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  1. I guess I'm sort of asking about things I don't understand so sorry if it was confusing. I am personally trying to decide if I want the Hayate one with the fold projector or the new Hayate AX one. The shape of the planes looks pretty different to me like W-shape vs a diamond shape and since this AX, the diamond shaped one, is like the previously released Kairos I guess I was wondering is if people prefer one style of design over the other since the older Kairos has been out in the wild. I guess the transformation of each is pretty similar and the different wing shape is just throwing me off.
  2. For anyone that has the previous VF-31A Kairos I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on it's design compared to the VF-31J. I'm guessing the engineering of this new one will be much like the older Kairos.
  3. Looks like we have about a dozen people at the showing in south Austin, TX.
  4. I think I just need to research fold waves 😆 I would definitely read the Gaiden manga if it were available in English. I know it's a common sentiment around here, but I sure wish Delta was overall more interesting. I wanted to like it. Maybe the new movie will give it some much needed life? Otherwise, on to the next era....
  5. I'm hoping for another chance to nab the latest DX valks like the WWM version. Holding off on paying aftermarket price for the VF-31 AX for now.
  6. So this past year I made my way through all of the Macross franchise and got pretty confused with the protoculture / fold backstory around Macross 7 and leading through Frontier and Delta. Is there a good write up somewhere that kinda pieces everything together? I'm also wondering if my lack of understanding of the lore of Macross in general made Delta feel... boring.
  7. I hope the video quality is nice. The last Fathom thing I went to looked pretty bad...
  8. So how do people find these links before they are added to preorder sections of sites? Like this stuff isn’t on HLJ front page until they’re gone.
  9. Oooh I want the YF-29 too. Thank you for answering my question!
  10. I've been Delta-adverse since seeing the show, but I can't deny how nice this valk looks. I think I want to pick it up along with the super parts. I'm seeing this as sold out on HLJ, but that's just for the first edition with the Walkure stand, right? Are we thinking this one might be sold by US distributors? I seem to remember a survey asking if I planned to buy any of 3 valks, one of which was the YF-19. Was this listed on there?
  11. I can't wait to complete (as far as I know) my MB Eva set! The green accents on Unit 00 seem pretty bizarre, but I'm sure it works in person and it's nice that it stands out from the others as they share the same general body shape. It's by far my favorite Eva figure line as I'm not so hot on the rebuild movies so I'm happy they continued it. I'd be thrilled if one day they bring the original designs to the Dynaction line too! Maybe they'd have to broaden the shoulders to get the right proportions hahah.
  12. I don't really follow the concert livestreams too much, but I was thinking about buying a ticket for the Macross Frontier Galaxy REVENGE! concert. I was trying to see if there was a thread on the forum of people talking about it because it's the first global stream and I was somewhat surprised to not see anything mentioning it. Is this really a live event or something was already recorded?
  13. I want to make sure everyone knows this isn't just the ending. The background music in episode 15 when Misato is walking home from the bar with Kaji has also been removed and replaced with silence as it is the instrumental version of the song.
  14. G-Kids just announced the TV show limited edition. I already ordered, but I didn't realize until afterwards that it does not include Fly Me To The Moon for any of the endings. Now I'm kind of sick to my stomach to be honest. Too expensive for an incomplete version. It's like owning Evangelion, but not owning Evangelion. https://store.gkids.com/pages/neon-genesis-evangelion?utm_source=General Anime List&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NGE Ultimate Pre-order (TagC4x)&utm_id=NGEnewsletteraug19&_kx=JgEtAAGKhX9P_mtYWNDXkubsJKXuUwRQ6bKdIMQ-9THA_R7HLhQIjyIMdYQcUNNP.Vqqx2y
  15. I second this. I've never been happy with any of the Kaiyodo Revoltechs I've had. I'm sure they've improved somewhat, but that's not something I'm willing to test with my own wallet.
  16. The manga is sooo amazing. It's more like what I wanted rebuild to be in a way. I loved all the new scenes with our favorite characters who were *mostly* the same people we knew from the TV show. Not going to lie, I did feel my eyeball twitch at seeing Mari in that extra "non-cannon" chapter. LOL!
  17. Just saw the final film. I think my wallet is now officially safe from NTE merchandise. More for Diaclone 😅
  18. Can't wait until the release of 02 with flight equipment six months from the release of the normal one 😫
  19. The head sculpt on 01 is near perfect too. I love how these are turning out. RIP my wallet if they ever do the original designs too...
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