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  1. https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/016790421 OPPOSITION B 2 959 008 Harmony Gold U.S.A., Inc., 7655 Sunset Boulevard, 90046, Los Angeles, United States (opponent), represented by Barzanò & Zanardo Roma S.p.a., Via Piemonte, 26, 00187, Rome, Italy (professional representative) versus Kabushiki Kaisha Bigwest (also trading as Bigwest Co. Ltd.), 19-8 Nishihara 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, 151-0066 Tokyo, Japan (applicant), represented by Studio Torta Spa, Via Viotti 9, 10121 Turin, Italy (professional representative). On 11/05/2019, the Opposition Division issues the following DECISION: 1. The opposition n. B 2 959 008 is totally rejected. 2. The opponent shall bear the cost of the expenses, set at EUR 300. (HG is the opponent)
  2. Dear Mr. Sandman, Thank you for explaining to me that Delta being successful is irrelevant. I did not think about the live action Transformer movies. The explanation is so perfect, that I can completely understand why my post had no clear point. Thank you for your psychoanalysis of me. I didn't realize that I wasn't speaking plainly. Rather, I now see that I was driven by some form of self defense in that I treated descriptions of Delta as "crap" or slams against Kawamori as if they were attacks against my personal self. I'll take your suggestion of not reading this thread so that I can avoid suffering further feelings of personal offense. Best Regards, Cordially, Sincerely, and Yours Truly, H.H.
  3. Maybe in a series announcment thread that, for the moment at least, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH DELTA since we don't even know what it's about, Delta whining is misplaced in this topic. It's distracting off-topic grumbling.
  4. When people use words like: crap, terrible --and then belittle Kawamori, it doesn't exactly make people who feel differently feel welcome here. There are cleaner forms of criticism. Mazinger's pondering of staying off the forums, and a couple other similar sentiments, is indicative of a problem here. A news announcment about a new Macross series shouldn't make MWF remind people of RT boards or encourage people to leave or go into lurk mode. When a post like this is routine, ESPECIALLY in an announcement thread, what's the point in current Macross fans even bothering to come to these forums? As a whole, MWF should be a good steward to the franchise in general. If you aren't getting what you like, think of ways to demonstrate that you're a viable market worth spending resources on and get your voices heard. People who belittle and lash out are a zero economic quantity.
  5. To those who are using this news as an opportunity to complain about Delta, yet still purchase Macross merchandise: Be grateful that they knew how to produce a Macross show that was commercially successful enough to warrant the investment of an entire new series. I was expecting 1-2 movies. Instead, we're getting at least another 13 weeks +post show period of marketing and Macross merchandising. That means more classic Macross goodies sold alongside new designs. To those who are using this news as an opportunity to complain about Delta, but do not purchase Macross merchandise for whatever reason: You're not part of the business and simply not part of the equation. Catering to you is just not financially viable, and businesses have to cater to those who those who vote with their money. If producing a show that is to your liking would induce you to buy official Macross releases, I *sincerely* hope that they produce something that'll get you to join in. To call Delta: stupid, crap, or terrible just denies the reality that Delta was successful enough to bring in 17,000 fans to a Walkure concert. Delta was financially successful. Successful enough for Big West to take their financial winnings and reinvest some of the profit back into Macross. It's okay to say Delta isn't what you wanted, but to use this news as an opening to "crap" on Delta or Kawamori just flies in the face of reality. It's like a room full of old guys complaining about young people.
  6. I finally finished the end of year "ramble" a few days ago. It's really great to hear you guys back together in this format!
