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  1. At least for me, the reason for wanting to know more about the Supervision Army is to know what the Zentradi have been fighting all this time. Millia & Chlore are 2 of the greatest Aces with many many kills. But who did they kill? The Zentradi war machine has been fighting for hundreds of thousands of years, but fighting who? If you take the DYRL movie it has been Zentran VS Meltran, but that doesn't jive with then TV series. But then we also have to deal Macross's Schroedingers Background so who knows what is REALLY going on. Maybe they have been fighting Gordon Schumway's people from Melmack? While we are hoping & dreaming, how about this for an idea (^_-) We know from M7 & Macross the Ride that they have Civillian ownership of VFs & Destroids. We know from Frontier that they have Mecha training schools/clubs/academies. Picture this, an all girls school for the Moe trend. They are in a band, but also piloting older mecha, say the Destroids that we haven't seen in awhile. They could fight other schools in a turnement or something. It could be called Girls and Destroids, D-On! No wait, the title needs something exotic...German? no... I know they could throw in some Zentradi... Call it Girls te Destroids, D-On! or Meltrans te Destroids, D-On! I need to do some photoshoping at some point...
  2. I am thanking you in advance () Positive reinforcement & all that.
  3. Many Many Many Thanks for Translating that. I have wondered for years what was in it. I once tried to translate a manga with a Japanese to English dictionary & a book on Kanji. I gave up after being found gibbering in a corner like I'd just read a Necronomicon pop up book (pull the tab to see great chuthulu's tentacles wiggle!). I feel super hamstrung on topics here because I can't read Japanese & the info I do know is either super out of date &/or was misinterpreted by the fandom 20-25 years ago or so. I probably need to comb thru the forums & copy posts to .doc files so I can try to keep everything straight. I am thankful to anyone who will translate information on Macross. IIRC Sketchly & Seto Kaiba post translated info also. Thanks again, -Cabbit Commando
  4. Hhhhmmmmm, how about a succesful, independent, cute, pink haired VF Pilot and her on again off again relationship with a David Coverdale looking Rocker Boyfriend... Here is some inspiration: ...Runs from the room before being lynched. Peeks back in... Anyways I am open to anything at this rate, although switching the male female roles could be an interesting change up. Focusing on a colony planet instead of a colony fleet could be interesting. Well, I am going to try not to get my hopes settled on any one thing & take what I can get. This has really made my weekend.
  5. OH MY STARS & GARTERS!!!!!!!! This is Frikkin Awesome! I am going to have a smile on my face all weekend long!
  6. The point about the DYRL making the Meltran the Supervision Army isn't hard fact. With Macross we have Schrödinger's Continuity. SDFM & DYRL are both valid possibilities with any given show until the writers decide which they want to use. In Macross 7 for the Space War 1 celebration they used both SDFM & DYRL designs. While they have generally used DYRL for the design asthetics, I don't recall them saying that they were using the story line in place of SDFM's. If I recall correctly the conceit of the Macross series is that we are watching the TV show dramatizations of the Macross universe. If we compare it to War/action movies, SDFM=The Rat Patrol, Macross Plus=Top Gun, Macross 7=Hogan's Heros, Macross Zero=Made for SyFy original movie were American GIs fight Nazi Zombies, Macross Frontier=Black Sheep Squadron. From these you can gather that there was a WWII, they fought Germans, Japanese & Italians, They fought in Europe & the Pacific. But any useful historical info is suspect. So, I supose the idea that the Meltrans are the Supervision Army is one possibility.
