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  1. Look for a junker or replace it with cut and painted styrene? i have a 19S on the way, found one for just under original SRP. Excited to see it in person.
  2. I am surprised to see so many people complaint about NY but still ordering from them. do you guys just order from there and it’s a... “well, maybe I’ll get it, maybe I won’t?” kind of thing? why not just order from someplace else or buy things on the secondary market? Is their pricing so good that it’s worth the headache?
  3. Love it. I just recently briefly owned a YF-29b and liked it quite a bit, but I couldn't a "place" for it on my shelves, so I let it go. I want a YF-29, and now looking at what I have I think Alto's 29 could fit. Hoping since they've shown it at some places recently Bandai might have a reissue lined up for the 10th anniversary of Sayonara no Tsubasa next year. Would really like to see a "v2" of it, but I don't know how likely that is.
  4. I always thought the “fire bomber American is the original” bit wa supposed to be a play on all the Robotech creationist stuff. You know, “oh no we invented all this stuff, it’s not Japanese” that they used to tell fans. and hey, don’t sell Macross 11 short. They could be the setting for the Delta movie for all we know, and the main characters could be members of Halkure and, idunno, Iota flight.
  5. Bababobo00712 on eBay is a reliable seller and has some Valkyrie factory figures for sale. Prices are high for a KO IMO but people pay whatever they’re willing I guess. you could also buy from showzstore.com but there aren’t any in stock there and I don’t know how often or if they ever restock. really if you want any of the figures they have KO’d you could also look at the secondary market. There’s an Arcadia VF-1S Roy strike set on Mandarake for 25k yen. The knockoff is $180 shipped on eBay. Up to you whether you think buying a knockoff is worth the relatively small discount. (Imo it is not, but I don’t like KOs in general). There’s also the sale forums here where members generally price things well.
  6. I think those pictures were just pictures of the official release. I saw a lot of that when they first came out. All reports so far of the KO are saying DYRL style arm armor. Probably used the same mold as the Vf-1S KOs. i think the modex numbers on them are 202 and 303, so even if Bandai got them backwards...
  7. Wow, thanks @sketchley and @Seto Kaiba! that's great background info. I hadn't thought of Siegfried / Draken but that's pretty obvious now you've brought it up, and Chronos/Kairos makes a lot more sense too. I guess as far as the VFs go, the 25 qualifies as "very messiah" but... still kind of an odd name. I guess it was the second coming of the VF-1 given how popular a design it has been? Cute reference to a Minmay song, dunno if I'd call it an evil slayer though... I didn't know about the contest thing for the VF-25. I had assumed "Lucifer" for the VF fit in with the idea that Macross Galaxy's human population had basically fallen from grace (there's another one) by going all-in on cybernetics and then attempting to wage war on everyone by possessing the Vajra and etc etc. Messiah as the salvation of the Frontier fleet (and "all living beings everywhere" by extension). Kinda makes you wonder what names we would have gotten if a different lyric reference had won. Like the VF-25 kyuuun, or the VF-25 sunset...
  8. I guess it would be a “sequel“ but I’d really hoped that dynamite 7 would be the first in a series of OVAs... “the out of this world adventures of Nekki Basara”. Gamlin would always be half a step behind him, and Mylene catching up right at the end. D7 was fun.
  9. I was just wondering about the code names for all of these VFs - just the ones we’ve seen in the shows. VF-1 Valkyrie, VF-4 Lightning, etc. Most of them (prior to Zero) seem to work out the same as real-world fighters with neat names for publicity, like F-16 Falcon, F-22 Raptor, F-35 money pit, etc. With the Frontier VFs, the VF-25 is the “Messiah”... and the VF-27 “Lucifer”. obvious theme there. The YF-25 is even the “prophecy” in case you missed it. The YF-29 “Durandal” is named after a legendary sword to follow on with the VF/YF-19 “Excalibur”, so I see a connection there too. But the VF-31 is the Kairos (a Greek term meaning roughly “the right time”) and the customized VF-31 is the Siegfried, who is a Germanic / Nordic folk hero. has there ever been commentary on these names and why they’re kicked? A lot of the pre-Zero ones just sound neat, so that all fits, the Phoenix is obvious symbolism... Really there’s noticeable themes or connections in the names up until Delta, and a lot of things don’t make sense about Delta, so I thought I’d just chalk it up to that. But now I’m curious.
