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  1. I don't think there needs to be any full scale New Macross fleets in the Brisingr cluster. Basically, what I think happened was that after Megaroad-04 discovered and landed on Windermere, they sent their escorts out to look around, found the other planets, and reported back to Earth who sent out targeted colony ships to the planets of the Brisingr Cluster. These wouldn't have needed anything like the endurance or population of a New Macross-type fleet (which set out without a firm destination in mind and can take a decade or two to find a place to settle), hence the smaller dome we see on Ragna (which is not much larger than a Megaroad, and way smaller than even the smaller domes in the Macross 1 fleet). As for what ship the Ragna island ship is designed to dock with, based on the shape of the docking apparatus and the size of the dome I'm guessing either a Northampton or a Guantanamo. Certainly not a New Macross Battle class, because that would be almost as big as the whole dome. It is mentioned in the show that the docking apparatus is broken though.
  2. Most likely coincidence, as it's been announced ahead of time that the subs would be late two of the three times we've had to wait for them.
  3. They've made super parts for all of the VF kits they've made to date that were supposed to have them except the YF-19, so I wouldn't worry. Also, I'm pretty sure the leg bends on the VF-31 the same as it does on the VF-1 or VF-25. The Hasegawa Super VF-25 kits shipped with a complete pair of extra legs with the bend built in, on top of all the regular parts - the VF-31 will probably require something similar. We won't know until they get around to releasing it.
  4. I don't have any of *those* kinds of experimenting skills myself either, I was mainly thinking of doing alternate paint schemes or trying to make my own turrets etc. Imagine using this as a baseline and then pulling a "Quarter 17" from Sayonara no Tsubasa - the one which had 24 turrets instead of the regular Quarter's 10. Turrets *everywhere*.
  5. One is for building straight up. One is for experimenting. The third one goes in the stash, waiting for someone to come out with a detail set for it (better turrets and masts etc).
  6. Elysion available for pre-order at HLJ for 425 yen each: http://hlj.com/product/BANN09070/Sci I've ordered three, for now...
  7. All that blue scares me, is it all going to be stickers like on the separate VF-25 super parts? Or are the parts going to be molded in blue so you have to paint them to get any of the other units? Edit: Oh wow, confirmation that those really *are* missile launchers on top of the fuselage, missed that at first. Also, no speaker pod system.
  8. TV: http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1a-max.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1d-virginroad.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/variant-vf-1j-max.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/vf-1j-super-max.htm DYRL: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/variant-vf-1a-fastpack-max.htm http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossdyrl/variant-vf-1s-dyrl-max.htm Mac7: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macross7/variant-vf-22s-max.htm If you google "Hasegawa (name of model) Max" you should be able to find pictures of the model kits of each one, as IIRC all of Max's VF-1s and the VF-22 have been released over the years.
  9. OK, so I've been sitting here all day hand-transcribing the text of the Battleships of the Galaxy vol 2 book into Google Translate (since trying to OCR it went absolutely nowhere), then trying to interpret what it spits out. I think I've gotten the gist of the first page, and have a readable translation of it, but I could do with a translation check if anyone feels up to the task... Here's the source text, as transcribed (still in Japanese): And here's my take at translating it: Does this look about right?
  10. Fansubbers are probably still on their way home from Anime Expo, like the speakerpodcast people. I don't expect the subs to show up until tomorrow, my time. Question for the people in the know: When are the next round of magazines where articles about Macross show up due out?
  11. You know what I want right now? Pictures of the VF-31 sitting next to some other 1/72 VFs, so we can appreciate the size of the thing.... That's the one thing I haven't seen yet, comparisons with other VFs or real-world fighters.
  12. Glad you like tough questions, Seto Kaiba! I have another for you: In the "Battleships of the Galaxy Vol 2" book, on page 25, there's a picture of what the author calls the "Kaga-class stealth space carrier", which appears to be a larger version of the Guantanamo-class with an Uraga-class control tower on top. I was assuming that this was a fan design, but then someone on /m/ claimed that it's from one of the same set of games as the Daedalus II, which would basically make it a precursor to both the Guantanamo and Uraga-class. You mentioned earlier that you have the book in question, so I figure you'll know which ship I'm talking about. Is this true though, or wishful thinking? And if it's true, is there any actual art of the thing that doesn't come from this book?