  7. What is "Known" by us fanboys has already been stated & all we have is speculation. The United Forces & the Zentraadi forces know alot more, but because that info hasn't been important to the later series it never comes up. Sort of like in Hogans Heros, we know the Imperial Japanese are at war with the allies, but they never apear in the series so they are never explained in detail. Speculation Time! If I recall correctly, it has been stated/inferred that there are 1000-2000 or so fleets the size of Bodol Zer's fleet cruiseing the galaxy. How big is the Supervision Army? Similar size? Smaller? Larger? There is still a HUGE amount of empty space in the galaxy to hide in. However it is stated that Millia has fought in many battles, presumably against the Supervision Army. So at least some form of them is carrying on the fight regularly. If at least some part of the Supervision Army was made up of Zentraadi then it would make some sense that they have Factory Satelites of their own that produce lage numbers of clones, mecha & ships. For all we know maybe they use the same designs as the Zentraadi. On the other hand, the Varuta used modified VFs & all new ship designs for their forces after they took over the Macross 13 & 5 fleets. Maybe when the ProtoDevlin took over some Zentraadi they used different ship designs (The SDF-1's original look as a SA gunship for example. It is flat out stated as a Supervision Army ship & not a Zentraadi ship of some kind.) When the Macross 7 fleet encounters the Varuta they never say "Oh look! Supervision Army ships!" so I would guess that the Supervision Army doesn't use those designs. What ever happened, I don't think the Supervision Army of "today" has any culture like the Protoculture had or Earth has. If they had then I sure in the last 500,000 cycles they would have noticed Zentrans & Meltrans feeling funny when they hear music or see males & females together. I would think that that would indicate that the Supervision Army, at least in this part of the galaxy, are Zentraadi like, having no culture. On a side note, in the flavor text for the Glaug Officer Pod it states that a massed force of the Supervision Army waged a campaign to destroy the one Factory Satelite that produced the Glaugs. In regards to the Gallia 4 Zentraadi acting all SDFM about Ranka & Sheryl. Maybe they are recent "Converts" to culture. As I said earlier there are many other Zentraadi fleets running around. Also, a sizable number of Zentraadi from Bodol Zer's fleet fled after he blew up. A small piece of that fleet would still numbers in the 10s if not 100s of thousands. While they are leaderless they are still prowling around.
  8. I wanna see Mylene & Ray wearing gray fedora hats & sunglasses & telling Viffidas that they are on a mission from Max to get the band back together. Mostly stock footage or not I'll still watch it. & THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the links to see it outside of Japan.
  9. Happy Birthday Macross! You have brought me many years of happiness, even during some particularly dark times for me. I came home late today, but I will Celebrate by staying up late to work on the Macross Mekton RPG adventure I am running this weekend & watching some Macross! I still get a nostalgic tear when I hear Mari Ijiima singing Minmay songs.
  10. Well this is my 2 cents, Post Space War 1 the only survivors where on the SDF-Macross, One or both Grand Cannons, the Moon bases & some satellites. About 1 million humans in all if I remember right. Most of the people you see in the cities after the earth gets zapped are Zentradi & clones. It would seem that the surviving humans have been settles near the Macross in what was once Alaska & Canada. If I had to hazard a guess, The single largest National group would be Japanese given what I took to be south Ataria Islands proximity to Japan & the fact that Macross was animated in Japan I chalk up the US ARMY on the Thomahawks to be either Left overs from Alaska base & or old salvage from Bodolza's little fireworks display. Pre SW1 I think the only Canon Variable Fighters Are the UN & Anti-UN forces. The only countries able to make Variable Fighters are the ones with access to Over Technology or the ability to get it thru spying. The "Loyal" UN countries would likly be using Valks while the Ant-UN forces would be using the SV-51. What countries were part of the Anti-UN? Dunno, they never said exactly. The Anti-UN foreces seemed to use Soviet/Russian stuff. I believe the SV-51 used some Israeli tech which wouldn't surprise me given the general relations between the UN & Israel. (The last UN resolution passed before Bodolza lit the Earth up was probably to say it was Israel's fault ) OK No more Politics I'll be good. Japan, team players that they are, probably used the Valks. Well, that's some of what I think probably went on.
