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  1. 99% sure we're getting all five Siegfried versions, and 100% sure we're getting Keith's Draken III. Only 75% sure we're getting the "regular" Draken III, though, and I wouldn't bet on us getting either the Nightmare Plus or the Kairos - last time, they only made the main character VFs and a grunt version of the VF-27, and that was it, except for decal and equipment variations. We didn't even get a YF-29 or super parts for the VF-27, as Bandai had basically dropped the 1/72 line by the time the second movie was released. Then again, last time they only started releasing kits after the show was over, whereas this time they've started while show is only half way through. *And* they've got the whole "Macross Modelers" thing in the background. Depending on how well the new kits - and the re-issues - sell, they might find it in their budgets to give us some grunts for this show, and maybe even the earlier shows. After all, all it would take for them to give us a VF-25A would be to switch the color on the VF-25G and include the standard gun pod runner instead of the sniper pod, and an extra sticker sheet with some separate numbers.
  2. They're even smaller on the 1/72 kit, you know... Anyway, both DX toys have them, though the original version had the part with the thrusters molded in the overall unit color, and as engraved detail at that. Really not very visible unless you already know they're there. The Renewal toy looks more like the 1/72 kit, with the thrusters molded in the same color as the inner frame instead of the exterior, and so they stand out enough to be visible. If Anymoon.com likes hotlinks, then this picture should show the difference: The YF-29 toy on the other hand does not appear to have any thruster detail in this area, from what I could tell - then again, *it* doesn't really need any mini-thrusters when it has the two big ones on the wings that'll be pointed in the direction of travel anyway...
  3. Is anyone else hoping we get to see some full size Zentraedi singing again in Delta? Galaxy is Calling Me had Emilia, and Frontier had the Enka singer in episode 5, both of which could be heard for *miles*, but they were both solo singers. Imagine what a good size force of Zentraedi could do with a proper battle hymn. Maybe as part of a "if we keep singing, the VAR won't get us" measure during a battle?
  4. The VF-25 had six very tiny thrusters inset in the mating surface with the shield - on the model kits, these like to fall out and I don't know if any of mine has both of theirs at the moment. And of course, the super parts had a medium-sized rocket nozzle as well. I won't know what the solution they used on the VF-31 is until I get my kit, but I'm thinking there'll be some thruster detail on the interior back plate that is revealed when the modular pod is deployed.
  5. 3' 4", going by the official length. It'd be the size of a 1/350 modern aircraft carrier, or one of the big Space Battleship Yamato kits, so not completely unheard of, just unlikely.
  6. Maybe I should have pointed out as well that there are plenty of aircraft where the landing gear themselves deploy into the airstream like that without getting ripped off - because by the time the gear are deployed, the aircraft is moving slow enough for that not to happen. Same thing most likely applies to the VF-31's main gear, it doesn't deploy unless you're below 200 knots or so and thus isn't exposed to forces sufficient to rip the doors off. Also, to expand on the take-off rotation problem: Most aircraft pitch up by forcing the tail down, rather than the nose up. That's why jet fighters either have delta-wings or ginormous horizontal tails - so that their elevators are as far back as possible and can provide downforce to lever the nose around. VFs don't have horizontal tails, and a lot of them - all the variable-geometry ones definitely - have their only horizontal control surfaces well in front of their landing gear. The only way of providing downforce behind the landing gear is the thrust vectoring engines, which in real life aren't enough for the kind of pitch authority you need on an aircraft with conventionally placed landing gear, hence why the F-22 still has massive horizontal tails. The delta-winged VFs at least have control surfaces behind the landing gear, but they still need to provide a lot more downforce with those control surfaces than they would with a more reasonable landing gear placement. Which is why the more forward-mounted landing gear on the VF-31 is so welcome, because it means Kawamori has finally figured out the problem and is working on fixing it. Even if he's introducing other problems by doing so. (just put the landing gear in the wings where the arms go now, and put the arms back between the legs where they used to be, and the problem will be more or less solved. Except for the model kits probably becoming impossible to balance on their landing gear, but then model builders have had to insert nose weights into their fighter kits for years.)
  7. This build looks really nice, and I kind of wish there was an 1/72 kit of the VF-2SS to go with all the other VF kits.
