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  1. Because it’s a really popular design? It’s had like four reissues so far. I’ll probably pick up one. I Like that they made some tweaks and haven’t been interested in getting a second hand one due to my experience with the mold. But some stability tweaks and the minor head improvements could be just what it needs.
  2. Dunno how much you're looking to spend but there's a Yamato VF-19P available at Mandarake for 38k yen. I assume DHL shipping would be another 5-6k. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1137440173&ref=flist&lang=en' Good luck in your search.
  3. Hmm. Automated ships prowling the galaxy for resources for factory satellites to keep churning out ships and soldiers... sounds like a Von Neumann problem in the making. I'd guess the protoculture never expected they'd go extinct and didn't put any kind of "stop at X point" programming in place. Almost seems like NUNS would want to actively seek out and destroy these.
  4. I think they’ll stick to the iconic designs with recognizable big scenes. the Hikaru 1J - the TV opening sequence. the Hikaru 1S - end of DYRL the Max 1A - the dogfight with Milia other likely mainline candidates: yellow 1S, possibly 1D. I’m sure there were iconic scenes with a few other mecha but I doubt Max and Milia 1Js would be a mainline release. Same with all the other DYRL color schemes. all these non-Show, non-movie paint schemes Yamato did, we’ll never see those again. Anything else I’d expect TWE at best.
  5. Yeah. I was eyeing a couple of the Yamato 1/48s with the unique color schemes, but every time I’m about to buy one I pick up my DX Max 1A and I’m like - why would I buy a figure I’d probably like less than the newer one? (I keep asking myself the same question for why I’m keeping my renewal 25s, but there at least it’s not like there’s a new version).
  6. It’s got a different paint scheme, different head, and different wings. but it’s the same figure, so, really it depends on how much you like the dx vf-31 and how much you want the only noticeably different version of it.
  7. I do want to note that the Japanese Macross Delta releases are also "Region A" - they're not region-free, but the blu-ray regions are more inclusive than the old DVD regions were. The only other official releases you can get with English subtitles: the "Shudisuta" box set of both Frontier movies (which is an excellent box set btw, and the subtitles are great) and the special edition Macross Plus box set, but it is stupid expensive and the subtitles are... not very good. They're also only on the movie version, the OVA version includes the English audio track but no English subtitles. The Frontier set used to be relatively cheap (usually around $90) but it seems secondary market prices have gone up quite a lot. The standalone blu-ray releases of the Plus and Frontier movies don't have English subtitles, though.
  8. @sqidd that's some great paint work dude. For someone who says he doesn't do much with color I think you did a great job matching up the low-vis grey! @Saburo love it, but I think you're missing a Queadluun Rare. How about a 1/60 Yamato stand-in?
  9. @Focslain @ZOR prime Here's the official release (I assume this is the one Focslain was talking about) on Amazon Japan: https://www.amazon.co.jp/劇場版-マクロスΔ-激情のワルキューレ-特装限定版-Blu-ray/dp/B07CMWW35P/ It is blu-ray region A ( list of countries here, includes Japan and North/South America ), and includes English subtitles along with a neat art booklet (in Japanese), and is available for international shipping. I would not expect any releases of any Macross properties outside of Japan for a while yet, but they're making it fairly accessible now.
  10. Finally transformed mine for the first time - been in fighter mode for who knows how long - and aside from the floppy ankles (it was unopened, too, but I wasn't surprised given what I'd read) I'm really surprised at how solidly it all goes together. Except the little winglets behind the cockpit, those fall out if I look at them the wrong way. Looking forward to attempting some light panel lining and other detail work once I can try to tighten up the ankles. Not sure how I feel about the disassembly so I might just try the "little syringe and tiny drops of floor polish" method instead.
  11. Guys I have seen Frontier several times and I don’t think Ozma has any “loose turret” problems if you know what I mean. if anything he’s got trouble finding room for those big balls of his in his ex-gear.
  12. Yeah those are the old promo photos - they’re the ones that have been up since before the changes were shown earlier this year. looking forward to getting this 1J in hand. And excited to hear Max (and presumably Miriya) coming soon too.
  13. I like the 29 a lot but the figures I’ve had in hand were definitely suffering from looser joints. if there’s anything Bandai would update for a new version, the 29 is really popular, so maybe one day...
  14. @Mommar I do like the less traditional design of the Akira, steamrunner and saber, but we just have done a few tabletop games set in modern Trek as the crew of small ships. I just went with ship classes I knew were smaller. I've been a fan of Star Trek my whole life but I don’t think I noticed those four classes were all introduced in first contact. It’s been a long while since I watched it. we had a little fleet of runabouts (and small starships) based out of a larger nebula-class ship that acted as our roaming starbase. although looking at the numbers now I see we took some liberties with the size of the nebula class. We’re a bit loose with things like specs if it doesn’t fit the story. anyways thanks for the info. I saw some recent grumbling about the quality control but I’m assuming a painted mini for $25 isn’t going to be a knockout shelf topper in the first place.
  15. Are these eaglemoss ships generally considered “okay” for the price? i was thinking to pick up a few of the smaller ones as gifts for my gaming group - sabers and novas and a steamrunner (although I know it isn’t really “little”) and the price for individual ones isn’t bad. The Akira looks tempting too but is much bigger. they're mostly what, maybe 4-5”? I assume not in scale, just all roughly the same size?
  16. Ooh, it’s got artwork of Ishtar on it! Neat! >.>
  17. Hmm. So is the VF-24 the unicorn VF? Nothing else since has been able to match it because NUNS won’t share?
  18. Given the very lukewarm reception the 262 DX had I’d be surprised if they bothered with another one. maybe it’s a good candidate for a v2 in a few years. After the v3 25 and v2 29 and v3 27 everyone wants.
  19. @ScrambledValkyrie what coloring are you talking about? Those are the theee Yamato DYRL skull leaders: drunk guy, hero guy and best pilot guy.
  20. I’m wondering about the rationale for giant super dimensional beam weaponry. “we might run into an angry zentradi fleet, so if they don’t like pop music we'll just wipe them all out” seems like a pretty good reason, I guess, but I mean, damn. also is the assumption that all zentradi/meltrandi fleets are hostile unless proven otherwise? Like are the zentradi out there just looking for a fight? What do those fleets DO in their spare time?
  21. The simple answer is: they are all "roughly" 1/60, except for the new VF-1, which is 1/48.
  22. Wondered the same - I hadn't seen it before and my initial thought was it was something set in the end of the unification wars, but then you had Excaliburs (I think? Didn't look like Cheyennes) firing at F-22s and Regult pods fighting a VF-1. Seemed more like a "this looks cool let's animate it" then anything intended to be coherent.
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