  7. Some of you may recall that Gubaba did some translations of a few important works from Macross history. Particularly notable is his translation of Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences. He also translated My Fair Minmay and the Macross Outside Story from Perfect Memory. All of these stories were written near the time of SDFM's production by those who contributed to the show. Personally, I really enjoyed further development of the characters outside of the animation. Now, Gubaba is in the process of translating the novelization for Macross: DYRL. The novel is written by the movie's own scriptwriter! This means that Gubaba's translation effort will again provide further insight into the characters in one of the best anime movies ever made. What makes it more interesting is that the events in the novel, while similar, play out in a different fashion than the movie. Concurrent with his DYRL translation, he is also translating the first Macross Delta novelization. If you haven't read any of his translations, I highly recommend starting with Misa Hayase: White Reminiscences. It's a good read! This story and his earlier translations can be found here: https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/2016/01/21/super-dimension-fortress-macross-suggestions-for-further-reading-and-listening/ His WIP DYRL translation can be found here: https://gubabablog.wordpress.com/category/super-dimension-fortress-macross/ The first chapter to his Delta translation can be found here: https://gubabablog.files.wordpress.com/2016/08/macross-delta-vol-1-chapter-1.pdf
  8. But what about the VF-2JA, the dedicated atmospheric version? It looks basically the same. The wings are so short, and nothing in the undercarriage looks like it'll help with lift. Versus the VF-1, I can't imagine an RC VF-2 take flight.
  9. So, I saw the above clip and was impressed that the VF-1 airframe is perfectly capable of flight. Kawamori's designs, at the very least, look as if they COULD fly. The VF-2JA looks like it would fall like a brick. Even if it could glide like a kite, how the hell would it even turn? It just looks full of drag. I guess the same would apply to the VF-2SS.
  10. So, how much does the propellant weigh, and how much space does it take?
  11. While Delta airs, it would be hilarious if changed your avatar to an angry picture of Bogue, with angry subs included.
  12. This...has nothing to do with that. I heard about the news but didn't know where it came from. It just started to get posted around. Now I know where to find it directly in a link instead of people mentioning it secondhand. I would've make tress exact same reactions regardless of the source. There is no game, there are no "guys," and no need to bring baggage into it.
  13. No offense, I don't really use Twitter, so having a bookmark was pretty handy for making the daily rounds. I've been pretty expressive where it's appropriate, but here I'm just trying to "Macross."
  14. As a poster ever been released for the Scrambled Valkyrie box art?
  15. Damn Danguard, you're coming off pretty thankless, disrespectful and insulting of people's time. I don't even see why you find it necessary to get in between that conversation anyway. You are talking about a guy who paid $50 for a ticket, recorded, and edited and posted a podcast with his own personal time and money. And that's on top of not being allowed to post here. Have you ever typed a transcript? I've done it as a job. It's pretty hard and is actually intense work. You know transcript workers need special software to easily rewind clips, and even have footpedals to control audio speed? Transcripting is intense even with the software and peripherals. Doing it without the stuff is slow and tedious. Here's an idea: how about recommending that the only bilingual person who was on the scene not be suspended? Okay, you just want a summary and not a transcript? How about not calling someone's FREE PODCAST "white noise." It's insulting, considering all the insight and "on the scene" reporting that they do. And if you would appreciate a summary, how about contributing $5 towards his $50 ticket to show that appreciation? Instead of typing out a synopsis of his own audio, he could do other things like gaming, drinking, watching anime, or whatever else. Since YOU identified that "some of" you would appreciate a summary, how about you listen to that white noise and make a summary for them? You can contribute your own time and help out the fandom. Since you understand white noise, you're the best one for the job. How much added value do you want for something that's done for free, for the Macross community as a whole? I mean DAMN, Mike BOUGHT A PLANE TICKET to see the screening. I'm just happy that these super fans exist and want to share as much as possible. I'm not going to impose any of expectations, describe their donated time as "white noise," or lecture how they can create even more "added value,". ESPECIALLY WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED.
  16. Sure, collectively we have a lot of merch, but that doesn't replicate the feeling of being in a "real" museum IN the Macross universe.