  8. All VF landing gears are bad, period. Except maybe the YF-21/VF-22, and that's only because I don't remember where they go on that plane. The problem with the previous ones is that ideally, you want the landing gear right behind the center of gravity in order to make the take-off rotation easier, with nearly half the mass of the aircraft acting as a counter-weight. All the VFs with the landing gear in the leg have them way too far back for this to work properly, thus they need a bunch of extra lift (and thus speed) in order to get the nose up during take-off. And the problem with the VF-31's gear isn't the landing gear door orientation - look up what the nose gear on the F-15 looks like - but that it appears to retract into the intake trunking for the main engine. Which means that air would have to magically get from the intake to the engine without passing through the leg, somehow. Not that the airflow needing magic is anything new in VF legs, all those joints in the legs would make airflow pretty much impossible IRL anyway.
  9. Bigger pictures: I'm thinking I'm going to get three or four of these... The one inaccuracy with the thing that I see is that the carrier decks are flat, rather than folded down like on the anime version. Then again, this is still a 3D-print preview, not the finished model - you can tell from how rough the sides of the central section are. Also, I'd love a 1/4000 of this and the Battle Frontier from Hasegawa. And the Quarter too.
  10. You'll notice that they very pointedly haven't shown us whether the modular pod on the super VF-31 is the same as the normal one, or the speaker pack... and that they haven't shown us whether those pods on the back open. Pretty sure they do, given how similar they are to the VF-25 super parts. but they probably have smaller payload.
  11. I still can't take the designations for those Mauler guns seriously... because in my native language, "röv" means "arse". As in, the very vulgar version of the word which your momma will threaten to wash your mouth out with soap for using.
  12. This is like arguing politics, you lot are so completely convinced Johnson is an idiot that you can't accept any arguments that he isn't. Chaos didn't win? Chaos aren't a true military force, they're basically security guards for the galaxy's rowdiest concerts. They're tiny, they're spread thin, and their entire training is to shoot to disable, rather than kill, because the people they usually fight are innocents that can be brought back to normal with sufficient song. They end up being charged with protecting the entire cluster from a nation-state actor with the ability to suborn local forces in minutes, and whose base they can't get to despite knowing where it is, and who has all the advantages. And their best asset at combating the Var can only be in one place at a time, while Heinz doesn't have to leave Windermere and can project his song anywhere in the cluster. Despite these disadvantages, they still manage to figure out what the cause of the mind control is, and what the enemy plans to do. They even have a plan to do something about it - which would have worked Heinz hadn't miraculously gained the ability to sing twice a day instead of once. "Why didn't they lie in wait for the Sigur Valens and blast it as it came out of Fold?" I don't know, why did no one else try doing that? Oh wait they did at Al Shahal, and the fold barrier came up immediately, no-sold the whole armada's massed strike, and then the fold song turned all the defenders in 15 minutes. "But with Walkure singing it would be different!" Walkure were stunned out of their own song when Heinz started singing, it was that strong. Walkure *themselves* needed a morale booster or two before they managed to start up again. Face it, the moment the bomb went off and the ruins were unhurt, it was plainly obvious that the planet was lost. They'd traded the city away and gotten nothing, and would never have gotten anything even if the Sigur Valens *hadn't* been sitting on top of the ruins when they blew.
  13. The under-wing panels are shield extenders - you can see them when Chuck goes "Gerwalk Fighter" and deploys his arms in episode 6. The boosters IMO are no worse than the boosters on the VF-11 or the AeroSpace super parts for the VF-19 or (IIRC) VF-22 - those don't look all that secure either. Anyway, this was just posted to /m/:
  14. Legendary screw-up *how*, *again*? He had frakk all resources to work with that would stand up to the song of the wind. Let's say they went with the NUNS plan. They evac Barette city and (try to) blow up the ruins as soon as the civvies are clear. It fails, and then Gramia shows up in orbit with a full power Sigur Valens with the song booster and fold barrier in working order. At that point, he's invincible, because not even the Macross cannons on Elysion would do anything to the fold barrier. In the show, the fold barrier goes down due to Freyja's singing, when Heinz is swept up in the resonance event. The macross cannon shot only has to contend with the "normal" barrier around the ship, not the totally impenetrable one that was used to tank the reaction warhead. Elysion going to Al-Shahal, and getting off that parting shot at the Sigur Valens that busted its song booster for a bit is the only reason they managed to get *any* of the defending forces that stuck around until the end away with their minds intact.