  11. From every thing I have heard in the films, we only took out ONE Zentradi fleet. There are MANY more out there & after seeing some of the episodes of Macross tv again I don't think the Zentradi are just simply mopping up SA leftovers. The SA may be on the decline but it sounds like they are still a potant active threat. I would love to see more done with them, but I think Kawamori is more interested in doing "New Things" so I don't think he would do a show with them that didn't have some WIERD spin to it.
  12. Technically if you look at the size chart & the general build of the Valk the answer is NO, a Valk shouldn't fit into a Zentradi uniform. However it LOOKED FREAKING COOL in the tv series & Max was the one who did it, so he gets to get away with it. In anime remember, never let physics & such get in the way if it looks cool!
  13. I only have seen the Fleet of Stongest Women once at an anime club meeting years ago so I don't remember all the details. I got the feeling in the original TV series that there were HUGE numbers of Zentradi & Supervision Army Fleets running around. Unless Max's comment was refering to remenants of Bodolza's Fleet. It sounded like it would be inevitable that we would run into one or the other relitivly soon.=m which is why the timeline kinda surprised me by making it seem like there is not much out there. But then planet Zola just kinda appeared in M7 so maybe they just left incidents like that off. I also hear (rumor rumor!!!!) that the Hory Froating Head left some of the VFs named in the timeline purposefully un drawn so that a later show could use the VF name & drw what the wanted then. I am a Pencil & Paper RPG gamer. There I said it & am out of the closet. I feel FABULOUS! I have been converting Macross stuff into Mekton Zeta rules & am thinking of doing domething with the SA & other Zent Fleets. Since I am unwilling to wait another 20 years I am going to use some earlier proposals for some of the Zentradi mecha as designs for the SA in my games. I can't quite bring myself to use MII or desecrate the name of Macross by using anything Palladium came up with. I figure this way I'll at least be using created by Studio Nue BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ah the power of Culture, We take your alphabet & write dirty messages. To be really cool (Nerdy?) take the alphabet & right using some of the zentran words from the Compendium! BTW it was the Pine Apple Salad episode that you could see the name on the side of the Ship that Millia was in. In the Ship that the 3 spies were in watching the miss macross show, the sign beside the escape pod can be translated (it says escape pod, duh) at least in my perfect memory that is what it shows
  15. This is probably old news & I will get yawns from this, but did you know that alot of the Zentradi Signs written down in the film are actually English once the letters are translated from Zentradi to english! The Mecha are not considered signs because the only have unit letters. Cool huh!?
  16. I know, but thanks alot anyways. I brought up the Pinapple salad episode stuff to hearken back to my question of what mecha did the Meltrans use. Since most of my early information about things Macross/Robotech came from the Palladium RPG, & I only relativly recently was able to get the DVDs, I was only aware of 5 of the Zentradi ship types. I also looked again in my Perfect Memory & found a size chart that included the Zentradi Gunboat & it is WAY smaller that the Macross. I guess that torpedos my original comment on the SA ship size.
  17. I just watched eps 27 & 36 & darned if it wasn't there. Infact Kamjin was commanding one in eps 36! I watched a few more eps too When Milia was gunning for Max the Purple ship she was on disgorged Q-Raus & Fighter Pods, so I guess that the Meltrandi* used them too. I also used my Zentradi decoder ring to translate what was written on the side of the ship. (Thanks DP-9s Macross II Deckplans ) It said "109 (1009?) Lamis" Aparently the Zentran alphabet that Palladium used they swiped from the Zentran decoder thing that the Japanese sold many many years ago. Glad they at least got SOMETHING right in the RPG Game. *I use Meltran/Zentran to describe female/male as per later Macross series. I am not refering to DYRL. PS Millia Rulz. PPS Max is better PPPS Han shot first.
  18. Wow I didn't realize these were photos of you. You make a great Misa. The Uniform looks like it was put together well too. It really is functional & not just a costume piece.
