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  1. Poor Valkyrie, overshadowed by it's hero VF-29 and VF-27 brothers. This is the ONLY cool looking piece of lineart I've been able to find of the VF-25 armored through Google image search, and I've never seen a duplicate of it. Anyone have a clean version of it?
  2. Ah, here's a good one, being a cast off from Robotech. Did the U.N. Spacy ever complete the rest of the Grand Cannon system? I mean Jesus, in the one episode we see it in it is by far the most powerful weapon ever seen deployed in Macross, ever. Not even Boldoza's fortress did more damage in DYRL. I find it hard to believe such an awe-inspiring weapon would never be replicated.
  3. Any real details of the various battles that happen? Are they generally superior to what we see in the show? And how does Ozma fair?
  4. As a general rule, Macross canon is pretty fluid right? Do You Remember Love and Macross are both seperate stories, but parts of each series are 'truth' correct? Same with Macross Plus the OVAs vs the Movie, and Frontier vs False Diva / Wings of Goodbye? In other words the broadstrokes are true, but the smaller details are left up to the individual's imagination? Is that what the creators have said? Or something else entirely?
  5. Too soon to request some nice HD wallpapers of Valkyries 2: Second Sortie? There's a tragic lack of good, official HD Frontier mecha wallpaper.
  6. It has lots of explosions and dakka though right? Because really, that's what is important.
  7. Hey guys, questions from a Macross toy newbie. The Macross Frontier VF-25S Armored Messiah Valkyrie Ozuma 1/72 scale is going for cheap on Amazon. But it's a model kit and I don't have much experience with those. I've heard there's no painting and glue, snap together style, which is fine with me. But is the assembly guide easy to follow? I have patience, I just don't read Japanese.
  8. You have will of iron, far more than me. Probably worth the wait though, let's just hope the release comes soon than a Hellsing OVA. From what I've read though, it sounds like I may end up liking the films better than the series.
  9. There are some pretty detailed summaries raging on Animesuki at the moment. But 90% of it is centered on the love triangle, which is not important to me as the battles.
  10. Ha ha, holy poo poo. Did I read that spoiler right? Spoilers obviously. Screw the love triangle, it's already better than the TV show!
  11. Well, I guess the waiting game begins for those of us stuck in the States, but summaries will do for now. And don't forget the battle summaries! Shipping is nice... but so are ships. Interested to see how the plot with the Vajra works out, since they seem much more ruthless this time.
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