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  1. Yah...the only reason I'm not preordering this one is because it isn't the superior design from the TV show. LOL!! That detail on the head is as mind-blowing as the price tag. The inside of the mouth looks incredible.
  2. Im certain the final movie will fill in many blanks. Did you notice the preview at the end of 2.22 didn’t contain any footage from 3.33?
  3. I'm so hyped for the new movie coming in a month! I can't wait to see all the new designs in motion and everything revealed with the plot and characters. It's going to be a blast. I have probably already said this here but I wish Bandai would give us Robot Damashii versions of Unit 02 beta and Unit 08 Gamma from 3.0! Those are my very favorite designs.
  4. I don’t even know what the last one is as it’s from the new movie obviously. I’ll be buying 13 and metal build 00 for sure. I’m so glad we’re continuing to get the MB line! I’m just wild about their designs.
  5. I am still dying over here waiting for some news about the final movie and a western release. I thought with the worldwide Netflix deal, the physical release being planned, and Prime having the first three rebuilds in Japan we'd be hearing something by now. Part of me wants a theatrical release in a less covid paranoid world, but anime movies in theaters can be very negative experiences with the wrong crowd. I'm not sure I could risk that for Eva.
  6. It begins. When I saw it on the new pre-orders I was thinking I'd have a whole page of Macross stuff to resist. It'll be interesting to see what becomes available over the next several months.
  7. That new statue is beautiful especially as far as capturing the character design of the original movie. I love it, but I'll never be able to have that one.
  8. And let me guess... they don't provide a replacement horn for the $400 figure. This is the kinda info I was looking for. Thank you and sorry that happened.
  9. It appears that Hobby Link Japan has preorders up for RAH Unit 01 and 13 marked as being versions from the new movie. Has anyone picked up the new color version of unit 01? I was wondering if the durability of RAH has improved any over time. I did go ahead and preorder 13 as it's kinda my dream Eva figure, but I am very weary of the quality of the RAH line after seeing several complaints of floppy limbs, paint changing color, and plastic breaking at the elbows. It sounds like they just don't hold up even with delicate handling.
  10. A few days ago this was showing as almost $200 with a non-refundable fee for preordering. I'm glad it's changed. I hope they tweak the main color of the Bandai one as I feel it's a little too forest green...
  11. I needed the Mave to complete my collection and I got it a few months back from yahoo japan auctions via buyee for a "decent" price. The Super Sylph came from Madrake and the Flipknight came from some goober on ebay that was selling it as new but it had clearly been displayed! Oh well, what can you do? I love my little "Ikuto corner" About Eva 3.0+1.0....I was listening to the podcast in the shower during the part talking about the lady crying in the theater and I started crying with joy that it is apparently going to be emotionally satisfying. I'm so excited that I can barely stand it.
  12. Thanks for the impressions and the info about the 3rd novel. They're on my list once I finish up Evangelion Anima (shared mecha designer!). Hopefully we'll get the 3rd novel one day.
  13. I love that Batou Figma! The berserk head on that threezero figure is awesome and looks exactly like the TV show. Nice pics. I definitely felt tempted. Anyone been following the hype on the new movie while trying to avoid spoilers? Eva monkey posted this video yesterday and I'm just dying for a chance to see the new movie. It sounds like it may have accomplished the task of redeeming the rebuild series for those that haven't cared for some of the changes made along the way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRsX3dyxP8U
  14. 100mega

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    I was admiring my YF-19 today and remembering all the drama when I first got it. I can't believe I had to disassemble a $300 toy and file down one of the ball joints to allow the leg to be moved. That was SO scary to me. I know some people have been through worse with them so I'm thankful for that, but how did this stuff pass QC? I mean, if I were to force it in the transformation it would have ripped the plastic on the joint right off.
  15. At last the collection is complete! I was wondering if anyone in here has read the novels. I know we're lacking an english translation of the 3rd one, but I'd love to hear Macross fan's impressions of the two that are available.
  16. Yup, look at my post. That's the art by Yamashita Ikuto from the 1998 book Soreo Nasumono / Evangelion Concept Design Works. It's funny how close it is!
  17. I'll take one too. I love the design of the head and the general color. I have abstained from buying all new mecha related merch from the rebuilds since 2007 because I have always vastly preferred the original designs myself. Personally I feel that Rebuild isn't as good as the OG and so while I've been gobbling up the new movies and enjoying them for the most part I've been living sternly in NGE land as an eva fan. Lately though...the hype for the new movie has consumed me and I'm beginning to realize that while the designs in 1.11 and 2.22 didn't really do it for me I'm over the moon for the beta versions of Unit 02 and Unit 08, Mark.09 and Unit-13. Having all of those in Dynaction size would be wild. I have to admit though that the stuff in 3.0+1.0 that we've seen so far is a little too busy for my tastes. Oh yeah, I was poking around the wiki last night trying to get all the unit names straight and saw that the new design for Unit 01 is based on this picture from 1998 by the original designer. Pretty cool! I would love to see them stray from the path they've taken with the RG releases and give us an eva unit that hasn't had much love yet. It would be awesome for Bandai to bring all these along with weapon packs or whatever to make up for just throwing in knives and pallet rifles. Hang em from the ceiling fan and listen to Tamashii no Rufuran on repeat all day!
  18. The Revoltech figure looks more color accurate over the Damashii figure, but I just can't bring myself to give Revos another chance. Anyone else pick up the Dynaction Unit 01? I'll say I get the complaints about the nub marks, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look awesome. I've never gotten to try one of the RAH due to the price, but having a huge eva is just so cool. I do wish I could feel more confident that they'll produce a good spread of the units, but the sad reality is that we will be lucky to get Unit 00 after 02. The price point for this series makes me think more complicated designs are off the table. Just imagine how gigantic Unit 13 would be with appropriately sized spears! Oh, right, the RAH exists.
  19. Omg!! A positive opinion about the tampo! I think I love my YF-19 a little more this morning thanks to you. "Test plane theme" mhmmm!!!!
  20. I'm curious if anyone has a nice condition Mave they are willing to part with for a fair price. I realize it's not Macross...but I don't think there's any other community online that has as much overlap with a small group of Yukikaze / plane fans.
  21. I had bought the other bluray releases that were plagued with a horrible video problem so I sold those and nabbed this new set and whew! The tv series is damn near close to bluray quality best I can tell. It was previously a standard def on blu release, but I swear I can clearly see film grain now. It's quite beautiful. Maiden Japan should have allowed people to swap their old discs, but this is definitely worth picking up even if you were burned by the previous release.
  22. Thanks for everyone that gave the feedback on the bluray of this. I finally pulled the trigger on it and I'm actually pretty happy with it. All the the CG scenes stand out in clarity on the bluray in a good way. It's just too bad some of the extras from the DVD version weren't included so I'll still have to hang on to those.
  23. I think I asked this once before, but now that there are more eyes on this thread, has anyone picked up the Yukikaze bluray set? I have the DVDs and I've read a bit about how the bluray doesn't really look much better at all. Can anyone speak to this? I downloaded what I assume to be a bluray rip and it looks almost identical to the DVD I own and I'm a pretty big nitpicker when it comes to video quality.
  24. I wasn't familiar with the Fand I and II, but now I'm right with you. While we're dreaming here I'll take a translation of the final novel as well. Sucks to be a late comer fan of the series have it be near impossible to get anything.
  25. I wonder if we'll ever see another release of the Alter 1/100 figures. The Mave is too much money these days.
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