  10. @Kuma Style awesome, can’t wait to see it! Real excited for this release.
  11. It’s funny to me that Kaname was the most popular of the Delta characters.
  12. Hey the “missile set” has enough pieces in it to kit out 3 Valks, right?
  13. Lost contact in... 2016 I think. “No one knows...” in universe that fact wasn’t made public until much later for fear of halting colony fleet efforts.
  14. maybe the HOA said they didn’t want any cell towers in Macross City, so they just put in pay phones? i liked seeing Roy in Macross Zero and evening liked seeing Max and Milia in M7, but I don’t know that I’d want to see more. Although I do like the bits and pieces we’ve gotten of other aspects of the Jenius family tree. i would be interested in seeing shows set in between the shows already out, instead of jumping ahead in time again. Like a patrol group chasing down pirates from M7 Dynamite, or a random fleet in the 2030s so we could get some VF-4 and VF-11 action.
  15. @LRS gunpla kits, at least, go in and out of stock regularly. Bandai does new production runs all the time. You can buy ones going back nearly 20 years, and if they’re out of stock now, just wait a couple months. it’s one of the reasons why you’ll see a lot of kits on a site like HLJ in “back ordered” status. unless you’re chasing exclusives. Those occasionally get reissues but it’s not common/ or even guaranteed. The really popular ones seem to get several issues of production though.
  16. @apptt4 I don’t think the vt-1 has had a release with the improved shoulders yet, but basically, yes. In the gray market thread I recently wondered if they might have some VF-1 figures lined up to get a little money in the bank after having to sort out the SV-51 legs. Skip the PF, sell at a not-entirely-insane price, get some money back and be ready for whatever else they’ve got lined up.
  17. Printer cartridge squadron is go! pc load letter? What does that mean???
  18. @LRS kakizaki’s 1a got about 20 seconds of screen time in the atmosphere without SSP before he got blown up. I think Hikaru’s 1a is also only briefly in that scene. The focus was on max. But of course we got hikaru’s 1a without SSP at the beginning of the movie. Max got several minutes of an epic mecha battle in his. these things are already expensive. Adding accessories to each one is just harsh.
  19. @DYRL VF-1S I broke down and ordered Kakizaki's 1A. If I get a Hikaru 1A and a Max 1S (assuming they do those) then it would actually be screen accurate to NOT have them in super/strike packs. Granted it was only about 20 seconds of screentime before Max stole the show, but it's something. Might need to order a 1/60 Queadluun-rau too if it ever happened. I know the scales would be off but those things are so big it wouldn't matter.
  20. @LRS Mandarake is great if you’re polite, but it’s also not unheard of for shops to just cancel your account, refund you and refuse to sell to you ever again if you’re a jerk. so I’d highly recommend going into it politely, unless you want to potentially cut yourself off from one of the few reliable sources for second hand Macross stuff out there. I imagine lots of shops are going to have to figure out what they’re going to do and we’ll see statements and emails over the next few days / weeks.
  21. There’s also the yf-29 30th anniversary in Roy’s colors.
  22. @Bolt the yf-29b - the blue one. Everyone was certain it would get super parts since it was just another repaint, but, no super parts. people seem to ascribe some kind of “wants complete sets” mentality to Bandai when there has been no evidence, ever, of them being that way. Yamato was the only company to try and release everything. But that strategy didn’t work for them. VF-31E and F figures are still readily available so I think that’s a good indication to Bandai that releasing more Delta stuff right now isn’t going to do much for sales.
  23. Shrug. The yf-25 and yf-29b never got super parts. The HMR line still hasn’t released figures where prototypes were shown years ago. Bandai hasn’t completed a VF-1 squad in any toy lines ever. why would anyone think they want to release more Delta stuff to “complete” anything? I’d bet (short of reissues) what we have now for VF-31 stuff is all we’re going to get.
  24. other things for other properties Bandai makes are generally readily available outside of Japan. other properties also do not have the complicated legal status that Macross does. its fun to say Bandai doesn’t care and nerd rage about it, but Bandai JAPAN doesn’t actually have to care, and Bandai international or distributors aren’t going to touch it with a 30 foot legal pole.
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