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  1. @Kuma Style how does it "feel"? I've got their Dark Red 1S and like it plenty, but it feels a bit... unbalanced I guess? Like the legs are nice and weighty, solid, joints all seem pretty good. The body and arms in comparison feel very light and a bit wobbly? (except for the head antennae/lasers, which are so tight I worry they'll break). Makes it easy to pose since the weight is all on the bottom but I'm wondering if there's a more even feel to this one. I also have some Arcadia VF-1s and they feel light but even all the way around, and one of the newer DX VF-1s which also feels even but just overall stronger/more solid (probably due to weight). My KC gets more play time than the others, mostly because I can reach it easier than the ones on my top shelves, and I like the 1S plenty, but I think I'm more excited for this 1J release than whatever Bandai does next, just because it could be a much easier/more affordable route into a skull/vermillion squadron shelf.
  2. Lots of transformers are around that size, though. Maybe the problem is that they just keep making them too detailed. Like, there were plenty of $7 scout class transformers back in the mid 2000s and they averaged around 4". Transformed fine, a bit simple but fun to play. I have a few of them sitting on my shelves and still grab them regularly to play with. Instead of going all in on detail, why not just make a 5" hovertank transformer that looks like an actual toy, and plays/feels like one too?
  3. Didn’t realize how nice the 1/48 fighter kit looks. I don’t transform my VFs much, maybe they’re worth another look.
  4. @jvmacross it sounds like you’re saying you want him to review the toy after 6 months to a year instead of right now? how can you expect someone to post thoughts on a figure and accurately predict how it will hold up in x months or years?
  5. It’s an uphill battle for anything with a Robotech logo on it here (and to hear some people, anything that isn’t Bandai). KC is putting a lot of effort into improving their figures and this new one might be a big improvement over the first, but a lot of Macross fans will still turn their noses up at it because of bad feeling towards Harmony Gold and Robotech in general. It’s so bad that the idea of a decent quality, less expensive, easier to acquire, perfect transformation VF-1, which would normally be a great thing for Macross fans, gets some people genuinely upset. Bandai could release that 1/35 Soul of Chogokin VF-1 they showed off a few years back, slap a Robotech logo on it and Macross fans would lose their minds.
  6. Loving that VF-1S Max type. I don't know that I'm in for another DX - maybe a VF-1D if I could survive the ordering process - but a 1S Max would be really hard to resist for me.
  7. I think they’d make sense. A space forest would not be out of place in the same series that brought us galaxy whales, hyperspace bugs and walkure.
  8. TY @blackconvoy_D01 for the YF-29B. Great trader!
  9. Nah, just want a fun Legioss to handle. Sentinel's looks great, but I thought the Blowsperior I bought, stress mark aside, was still a bit too fiddly to be anything other than a "transform sparingly, keep on the shelf" figure. Hoping the Legioss won't be the same. The Toynami/Aoshimas tend to crumble to dust, but I've seen the CM figures on Mandarake occasionally for a decent price (Legioss and Tread set for 10k yen, Dark Legioss for like 8k) and figured they might be "good enough" for me.
  10. Are those the CM figures? I considered picking up one or two of those. I hear they're solid, fun figures. Sometimes I see them for decent prices on Mandarake.
  11. That is nearly twice what I paid for mine! Geez! I wonder why Bandai doesn't do reissues more often. Seems to me there's enough interest for small runs at least.
  12. Just guessing at this - the Tread isn't an especially popular mecha, it's very large, so it would probably be $300+ given the price of the Legioss, and likely not a lot of people would want to buy more than one anyways? So making the matching "hero" one is a safe bet, if they make one at all, but making more than that might depend entirely on how the first one (and the line in general) sells.
  13. Well that Legioss looks incredible!
  14. @BuellerAtLarge @Bing0 I've added pictures. The Ride Armor, I couldn't really get a clear shot of the stress mark. It's faint but it's there, parallel with the pin, like others in the Mospeada thread have been posting.
  15. Wow. That’s looking really nice so far.
  16. It’s a quantum Valkyrie. Until you open it and the state resolves upon direct observation, it could have the correct numbering!
  17. Heh. all the video store chains in the 90s had a “Japanimation” section. Even then the word seemed a bit... odd. I don’t understand the way some people cling to Robotech the way they do. I enjoyed it when I was like 6, and on later reviewings it was like... “I think I want to watch the original shows they stitched together to make this instead.” even the books, which I loved when I was a kid, didn’t hold up under later readings. At the time I thought it was really cool that they could put things in the book that weren’t in the animation, but it’s just generic sci fi with some weird tech magic hoodoo thrown in. And Minmay, whatever that was all about (I assume someone at HG really didn’t like her). Without Robotech I probably wouldn’t have really discovered anime until much later, college probably. But I’m not looking back on it with any delusion that it was some grandiose epic that ruled the minds of children of the 80s. Compared to Transformers, GI Joe, etc, it was barely a drop in the bucket. this comic seems hilarious though.
  18. Love the blue on that 25G! Can’t decide between it or the 25A as my favorite color scheme.
  19. Heh. If you want to think about it “in continuity” with Macross... if DYRL is an in-universe hit docudrama about space war 1... and Macross II is a direct-to-video sequel that everyone kind of laughs about but loved all the music... then Robotech is like one of those B movie knockoffs designed to capitalize on popularity of a film by confusing people. Like Trans-morphers or other films that studio has done.
  20. Hot rodded up vf-14 would be sweeeeeeet. Maybe they go retro and put a few vf-9s in there too. make the movie all about the air races and throw in some idol group drama and you’ve got yourself a film! Forget all this war stuff. “Mirage learns that the latest and greatest VF-31 isn’t what she needs to be a better pilot - it’s really all about letting go, and singing while she flies the classics from the Jenius air collection! ...also Hayate and Freya make a guest appearance.” then we get new toys of everything and all of our wallets die in one massive grand cannon blast (but still no Alaska base livery). slightly back on topic, I ended up ordering one of the cheap vf-31F off of amazon JP. Wasn’t planning to get more than one 31 (have the 31C, and if I was going to get any others, I figured I’d get chuck’s, since it’s got a radome and an excellent color) but I couldn’t pass it up for the price. Came to $166 shipped. been watching the listings and it looks like sellers are starting to do random discounts, I guess trying to clear old stock. So if you’re after a 31 it would be good to keep an eye on Amazon Japan.
  21. @borgified I’m expecting a yf-35, jointly developed by a few planets in the UN Spacy, sold to all of them, but filled with a ton of issues that will cause it to be delayed. In the end they’ll win the day flying VF-4s and a few VF biplanes they borrowed from a flying circus. Also The big Walkure number will be a j-pop cover of “the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B”.
  22. Everything else has magic singing powers, why not the Invid, too?
  23. VF-31F on Amazon Japan for about $166 shipped. Listing is for like 18k yen with 5% cashless. It’s the original release not the later movie one.
  24. I noticed the tab that holds it in place looked like it had a pin drop of glue, not enough for sure. But the plastic on the tab was super thin, too. I expect those windscreens to just break with any kind of normal handling. I couldn’t find a way to get amazon JP to cover shipping on my return btw, so I’m stuck with it unless someone wants mine. Posted it in the sale forum. Lesson learned : saving $30 and getting it a few weeks early ended up with a figure with a stress mark I don’t want to transform for fear of breaking it, and no way to return. Should have bought from bbts.
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