  19. Quote: Considering the ASS-1 was one of the smallest ships in their arsenal, it makes a person wonder what the full scale cruisers looked like..... End Quote Indeed. Tho I would say that the SA ships would be any where from a bit smaller to no bigger than a Zentradi ship, given the size relation between a Zentran Gunship & their capital class ships. But that is just my thought. It was special circumstances that kept the SDF-1 from being blasted to atoms rather than the power of the ship. I saw an interesting design in my Macross perfect memory that was listed with the Zentradi ships. I belive it is this http://macross.anime.net//mecha/zentradi/s...oyer/index.html I don't think I have seen it in the film though.
  20. Alas I am once again struct down by lack of official info. Pardon me whilst I glare at my snickering Gundam Otaku Friends. The search for info is based partly on being a rabid fan & partly on being a rabid fan who plays Mecha/Anime Based RPGs It seems though that the SA ships have a side splitting main gun as opposed to the top bottom splitting Zentradi ones, but that is a pure guess based on the SDF Macross/SA gunship & conjecture from the ASS-2 wreck. Nice to meet ya Danth, Check out these Ideas: Tenchi Macross or Super Dimensional Fortress Ryo-ohki Follow the exploits of our hero Tenchi Ichijo as he deals with complex relationships with his comanding officer Ayeka Hayase, Young singing star Lynn Sasami & Alien Ace Ryoko. Can Captain Katsuhito Global safely guide the SDF-Ryo-Ohki back home? In their way stand the massive Zentradi fleet led by Mihoshi (wearing a Breetai style mask) & her archivist Washu, sent by the Tokimi main fleet to capture the SDF-Ryo-ohki. Lets also not forget to mention "Kimagure Megaroad" The story takes place on a Megaroad class colony ship. A young Spiritua user, Kasuga Kyousuke, finds himself torn between the affections of a hyper young girl named Hiyama Hikaru & her best friend the 1/2 Zentradi girl Ayukawa Madoka. (does this count as hijacking my own thread?)
  21. What was going thru my mind last night/this morning? Has the Hory Froating Head or one of his minions said anything about the Meltrandi designs from DYRL? I get the impression that regular timeline Meltrandi tended to pilot Queedlun-Rau & Maybe fighter pods. Did they use Regults too? In the episode were Millia took the 3 spies onto the Macross there were Regults but I think she was on a Male ship just acting as a highly skilled courier. I know that because Millia was an Ace & the Queedlun-Rau is kewl that there is a tendency to think of the females as the special forced aces of the Zentradi. I don't know if this is true or not but it would explain their presence in relativly small numbers. I think in the Fleet of the Strongest women episode from M7 that they were all using Q-Rau suits.
  22. Das isht coool!!!!! Woot! If only she could show up at Anime Central this year. I didn't have a camera with me at the time but at Sugoi-Con 2005 I saw a Hikaru or generic UN Spacy Pilot walking around. Now if only we could only find a way to get a con full of Misas, Minmays & Millias!
  23. Hi this may have been covered in a post that the search engine couldn't find. Are all the Supervision Army forces Spiritia sucking Protodevlin fodder or are they (or some of them) basically Zentradi with different ship designs. I was under the impression that the Protodevlin had just Mind Whammied a good chunk of the SA, Zentradi & ProtoCulture & that the SA wasn't completely created by Protodevlin as their fodder. For general chuckles & giggles: I know canon is out the window on this next bit & personal preference would kick in, but here goes. Would SA ship designs tend to resemble the Meltrandi ships from DYRL? How would a non-boldoz Zentradi ship react to a UN spacy ship, Human made or refurbashed Zentradi design? They might not shoot at the Zentradi designed one until they realized that they are "infected" It is about 8 hours past my bed time & i am rambling now Thanks all. P.S. Macross rulz
  24. Darn & here I was hoping they would get Hillary Duff to play Minmay. (Ducks into Bunker to avoid the rightious justice) I didn't know about the ADV dub or that Animego disks can break! I mussssst be extra carefull with my preciousssss. Hmmm. I sounds like the Dub disks some with a Subbtitle option. I might have to pick some up incase the unthinkable happens to my preciouses.
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