  13. Whatever they have, it looks identical to the charging pod, at least as we saw them in episode 6. I'll have to go through ep 13 again to see if there was any footage of the -31A in Gerwalk or Battroid (I think those were -31As that Bogue passed as he went for Aether), but I don't remember seeing anything that really stuck out.
  14. Don't know if they've done anything about it on the new decal sheets, but the ones for the VF-25s sucked royally, and would chip off in large chunks at the slightest provocation. I'd suggest at least trying the stickers - use the "dip them in water" trick that was posted about earlier to make them go on smoother, and then rub them down with a Q-tip to make them fit. The stickers at least won't flake off the moment you transform the kit...
  15. It's literally just another concert number to book-end the series, with Sheryl and Ranka singing a song together in a holo-stage that looks like a giant living room. It's not over-painted like they do for the numbers in the movie, the characters are left in 3D (normally they do these things like this then draw the characters over the rough models, there's a guy from Ireland i think who did some tutorials on youtube showing how it's done), so it looks a little different from the other numbers, but Kawamori himself says it's supposed to be set after the rest of the movie which would pretty much require Sheryl to be back up and singing.
  16. I'm not actually in the market for the DX kits, they're way out of my price range and I'm more of a 1/72 kind of guy. It was just kind of jarring how all the other models looked like they had hardpoint connectors specifically based on the DX toy hardpoints... and then the DX toys didn't have them in the preview pics. It was such a complete "wut?" moment.
  17. That's somebody's custom, not the official kit, if I understood the post correctly. And I'm not convinced there's actually anything in the nose profile that would need changing for the VF-1EX, it didn't look any different to me at all. Edit: Confirmed, the builder's tweets linked in the post say he used the Max kit from the Max-and-Milia set to make this, and that the wings are wrong. Might the VF-1EX kit have the VT-1/VE-1 wings with the RCS blisters on them? Edit2: Now that I looked at the decal placement diagram, I think he's referring to the fact that one of the lightning bolts is rotated 90 degrees. They should both be pointing forward and aft with the wings spread.
  18. No, British squadrons don't appear to have official names, just the numbers. It's an interesting set of options. VF-1 "Wolfpack" was disestablished on September 30, 1993; VF-33 "Starfighters" literally the day after (October 1, 1993); and VF-111 "Sundowners" a year and a half later (March 31, 1995). VFA-27 "Royal Maces" and VFA-195 "Dambusters" were never Tomcat squadrons, and are still flying the F/A-18E - both of them out of NAS Atsugi/CV-76 Ronald Reagan, apparently. 800 Squadron was one of the last Sea Harrier squadrons, and one of the last Royal Navy Harrier squadrons altogether, and is currently inactive, with a single officer at the RN academy being in charge of keeping the tradition alive.
  19. Because some people can't handle that it's not *their* Macross, it's Kawamori's Macross. And the Big Hoary Froating Head does as he likes. Anyway, here's a DX toy related question at least. Does the DX toy actually have the hardpoints that are on all the other merchandise? The in-show 3D model, the 1/72 transformable kit, the 1/144 Gimix kit and the Mecha Colle kit all have very obvious hardpoint connectors (the most obvious on any VF ever), and it was fairly obvious to me at least that they're based on the functional hardpoint connectors on the DX toys for the VF-171 and YF-30... but when I saw the early prototype pics for the DX toy - which are so far the only ones I've seen where the hardpoint connectors should have been visible - the toy didn't have them. And the more recent pics I've seen have all been from the front or above, where the hardpoint connectors wouldn't be visible. (Wouldn't that really be typical Bandai - Kawamori goes "here, let me just use the same hardpoint connectors on this design and make them really visible on the model so people won't complain about how they look on the toy", and then Bandai puts them on everything else *except* the toy...)
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