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  1. There definitely is a huge synergy between these 2. They seem to merge both their skills is such a way that the outcome is always (way) over the average. For me, Kanno is THE s#1t in terms of anime music composers. Her works are always outstanding, and I'm particularly fond of her work on the Ghost in the Shell:Stand-Alone series, then MF came even to her GitS work. As a side note, I like a lot how Kanno seems to keep her "music team" pretty close, with most of the lyricists and vocalists working for most of her projects: Gabriela Robin, Steve Conte, Scott Matthew and Maaya Sakamoto, which gives her work a sort of consistency. I love her songs sang by Ilaria Graziano.
  2. SDFM. It started all of the rest. Has the best story of all (heck, it may as well be one of the BEST ANIME STORIES EVA!). Most non-hentai-mature-oriented anime for its time. VF-1. Do I need to say anything else?
  3. Yes, enough ECM from Battle Galaxy + holographic projection + supposition that Battle Galaxy was missing + Vajra massive barrage = total confusion and lack of attention to details Battle Galaxy may not have been totally undetectable to Frontier, but it was as unexpected to them that it was easy to assume that it was indeed a Ranka holographic projection being generated by the Vajra themselves. Com'on, weren't most of us fooled as well? Even when we clearly had the advantage over NUNS of having seen Galaxy's bridge in Alto's virtual dive into the Ranka hologram
  4. I agree and concede that's the easiest answer to it. But still... kinda bugs me and throws the plot a little out for me. Still, an awesome episode. Enjoyed it a lot, was fricking screaming since the action began. I really wish the last episode gets extended air time, like... dunno, 45-50 mins? We really need that extended time to get a fully-fleshed ending with no loose ends. Any reference of it? Kinda remember something along that, but could a mess of my memory.
  5. I predict Gubaba doing an NGE's Shinji on Asuka-like comatose Nanase
  6. Subs all the way. Perhaps the only exception I remember right now is Golden Boy.
  7. - ON GOING POST - WOW.... my..... what an episode... AND WHAT AN ENDING....
  8. Downloaded it yesterday without delay, but thanks anyway Yeeeeesss... POSTER POSTER!!! The larger the better =D~
  9. I'd prefer a BIG surprise and let it be Alto and Michel angry against the Vajra for LUCA's DEATH (yeah, I heat that childish bozo). PLEASE????? I mean, we've had our share of derailing from the preview summaries before... what better than a big twist on ep20's preview?
  10. I get more the feeling of what Hikaru says to Misa about being all comfy in the control tower, instead of out in the field where the real deal was being done.
  11. May have this drawing WITHOUT Ranka??? Pretty pretty please??? Ranka sorta gets in the way there
  12. Beaten by like... 15 pages and a week But I was feeling merciful and didn't wanna pop anyone's eyes.
  13. WOOOOOWWWW!! And I just received my special edition AvP : Requiem BD. Hmmmm.... Need to think if I want that boxset in DVD or should I wait for a mega-super-BD-box-set.
  14. I hated the first AvP, but really enjoyed (in a stupid sense) the second one. Hey, I gotta grab for myself those extended editions for the Aliens quadrology. I only got Director's Cut's Aliens, and appreciated the extra footage. Some things make a little more sense, and with those extra scenes mentioned in the extended edition of the original Alien, sound pretty interesting. Not counting the fact that it's being YEARS since I haven't watched Alien as a whole again.
  15. ON GOING POST <started 15:55 CDT> Great cliffhanger ending..... DAAAAMN!!!!! No, but seriuosly.... WTF?!?!?!?! <ended 16:29 CDT>
  16. Yup. I think we can all agree on that. Also we can agree that the real question is: WHY?
  17. Shito Ryu and Shotokan Karate while kid/teenager. Been doing Kendo (ZNKR, sankyu) and Iaido (Seitei Iai, nikyu; Muso Shinden Ryu) for 6 years, but stopped training around middle of last year due to business travel. Stopped traveling but am in a sort of hiatus meanwhile. Plan to get back next year. I must say I'm happily surprised that a good percentage of the folks around here have had any approach to Kendo, Iaido or both.
  18. The "organic" thing you mention is nothing more than Brera's damaged arm, as shown in episode... 7? The one when he fought the Hydra. You guys need to cool off a little and stop seeing things in such a paranoid way.
  19. Man! This page got me laughing so bad, everyone at the office had to turn and look at me. Great casting call, when does the animation starts airing?
  20. Well, I wasn't. So it is?!?! WOW.... I liked the song a lot, but hadn't bothered about its name. Thanks
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