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  1. First off, you missed one turret then, as there's one at the back of the crotch that's only been visible very briefly. Second, I'm not counting anything double, I'm just counting the Aether and Hemera, as well as the BASTER L/R, as part of the Elysion and using the combined turret count. But if you insist: Elysion: 3 Twin Converging Beam Cannon turrets, 12 Twin Super Dimension Energy Cannon turrets Each BASTER-type: 5 Twin Converging Beam Cannon turrets, four large apparent missile tubes, four large axial guns Each carrier: 4 Twin Converging Beam Cannon turrets, 1 Macross Cannon. As a complete fighting unit, the ship has more guns than the Battle Frontier and Macross Quarter Movie version combined, and if I'm not completely mistaken in my math, it can actually fire at least as many guns of each type in any given direction as either of the other ships. And the Macross cannon may not have been fired at full power - either because it didn't have enough time to charge up to full capacity, or because the ship was firing it in an atmosphere. There's also the whole deal with how the Macross cannons of previous ships have been much more impressive at range than up close - I think the shot in episode 13 is one of the closest range Macross cannon shots we've gotten to date, excepting when SDF-1 fires its last shot during the rebuild arc. As for retractable guns - we don't have any official specs saying either one way or the other for the Elysion yet, so it might well have them too. There's certainly plenty of hatches that could be for Destroids, AA guns or missile launchers to pop out of. Not to mention all those tracers that fire out of nowhere in particular on every ship during battle. Also, I don't need to cite the doujin anymore, given that pictures of the DX toy proved that even the doujin was way too optimistic about the internal spaces of the ARMD-L. There's absolutely no way you could fit Rabbit 1 inside the actual ARMD-L - it's too narrow and too shallow in the hull for most of its length, and the place where the hangar would go is where the arm *does* go. I suspect Rabbit 1 and the Queadlunns are actually hangared within the arm, not the ARMD...
  2. "Handful of turrets" I counted 13 of the twin "Converging Beam" turrets on the Elysion itself (3 on the torso, 5 on each spire); plus another four on each carrier. That's 21 turrets, or 42 barrels - more than on the Battle Frontier, the previous reigning champion of beam spam (12 twins and 4 triples, for a total of 36 barrels). *On top* of that, the Elysion carries twelve twin "Quarter Cannon" turrets, which are much beefier. The Quarter herself only carried ten of these. (and I'm still not convinced the Elysion's turrets aren't bigger versions.) Then there's the *two* Macross Cannons. Basically, the Elysion has more visible weapons than the Battle Frontier and the Quarter (movie version) *combined*. It is *stupendously* heavily armed. (As for lighter weapons, Frontier is supposed to have some guns on each leg but they're only really visible in the overall shots on M3 as small smudges, and not at all in the show due to angles not covering that part; Elysion on the other hand sports six twin turrets on each leg for apparent anti-mecha purposes.) As for the size of the Aether and Hemera, I'm still fairly certain they're bigger than a Guantanamo, and that the stated air wing of the Guantanamo requires TARDIS tech to actually fit inside the ship. The one for the Quarter *certainly* does, as the ship is physically not big enough to fit everything that the specs say it has. The Elysion's arms are the only carriers shown in the show to date that look like they can actually fit the airwing we see them operate...
  3. Sure you can display the VF alone - *all* of the VF-25 kits come with a full set of parts for the plain version, and all the decals and stickers. (except for the VF-25F Tornado, which only has decals). It's just that you can't just pop the armor off and display it, you have to put the plain parts back on first. I'm pretty sure the VF-31 will work the same way. What I'm not sure about is how they're going to handle the separately sold Super parts, because the VF-25 super parts had the unit-specific bits molded in color for the Ozma and Alto releases, and white for the separate release, and you had to use stickers to color them. But the VF-25 super parts only had four unit-specific color parts to begin with, so it wasn't *totally* awful. The VF-31 has at least 11 parts that are unit-specific in color, and they're all huge, and some of them are really complicated. Covering some of these, like the back end of the boosters, up with stickers is going to be *really* difficult. So what are they going to do? Release individual super parts for each VF appropriately colored runners? Release a single pack with five dfferently colored runners so you can make the one you want? Make only a "Hayate" version? Or will they do what they really should have done with the VF-25s, and release both a super and a plain version of every VF individually? (Because what's the point of an RVF-25 without the super parts, it's literally only seen without them when Alto rescues Luca...)
  4. If the Elysion was 400-500 meters long, it would be no bigger than the Quarter in ship mode, which does not compute. Plus, the Aether and Hemera would be smaller than Guantanamo-class carriers, which does not compute either. If we accept the 820-something meter height for the Elysion's attacker mode, then the ship mode basically has to be 600 to 700 meters long. And I never got the slightest hint that the colony ship was more than three times as long as the Elysion either way. Meh, we can argue this forever, we'll get official stats from a magazine one of these days.
  5. I still think the Barette City dome is too small to have been one of those. Even at a minimum, the domes in the Macross 1 shot would have to be something along the lines of 3 km long, and that's without an Uraga at the front. The more I look at the Barette City dome, I get the feeling it's less than two kilometers from one end to the other, based on the known size of the Elysion. If the Elysion had been the size of an NMBC or bigger the way people thought from initial scaling (when someone scaled out the Aether and got 700-900 meters for it alone) - then I'd have bought the idea that the Ragna dome is the same size as the Macross 1 domes. But as it is, it's just way too tiny. I'm not saying the Ragna dome categorically can't have been part of a Macross colony fleet, just that it's not a ship type we've seen before unless it's been totally re-imagined.
