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  1. better than alto and ranka, who got..... nothing. Nothing!
  2. Hikaru carrying Minmei and Basara singing? Sheryl as Basara!
  3. Who says Minmay is better? Minmay and Ranka both are spoiled brats.
  4. :lol: Not the Vajra attack. All is hoping on her but she ran away, she isn't at responsible. Her past, yes, she wants to know more but what about the people who depended on this girl? She did not officially step down from the post.... yes, I know she is confused but she's also very childish. First she runs away from the parade, now she runs away from Frontier? She wants Alto to come with her even though the Vajra killed Mikhail. She is too much impulsive, don't you agree? She should think what happens more by people around than herself. There is a limit for everything, even for cute girls like her.
  5. Don't be snide..... There are many different povs there. Not all povs are without reason. She ran off to space without admitting responsibility.
  6. http://that.animeblogger.net/2008/08/31/ma...ranka/#comments Read everyone's comments down there....
  7. Alto and Sheryl are my choice. They match well together.
  8. The Round 2 poll was up to Episode 14-19. Episode 20 will start Round 3.
  9. Continuation of Miss Macross Frontier Contest, Round 2. Let's vote!! Have fun!! Edit: New poll restrictions in place.
  10. It's driving me up the wall having to wait ONE WEEK for each episode.
  11. Continuation of Miss Macross Frontier Contest, Round 1. Let's vote!! (I set it to 14-19 because I want to have a final poll at 20-26.) Have fn!!
  12. Hello? Sheryl is sick. And she still left bed to save Alto and Ranka. That's different from sitting around and letting love competition beat her down, like what Ranka did.
  13. Graham : Thanks for the scans! Do you know anything about the Ranka side story manga as well as the new manga that will replace Ranka's after it's done in July?
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