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  1. There's also a sealed one up on jungle for 38k: https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/380919
  2. @Sanity is Optional there are places that still have retail stock of sdf-1 and the vf-0s?
  3. Protodeviln? No, It was old man protoculture all along! Why’d you do it old man? because you kids won’t turn your damn music down! Enough of the planet dance already!
  4. Not sure where you’re seeing the official Bandai one for those prices - most shops have it second hand over srp but closer to 25k yen (around $250) than $350 and up. The 31C and 31S are certainly getting closer to $400 though. show z store is the only shop I can think of with Valkyrie factory listings and they have it listed at $140. I don’t think that includes shipping and there’s still no rea release date. A few eBay sellers have them between $160 and $180. As I recall srp on the genuine ones was 18k yen?
  5. The 31J amuses me because it appears they’re trying to sell it for roughly the same SRP as the legitimate one. i did see the price drop on a few of those recently. I’m surprised Valkyrie Factory didn’t decide to just pump out a ton of them to capitalize on the lack of readily available paint schemes. CF 1As, 1D, etc, etc.
  6. I hadn’t seen Robotech in a long time, was well into other shows by the time adv did their “perfect collection” and I’d already had the animeigo box set of Macross by then. when I went back and watched it I noticed quite a few things were not as I remembered. Minmay was whinier, Dana was whinier, Rick was whinier, Bowie was whinier, Scott was whinier... whereas what I remembered of the characters in “the Macross saga” was a lot closer to how it was in Macross (possibly just because I’d seen it more recently), and the new gen characters were all kind of generic. But I remembered Dana as being awesome - keep in mind, this was a show I first saw when I was like 5 or 6 and last saw when I was maybe 11 or 12. i sometimes wonder: maybe the Robotech fans who can’t acknowledge that the show was just another poorly written import hack job like Voltron, Tranzor Z (Mazinger) and etc are just going on what they remember and haven’t actually watched it in 30ish years. anyways, point is, I get why you guys don’t like Dana. But the version I remember from 30 ish years ago is still one of my favorites (She just doesn’t actually exist).
  7. I think it was more along the lines of "super dimension, super dimension, super dimension.... they must be the same show! use them all! Wait, we can't get Orguss? Eh, find something else that transforms and put the ideas into a book instead, tell people we planned it that way all along!"
  8. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest. But I think it's something that Macross fans in general may not really think about. I assumed this was how KitzConcept wound up working with HG on "Robotech" products, for instance.
  9. Sqidd, you and I are on opposite sides of the collecting spectrum. I’m not even making an “argument” that needs to “hold weight” - I’m just expressing my opinion (“I don’t want to buy a figure I’ve already owned”) and you seem to think it’s not okay for some reason. I don’t know why you’ve decided to poke at me, but to answer your meme, it’s because I don’t have space, don’t want to add more display space, and can’t generally afford too many anyways. whereas from what I’ve seen of your collection, you buy 3-4 copies of everything and add more display cases when you run out of room. So no, I don’t expect you to appreciate my opinion. I don’t think you can even understand it.
  10. /shrug. TV, movie, makes no difference to me. Anyway, outside of the original show, all further appearances of the SDF-1 are based on the DYRL version with the ARMD platforms attached.
  11. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a good deal on an Arcadia / Yamato one. I liked the one I had a lot but if I’m going to spend a bunch of money getting an sdf-1 I’d rather it be the newer one than one I’ve already owned.
  12. Man. I miss mine. Had one since I was little. It got some breaks and scratches over the years, two of the cannons on the shoulders broke off, the main cannons snapped and were repaired more times than I can count. around ten years ago we had an earthquake. Smallish and very uncommon for where I live. But itwas close enough for things to shake a bit. When I got home from work that day figures that had been perched on the top of shelves were on the floor in pieces, including the sdf-1. So I appreciate seeing some in such good condition!
  13. @Jetreo a 1D would be amazing but I can’t even imagine what the preorder would be like.
  14. I still think the “new” mecha is a VF-14 and the movie is going to be about putting on a concert at a classic air show. Hayate will finally get to dance in a battroid as part of the show. Mirage will sing with Walkure and her big number will be a cover of “riding in your Valkyrie” like Milia sang in M7. There will be no mention of any actual plot elements from Delta.
  15. Bought an Arcadia VF-4 from @Vifam7 . In mint condition, expertly packed. Great trader.
  16. The difference is that you started to think about it, got curious and looked into it some more. it was largely the same for me. but there are fans who just liked Robotech and didn’t care that it was stitched together from three totally unrelated shows, and didn’t have interest in anything Macross. Subtitles? People speaking Japanese? No time for that. i know it’s weird to think (especially since you’re here, reading this) but a lot of people just don’t care and can’t be bothered. Funny thing is, even those who can, they keep going back to the stuff that they saw first. Macross fans still love the VF-1, enough that modern figures of it sell out as preorders. Transformers fans still love their original 1980s cartoon characters, so those are the ones that keep getting made. sure there’s new stuff but older fans still like what they saw way back when, and there’s a market for it. Robotech die hards exist at the intersection of “fans that like the old stuff” and “people who can’t be bothered”. But you add to that: no real attempt at new media in 35 years, licensing issues that led to companies like Bandai (or whoever) not wanting anything to do with the Robotech logo and, for whatever reason, people being in complete denial that the property is still relevant. I guess HG manages to drip feed enough refreshes of the same Toynami figures every few years, or dig up Robotech tapes and Invid Shock Troopers from someone’s basement to sell on the website, that it’s just enough to keep them going. It’s sad, but eh, what ya gonna do?
  17. The only thing to really come out of this is another good example of Robotech fans doing dumb things. I’m not even sure what it achieved or had hoped to achieve? wouldnt mind a TV kakizaki release but really want a VF-1D. I guess whatever is next depends on if they’re going to do some repaints or if they’re ready with a new tooling for the head. im still thinking repaints, but that’s just because they showed the DYRL skull squadron at that show. (I’m thinking I’ll go with KC’s jets for tv vermillion squad, easier to get those).
  18. KC has shown off a Dana Sterling figure and said they eventually will do New Gen (Mospeada) ones as well, so maybe if the VF-1 line does well enough they’d consider mecha from the other parts of the show. wouldn’t mind a hover tank and an ajacs myself.
  19. Heh, I’ve wondered about that a lot. I actually assumed it was written for the DYRL movie “in universe” and thought it was hilarious that Minmay’s most popular song wasn’t even written by her, but you’re right, with it being in flashback 2012 I guess that puts it in the TV show timeframe (or shortly after). in the series the big “crash through the fortress and blow up bodolza” scene was done to “love slips away” (“ai wa nagareru”). with no official info to back this up I would guess “do you remember love” (“ai oboete imasu ka”) was the smash hit thematic follow up from her second album, written in Macross City while she pined over Hikaru, until she realized she couldn’t get back the simple life she had at the start of the series. an alternate explanation is that the people who did the DYRL movie in universe couldn’t get the rights to “ai wa nagareru” because it was so popular, so they wrote a knockoff song, and all the times we see someone singing “do you remember” they’re actually singing “slips away”. or maybe it really was an old protoculture song they dug out of some archives for her to sing... (honestly the only Macross canon that makes sense is the Macross Cannon that blows things up).
  20. I know I could just wait for reviews, and preordering one right now won’t get it here any sooner, but every new pic I see just makes me want to order one even more. great shots @Kuma Style! And thank you for listening to questions from us for your reviews.
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