  15. The rune is a fold sensor, duh. We're told this outright in the show. Also, the trigger for a reaction bomb uses some kind of fold shenanigans, probably to keep the matter and anti-matter or whatever they're using apart. This is what the windermereans (Gramia, Roid, Heinz and Keith are all shown with their runes lighting between the scene where the bomb goes off under water, and the fireball erupting) react to. Why Gramia knew to order maximum power to the ventral shields? Because he's served as a knight prior to the independence war, during the period where the NUNS were using the knights as cannon fodder to fight Zentraedi and whatnot (from the manga summaries), and has more than likely been in the presence of a reaction bomb going off before, so he recognized what he was feeling immediately. And Keith more than likely put two and two together from stories. As for the major from a-hole, the camera is focused on a cruiser of a different color to all the others while his voice is talking, then switches to him, which, you know, suggests he's on that cruiser. Said cruiser is hovering above the city ship, in full view of the battle in orbit, and he's not lifting a finger, and he's outright telling Arad he doesn't care about the evacuation, all he cares about is blowing up the ruins. The next shot we have of the city, there's explosions all around the city, but the NUNS ships are no longer there, instead a-hole-man is staring down at them from above, with a diagram showing where the bomb is relative to the city ship (which is pretty damned close), and smirking, since the Sigur Valens is almost on top of the ruins. As soon as it's directly above, he orders the bomb detonated - and off it goes. We have a shot from underwater of the bomb going off, then it cuts to the scene aboard the Sigur Valens where Gramia's rune flashes and then he orders the shields up, and then everyone else's rune flash, and then boom, massive fireball. Incidentally, there are two frames in that sequence that are completely white - they're a few frames apart, but I think they're supposed to mimic the so-called double-flash of a hydrogen bomb. Also, contrary to the NUNS guy saying they'd be using a small directed reaction warhead, this thing tosses up a fireball that is several times as big across as the Sigur Valens is long. Then, as soon as the smoke clears and the ruins (re)appear, the major goes "Huh, so this is what the scientists were talking about," then orders "we got the data, retreat immediately". And then they leave, and are not seen again this episode. The order for the colony ship doesn't come until a couple of minutes later in the show, when after Heinz starts singing and the Sigur Valens transforms, *Arad* orders the evacuation in light of Var syndrome starting to break out on the colony ship, where casualties would be immense if people started going out of control. Only after that does the ship start to take off. Also note that there are no cruisers of the same coloring as the major's during the evacuation scene - I count five frigates, but they're all that light color that all the others are, one or two cruisers, an Uraga and a Guantanamo in one shot, and then two Uragas and two Guantanamos in the next shot as they fold out.
  16. Dropping the spoiler protection since the subs have been out for nearly two days. First of all, Lady M did *not* delay the evacuation. People are still seen evacuating as quickly as possible after we're told Lady M got the go ahead to try their plan first, and the Ragnyanyan kids are still packing up as the Elysion takes off, because everyone knows this is a last-ditch attempt and not a guaranteed success by any means, so blaming her does not work. Blaming Ernest for setting off the attack early doesn't work either, because how in the blue hells was anyone supposed to know that the Sigur Valens was ready immediately? Every piece of intelligence they had said they'd be forced to stay put for a while to recharge. No, Valan sits there with his fleet of ships parked over the colony while the battle rages in orbit, and isn't lifting a finger to help, and outright tells Arad that he doesn't care if the evacuation is complete, it's not his problem, nor is the bomb Arad's business. Then he moves his own ships away from the dome as the Sigur Valens approaches, because they're not in the shot where the battle rages above the dome itself. And then he stands there with a very satisfied smirk as he detonates the device, causing massive casualties to his own side, and then he's still smirking when the ruins are *not* destroyed, and goes, "oh, it's exactly like predicted! Save that scan data, and let's get out of here.) Finally, there's the whole matter of precedent. Previous protoculture ruins seen on the show include the Altira in DYRL, which was mostly inactive; the ruins on Rax in Macross 7; the ruins on Varauta that contained the Protodeviln; the Bird Man in Macross Zero, and the Ouroboros ruins in Macross 30. Three of the five were actively dangerous when awakened and two didn't care one whit about reaction weapons, possibly the third as well if you count the big blast missiles in the game as canon or as just game mechanics. You do not nuke something you don't know the function of, because awakening Space Cthulhu or Space Gojira is a an actual, known-to-be-possible result. There is no evidence other than his own word that his motivations were anything like what he says they were, and plenty of indication otherwise. He certainly didn't care one at all about the safety of the citizens of the cluster, or he'd have at least ordered his ships to help out in the defense with flak guns or something. Instead, as I said they never fire a shot, and actively move out of the battle zone when it gets closer. Also, what, in your mind, was Kaos supposed to do at any given point during the show that they didn't do? Tell me that, and I can almost guarantee you I can come up with a completely logical explanation for why Ernest didn't do that. He's a damned good commander, but his force is tiny, it's spread really thin, and only once during the entire show so far has he had a target at which to aim his big guns at. Get it through your head - Ernest's plans would have worked if it wasn't for the Windermereans having five bullshit tier advantages: 1. Enhanced physical skills and reflexes 2. A home planet that's almost inaccessible to fold travel, and probably requires a local guide 3. The ability to use Var syndrome to mind control people 4. A mobile Protoculture space fortress 5. Goddamned precognition. And three of these five weren't known of before the show started, which was mere weeks ago IIRC.