  6. I'm not sure the ship in episode 1 is an Island One-type vessel, whatever that is docked to the front doesn't really look like an NMBC. Hard to tell from the angle though. The ship in Episode 5's pre-opening sequence is definitely the same one we're always seeing on Ragna though (and now in space too) - it has the buildings sticking out of the dome.
  7. It's been way more than 24 hours since the subs came out, we can drop the spoilers. They were using their clothes as reaction mass, throwing them one way so they'd end up going the other way. The thing is though, either they were some *heavy* clothes, or they had to throw them *really* hard to get any kind of speed. If you weigh sixty kilograms, and you're throwing a piece of clothing weighing 1 kg, you'll need to impart about 60 m/s velocity on the clothing to gain 1 m/s yourself. (though the clothes can lose a lot of velocity instantly to air resistance just fine, so it doesn't have to look like they're going 60 m/s.)
  8. I don't think there needs to be any full scale New Macross fleets in the Brisingr cluster. Basically, what I think happened was that after Megaroad-04 discovered and landed on Windermere, they sent their escorts out to look around, found the other planets, and reported back to Earth who sent out targeted colony ships to the planets of the Brisingr Cluster. These wouldn't have needed anything like the endurance or population of a New Macross-type fleet (which set out without a firm destination in mind and can take a decade or two to find a place to settle), hence the smaller dome we see on Ragna (which is not much larger than a Megaroad, and way smaller than even the smaller domes in the Macross 1 fleet). As for what ship the Ragna island ship is designed to dock with, based on the shape of the docking apparatus and the size of the dome I'm guessing either a Northampton or a Guantanamo. Certainly not a New Macross Battle class, because that would be almost as big as the whole dome. It is mentioned in the show that the docking apparatus is broken though.
  9. Most likely coincidence, as it's been announced ahead of time that the subs would be late two of the three times we've had to wait for them.
  10. They've made super parts for all of the VF kits they've made to date that were supposed to have them except the YF-19, so I wouldn't worry. Also, I'm pretty sure the leg bends on the VF-31 the same as it does on the VF-1 or VF-25. The Hasegawa Super VF-25 kits shipped with a complete pair of extra legs with the bend built in, on top of all the regular parts - the VF-31 will probably require something similar. We won't know until they get around to releasing it.
  11. I don't have any of *those* kinds of experimenting skills myself either, I was mainly thinking of doing alternate paint schemes or trying to make my own turrets etc. Imagine using this as a baseline and then pulling a "Quarter 17" from Sayonara no Tsubasa - the one which had 24 turrets instead of the regular Quarter's 10. Turrets *everywhere*.
  12. One is for building straight up. One is for experimenting. The third one goes in the stash, waiting for someone to come out with a detail set for it (better turrets and masts etc).
  13. Elysion available for pre-order at HLJ for 425 yen each: http://hlj.com/product/BANN09070/Sci I've ordered three, for now...
  14. All that blue scares me, is it all going to be stickers like on the separate VF-25 super parts? Or are the parts going to be molded in blue so you have to paint them to get any of the other units? Edit: Oh wow, confirmation that those really *are* missile launchers on top of the fuselage, missed that at first. Also, no speaker pod system.
  15. TV: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1a-max.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1d-virginroad.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1j-max.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1j-super-max.htm DYRL: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/variant-vf-1a-fastpack-max.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/variant-vf-1s-dyrl-max.htm Mac7: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross7/variant-vf-22s-max.htm If you google "Hasegawa (name of model) Max" you should be able to find pictures of the model kits of each one, as IIRC all of Max's VF-1s and the VF-22 have been released over the years.
  16. OK, so I've been sitting here all day hand-transcribing the text of the Battleships of the Galaxy vol 2 book into Google Translate (since trying to OCR it went absolutely nowhere), then trying to interpret what it spits out. I think I've gotten the gist of the first page, and have a readable translation of it, but I could do with a translation check if anyone feels up to the task... Here's the source text, as transcribed (still in Japanese): And here's my take at translating it: Does this look about right?
  17. Fansubbers are probably still on their way home from Anime Expo, like the speakerpodcast people. I don't expect the subs to show up until tomorrow, my time. Question for the people in the know: When are the next round of magazines where articles about Macross show up due out?
  18. You know what I want right now? Pictures of the VF-31 sitting next to some other 1/72 VFs, so we can appreciate the size of the thing.... That's the one thing I haven't seen yet, comparisons with other VFs or real-world fighters.
  19. Glad you like tough questions, Seto Kaiba! I have another for you: In the "Battleships of the Galaxy Vol 2" book, on page 25, there's a picture of what the author calls the "Kaga-class stealth space carrier", which appears to be a larger version of the Guantanamo-class with an Uraga-class control tower on top. I was assuming that this was a fan design, but then someone on /m/ claimed that it's from one of the same set of games as the Daedalus II, which would basically make it a precursor to both the Guantanamo and Uraga-class. You mentioned earlier that you have the book in question, so I figure you'll know which ship I'm talking about. Is this true though, or wishful thinking? And if it's true, is there any actual art of the thing that doesn't come from this book?
  20. Whatever they have, it looks identical to the charging pod, at least as we saw them in episode 6. I'll have to go through ep 13 again to see if there was any footage of the -31A in Gerwalk or Battroid (I think those were -31As that Bogue passed as he went for Aether), but I don't remember seeing anything that really stuck out.
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