  17. I'm on mobile at the moment and the differences aren't really showing, but from my recollection with TV those shots are good examples. Another place to compare is the shot of Hikaru's VF-1A in battroid mode. The 2016 version seems maroon. I held up a Yamato VF-1A, and although the red didn't match either BD, I felt it was more reminiscent of the 2012 version. I also keep in mind that Kawamori oversaw the 2012 version, which has me lean to that version even more. I also looked at scans from the Gold Book, and the colors there don't completely coincide with either BD, so it's kind of impossible to declare which one has "right" colors. (Unless you have some animation cels...)
  18. Episodes 1-2 of Macross 7 mention "Markreis" and a "Shibacris" (or Shibakurisu?) for defense perimeter ships. These names seem to be guesses on the CA subs. Any idea of what the correct names may be?
  19. I'm not too sure about the colors on the new disc, especially when it comes to reds. Most of the movie looks fine, but the general atmosphere when Misa and Hikaru first arrive on Earth feels dimmed. The red in the scene where Bodolza is talking about Protoculture to the Zentradi commanders seems a little faded. Anyway, here is a YouTube clip from the V1 release. Compare the ARMD "01" marking and the docking ring under the bridge at 1:55. In V2 those markings are dark red, while in V1 they seem to be red with a lean towards bright orange. The decals on the Hasegawa SDF-1 remind me of the V1 shade. I did check the Macross Gold Book and the markings are darker red than either version. I wouldn't say the V2 version is color corrected, though. I think it depends on the scene. I personally prefer the V1 release because it seems brighter (and Kawamori being involved). Objectively though, I think both versions are great for a restored film, and neither is superior to the other. Everything I've stated above is meant to be taken as just my humble personal preferences.
  20. Initially, I wasn't planning on making a submission because I thought too much time passed after the initial call, but weeks later Tochiro posted on Macross Fans-US on Facebook saying he still needed submissions. As Renato pointed out, I'm one of those MW forum members that does not post very often. I appreciated the opportunity to contribute to the podcast, as it gave me the chance join the Delta conversation and share thoughts that I wouldn't have posted otherwise. Because some of the skepticism directed at Delta, I wanted to share the reasoning for my optimism. It's too early to judge the plot, but regardless how that turns out, we *will* be getting Valkyrie on Valkyrie combat, and we *will* be getting throwbacks to classic Macross (as seen by the appearance of classic Zentradi designs). @MickyG - No one likes listening to their own voice. I never recorded anything before, but I found the pause button on my iPhone sound recorder pretty handy in between thoughts. We're also all Macross fans, so "nerd out" or "geek out" to Macross all you like
  21. Sound Force and those sound beams were not magical at all. They're hard science from the magic of music. They're depicted realistically because they use battle mechs with guitar controls, because that's the best way to fly and sing at high G forces. Without battle mechs, the girls are unrealistic. They should've at least used guys in Iron Man suits. That would've been awesome. Techno men are better than magical girls.
  22. To reauthor using multiAVCHD, you drag and drop the BD folders into the program, and it will enter reauthor mode. Add a subtitle file to the movie, then author the disc. Your result will have subtitles muxed into the movie, but you will need to edit the playlist to enable them to work in a regular BD player. For this, you use BDEdit. Select PG and the + sign (see attached image) and number the subs starting at 1200. It should then work in your player. I recommend using a software BD player or a rewritable BD disc for testing. Is attaching a subtitle file allowed?
  23. Zinjo, what you are arguing is one side of a legal question. In a court there would be another side arguing against that. In the middle you have a judge and/or jury. So, it's not that cut and dry. All legal questions need both sides, and the issue here is 99% of the Japanese population speaks Japanese. There are four times as many US military personnel (that count as Western market abroad) than there are "non-Japanese" that count towards the population. It doesn't take much to argue that if they KNOW a significant amount of product is exported outside of Japan that they are allowing their product to encroach on HG's territory. In other words, if too much is exported it could be argued that they are negligent or intentionally encroaching. This argument doesn't apply for their other properties where they already have exclusive ownership worldwide. If they sell something with English subs to a territory without a license, no ones rights are being infringed upon. There is no territory to defend. I wish your argument was true, but it isn't.
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