  17. What you need to know about the 1/72 models: 1. Building them is work, and you need to know how Bandai's kits work before tackling one. 2. Decalling them is more work, and where I ended up giving up on mine, because the stickers suck, and the water transfers suck worse, because they're fragile as hell. Aftermarket decals *would* be recommended, if there were any available. 3. They are absolutely not toys, and will not suffer any kind of abuse. The kits' joints won't handle more than a limited number of transformations before they start breaking from the stresses. Build it, decal it, pose it, and then *leave it alone*. I've broken one shoulder from transforming a kit too much, and I noticed that the shoulder on my Armored won't stand up to another transformation. Combined with how the decals scrape off? Yeah, not a toy. 4. Despite the above, the one aspect in which they'll always beat the DX toy hands down is how easy they are to get, and the small size of the hole they'll make in your budget. You can get all four of the plain Bandai VF-25 kits for the price of one DX toy, and that's at retail. Also, other than super parts for Luca's and Michel's units, all the configurations are available as a single box for each. (Super parts for Michel and Luca are sadly out of production, and unlikely to come back.) 5. If you're planning on displaying either a plain or a Super VF-25 in fighter mode, do yourself a great favor and get the Hasegawa kit instead of the Bandai kits. Not only are they cheaper, but the lack of a transformation gimmick means that they won't deform from a harsh look, and they're among the easiest to build glue-and-paint kits I've ever tried. I just wish I didn't suck at painting.
  18. It's a nice build, shame the kit itself looks so badly proportioned. (from what I can tell, it's way too wide in the forward section, in the anime the nose of the ship always looked taller than it was wide, and here it looks the other way around.)
  19. Samueldecal of Hong Kong made decals for the VF-25F and S kits way back when, and may have done so for the others too - I can't tell because their main site is down, and only their old site (last updated in 2011) and their facebook page are up currently. I haven't seen these decals with my own eyes, but a lot of people use their other products. They mainly do decals for Gundam kits, typically stuff like replicating the Metal Build, Master Grade or Fix Figuration looks in other scales, like High Grade (which seldom gets decals in the box). I think they also do water decals that replicate the massive RG sticker sheets for people who're fed up with those. At any rate, it looks like I need to find myself a pair of needle-nose tweezers, because I'm going to need them...
  20. Doing my screencap pass right now, checking over the whole episode more or less frame by frame for interesting bits of mechanical detail. Got to the scene around 12:59 where one of the Siegfrieds fire missiles at Keith, and decided, why not count how many frames between shots, because there were more than six missiles fired. Results are kind of weird, the first launcher to pop out a second missile does so six frames after the first, the last one to do so does it after twelve. Note that it has nothing to do with the relative positions of the launchers, as the L3 launcher fired again after six frames, and the R3 fired again after twelve. (those are the inboard launchers, so they're basically mirrored. Averaging it out says that the missile ports can fire 3 rounds per second, so a one second salvo with the missile launchers would be 18 missiles. Maybe not the most useful information unless you're doing RPG stats though.
  21. Unpainted, undecalled review: http://blog.livedoor.jp/hobisima-rittai/VF-31J_2016-06-26
  22. You definitely haven't been paying attention, because the Macross Elysion has been consistently referred to as such since we first laid eyes on it way back in episode 2. Hayate uses the name when he explains what it is to Frejya, and later Ernest Johnson introduces himself as the captain of Macross Elysion. And that was just in episode 2.
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