine? I thought Course of Darkness was pretty decent for a 3D Castlevania... but this one blows it away in so many ways. Definitely a must
  10. Looking forward the quadrilogy on BluRay. I only own Aliens Director's Cut on DVD and AVP:Requiem on BD (yeah, I liked it, now stone me to death)
  11. Perhaps the only Yamato boxes I was interested about were the Miryia Super&Strike VF-1A and the Hikaru VF-1J ones. I own a VF-1A Max DYRL, and boy, does the box suck big time! Yoko who? If it's Matsugane, I certanlly agree with your assertion
  12. That battlepod drawing, even with the exaggerated size, gave me a very war-of-the-worlds feeling. Pretty cool, I must add
  13. Hahahahaha, damn! My bad. *goes out to buy calculator* Hadn't heard about the 70's movie. Read the book only a couple years ago. Now I'm not that curious about the mini-series after the review. Was sort of expecting a shitty job, anyway.
  14. That sounds so much like visual kei, that you may actually have a point there Something like this?
  15. I couldn't have said it better. Definitely agree with you. TV all the way. It's what makes DYRL? a classic, the love for the characters you already know... only prettified.
  16. Haven't watched M7 and honestly, I don't intend to. I've seen a couple of clips on youtube, and it's been enough to keep me away from it. I did watch MII back in the day, didn't like it much, but it was "macross" so I went through all of it with my friends. Wouldn't watch again thou.
  17. Yeah, that should be Skywarp, and looks a lot like an F/A-18. The desert-camo one is definitely a Marine F-35.
  18. The Andromeda Strain was an HBO-produced mini-series that aired my mid-2008 based on the same-name book by Michael Crichton, right? Loved the book, considering it's 50-years old (written in 1968 or 1969 IIRC) and full of old-tech techno-babble, but well grounded bibliography, as was usual in Crichton's books. Would love to watch the mini-series
  19. I already posted my opinion on both videos. Definitely worth a puke ---------- You suck, dude! Posting ORIGINAL material and passing it out as Robocrap???? Guess you all Homotech-fans are so envy because the lousy ass movie you got from Shadow Chronicles. This is MACROSS FRONTIER. Period.
  20. Unless I make some terrible and stupid mistake (and David would take care of it no doubt), airliners do use ailerons but only at low speeds (right after taking off and on landing approach). Perhaps because spoilers don't generate enough drag at low speeds to create the desired roll? Ailerons would have more momentum, since they're farther from the airplane's center line, thus being more efficient levers at low speeds.
  21. Pistol actually. A Walter P38 IIRC, with long silencer, scope and stock. (I still have the original G1 toy back at my parents' place)
  22. I actually like both kind of missions, but I like'em distributed in a very healthy balance. From what I saw in the demo, balance is one of the things this game lacks most.
  23. Entitled to your opinion, yes. But be warned that out speaking a generalizing opinion with surely include people that doesn't fit your mentioned archetype, and people will usually complain about it. So I agree with bandit. No one says you should like tats, but don't put everyone with one in the same box.
  24. Original Japanese-language version, just in case (has better low/bass sound, by the way): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0P5e3Qt2lM
  25. Tried the demo on PS3 during the weekend. The graphics are plain "ok" for a latest generation console. The physics sorta suck, the stats are way too off and the camera/display is plain stupid in the OFF mode. Sure, you can see your own stunts and all that, but it's a pain trying to get anything in front of you to shoot at. I'll pass on this one and will keep hoping Ace Combat gets a decent comeback to the PS.
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